TIME magazine cover shows the globalization of Hinduphobia

This cover of TIME Magazine, with a saffron sash displayed prominently around PM Modi’s neck, along with the ominous headline of “Divider in Chief”.


Another step forward for the global liberal complex in stigmatizing Hindus as the “other” who are out to get everyone.

Obviously, not very many Indians read TIME Magazine, or the New York Times, Le Monde, the Guardian or the Economist nor care about what they have to say. Even fewer make their voting decisions based on them. While this is inherently a good thing at least in the short term, it does carry a long term risk.

We Hindus have our eyes closed while we are being viciously defamed across the world. 

Sample this.


Or this.


It’s really not about Modi. It’s about Hindus. The global liberal complex has dedicated itself to projecting Hindus as regressive, violent and hateful people. The insane characterization of India as “Lynchistan” went beyond the pages of India’s Lutyens newspapers a long time ago. Liberals are taking it fully global.

Look at how this characterization of India was casually slipped into a question that American Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was asked:


Observe that the question is taking it for granted that PM Modi is “repressive”. The liberal complex no longer even allows for debate on the subject. It’s just assumed.

This kind of characterization of PM Modi and India is astonishing when you look at it in the context of the US Presidential election. Candidates such as Bernie Sanders have lavished praise on Soviet and Cuban dictators, but that does not seem to be an issue.

Perhaps you are an Indian who does not like PM Modi. But take a look around yourself. Does it feel like our country is being ruled  by someone who is worse than Stalin or Fidel Castro? They are saying India is ruled by “Hindu Taliban”. Tell me which BJP leader you think is actually like Mullah Omar or Osama bin Laden.

Whether you like PM Modi or not, when our democratically elected Prime Minister is portrayed as worse than Stalin, Castro or Osama bin Laden, it hurts the interest of every Indian. We are all global citizens. How the world perceives us matters.

In this information war, images matter. The digital image of PM Modi with the saffron sash on the TIME cover was created for a reason. It is to sow in the minds of people worldwide that saffron = evil.


An image of Hanuman that went viral on the streets of Indian cities was reported in the Washington Post as the “face of militant Hinduism”.

The agenda is clear. Modi is just an excuse. They are out to get us all. They intend to stigmatize any expression of Hinduness, no matter how small.

This hatred for all things Hindu extends to anything that can be associated with India.


You might have heard about this New York Times article suggesting that a love for sarees has something to do with Hindu fundamentalism. You might have mocked it on social media. But so what? Did New York Times delete the article, withdraw it or issue an apology? We Indians can see that the premise of the article is absurd, but does the rest of the world know that? That article was not meant to fool Indians, but to fool the rest of the world. And the New York Times achieved its objective of telling the world that sarees = evil.

Like  I pointed out here, one of the biggest channels in Latin America is now telling the folks over there that Sardar Patel was a “right wing bigot”.


Latin America is not New York that you would meet Indians everywhere. This is probably one of the first things most of those viewers are hearing about India’s domestic politics. This is something they will remember. Perhaps a decade later, when India’s global economic footprint expands even further and Indian businessmen and professionals go to South American shores, the local population will ask them: “Why do you Indians make colossal statues of right wing bigots?

Do you have an answer ready for that?

Still think this is just about PM Modi?

I said earlier that we Hindus have our eyes closed. Because we are not speaking for ourselves, liberals are filling in the vacuum by drawing up a picture of Hindus as violent and intolerant. And wherever possible, liberals are happy to cultivate dangerous beliefs about Hindus.


Oh DNA, how naive you are!

No, they weren’t showing their ‘ignorance’.

Rather they were worried that explaining what the swastika means in India would dispel other people’s ignorance about Hindus.

If some people in the West foolishly believe that the Hindu swastika has something to do with Nazis, the liberal is quite happy to let them keep believing that. It’s serving the liberal agenda. Why would the liberals act against the interest of their own propaganda?

The liberal would much rather explain why the hijab and burqa are feminist symbols.

But sarees should arouse suspicion.

What is endgame for liberals here? It is to create a form of global cultural apartheid against Hindus.

The world has changed a lot. There is no invader coming through the Khyber pass any more. The weapons and the form of war have changed. But conquest is still very much a thing. It’s all about information now. If we Hindus do not stand up and write our own story, somebody else will. And in the great theater of humanity, we Hindus will be cast as the villains.

23 thoughts on “TIME magazine cover shows the globalization of Hinduphobia

  1. A most comprehensive listing of all the Hinduphobic articles in international press. Thanks for this ready reference.
    May I endeavour to point out that this cover article of Times Magazine has been written by Aatish Taseer who is none other than the son of Tavleen singh born illegitimately to the Pakistani politician Salman Taseer. While Tavleen Singh tries to show herself as a Modi supporter, every once in a while, one gets a glimpse of her Hinduphobia as a hard-core Lutyens journalist, like when she shows her contempt with tweeting photoshopped images of Yogi Adityanath and writes articles berating RSS. Her recent article post Sadhvi Pragya’s candidature and the latter’s vocalising the torture she went through at the hands of Hemant Karkare – “Enough with These Sadhvis” – https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/fifth-column-enough-with-these-sadhvis-sadhvi-pragya-lok-sabha-elections-bjp-5686223/
    This turn-coat lady wrote an insider’s account of Rajiv Gandhi’s durbar after being sidelined by Sonia Gandhi, and losing her Durbar privileges but retains as her friends most of the Congress party-men like Salman Khurshid. I had read “Durbar” and her columns before 2013 and had naively thought of her as a journalist with integrity.

    She is close to Vasundhara Raje as well, and Aatish and Raje’s children played together. But that didn’t stop Aatish from exposing the private life of Vasundhara Raje (drinking, smoking and Muslim boyfriend)- https://www.opindia.com/2017/04/will-barkha-dutt-call-this-guy-who-raked-up-personal-life-of-vasundhara-raje-a-troll/

    Today, like a doting mother, she has proudly retweeted Sadanand Dhume’s tweet referring to her son’s article in Time Magazine (https://twitter.com/dhume/status/1126496533380157443) , while also tweeting an article “Narendra Modi Is India’s Best Hope for Economic Reform | Time”

    as well as sharing the archived article of Indian Express about Rajiv Gandhi’s Lakshwadeep vacation https://twitter.com/tavleen_singh/status/1126685620925898753

    Scratch the surface of a supposedly pro-Modi supporter whom we cheer to be one of our “right-wing” like Tavleen Singh or even Arnab Goswami and you will find another person steeped in Hinduphobia. Remember that Arnab Goswami does not leave a single opportunity to ask for the resignation of Yogi Adityanath or deride his governance or his Hinduphobic stance in the debates on Sadhvi Pragya and Ayyappa temple. Methinks that saffron is the new red for these “Hinduphobic mad bulls”.

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  2. Hiccups in downfalling media is obvious. Another doze of reinvigorating Shakti Modi is going to administer and like libradus of India they could do nothing except to whining and breast beating


  3. …But..but CW did you notice the names of the authors of all these derogatory articles about India/Hindus/Hindutva? Mostly are the Hindus themselves and sometimes a Muslim, most likely of Indian origin. When we are harbouring so many Jaichands among us, we don’t need western liberals’ help. TIME magazine could have made another article, Modi, the Reformist by the western author, Ian Bremmer, as prominent fixture, but no, it made Aatish’s article as a prominent fixture. Well, a common reader of the TIME magazine would think a Hindu’s view on India would be more authentic than a western author’s view.


  4. The West will not talk about the core Islamic world, stretching from Egypt all the way to Pakistan, its dictators, its robes and burqas, its curtailment of freedom of speech, its prohibition of public practice of any religion other than Islam, its propagation and funding of active conversion elsewhere in the world – especially by Saudi Arabia, its birthing of terror that strikes anywhere and everywhere in the world. They will maintain a silence about bombings in New York, Washington DC, London, Brussels, Stockholm, Paris, Marseille, Moscow…in Germany, Italy, India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand. Why, in the Islamic world itself.

    The West will not talk of China and North Korea because these western outlets are simply shut out and they are simply ignored and internal talk shut down.

    But it will talk of India – in the worst possible ways – because it is the last large mass of land that represents the only place for a new form of conquest and with a democracy that allows any crazy person plotting against the nation itself a free turn at the wheel. Of minds, ideas, thoughts, practices, and violence. It wants a replacement to our civilization; it wants a replacement that is pliable supported by highly corrupted individuals, and a nation that can be manipulated endlessly. Think South America. Think Africa. We almost got there – had the UPA government continued for another ten years, the story of India would verily have been that of the sundry countries in those other continents – puppet regimes beholden to an outside power.

    Their inability to do this – and fast enough – is what makes them angry. And we have enough of our own countrymen to help them continue the effort – a Judas Iscariot here, a Decimus Albinus there and, of course, a Brutus everywhere. The only solution to silence these Western outlets is to draw out the traitors in our midst, everyone one of them, and drive them out of the country.

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    1. Along with Chaiwallah, I agree with Kaushik 100% on his articulation of true situation and finding a way out of this quandary.


  5. I must say, I have great hope that if Narendra Modi gets another term, and he will, the Liberals and Jaichands will quiet down. When Israel had a relatively moderate person as its PM, the Liberals were jumping up and down, but since Benjamin Netanyahu took over, the power of the Liberals in that country has gone down substantially. Good chance we may enjoy that too. Hopefully, the Liberals will realise that the more they criticise the Hindus, the more they untie them.


  6. In India, if the Left, Maoists, Communists, AAP and the opposition abuses someone, it is a sign that person is not just good but great. Modi and Yogi have been “Certified” multiple times this way. Was worried that Time had not yet “certified” Modi but now have and this is a relief. This is perhaps Time Magazines backhanded way of saying “Aayega to Modi hi”

    Even before I had seen the Time magazine link. social media had details about how the writer of the article – Aatish Taseer – was born to a Pakistani. That was enough to know that the article was ISI sponsored garbage.

    While Time magazine may publish a Modi article once in a while, the RW unleashes a tremendous minute-by-minute attack on the Leftist gang. In the last 5 years, am getting 500 messages daily on social media and not one good message about any opposition leader. The Leftists own social media but the RW sets the narrative there.

    Here is one tweet today from someone in the US but applies to the Leftists in India as well. So its not just India but globally people are tired of these Leftists


    1. Wow! An illegitimate child of a Pakistani Muslim father, is so proud of his father that he accepted his surname? Goes to show the kind of blood is flowing in his vein, full of ingratefulness. He played with Ms Raje’s children yet he backstabbed Raje’s family.


  7. Cannot enjoy your blog at this minute as the 23Rd May is giving jitters and top most on mind ,anything less than 272 is nightmare,remember you said that if Congress falling short by any number is not a problem for them as entire opposition will bail them out,but if Modi falls short by even one vote he will not be given life line from any one.
    At this timeI really rue the needless aggro of Modi Shah and wish they had cultivated Mayawati or Mamta or anyone opposition leader.


  8. The column and all comments thus far have been excellent, so I don’t have too much left to say. (But I will say it anyway!) 🙂

    1. There is most definitely a synchronized attempt to demonize Hindus. The ONLY way is for India and Hindus to respond is by projecting our culture and heritage aggressively. This does NOT mean disowning our great contributions such as Yoga in a futile attempt to make them palatable to biased Westerners. Rather, it means reiterating that Yoga etc. are the contributions of Hindus to world civilization. And it also means NOT backing down when jokers like Glenn Greenwald make ridiculous assertions as though they are Gospel truth.

    So NaMo getting June 21st (?) declared as “World Yoga Day” is a good thing, but Rajnath Singh pleading that there is nothing “Hindu” about it, in order to get others to adopt the practice, is a bad thing.

    And while we are at it, let us all take a pledge to stop using that meaningless phrase “Ancient Indians”. Let us say rather “Ancient Hindus.” Why should we be embarrassed to call ourselves Hindus?

    BTW do you know that the saying “garv se kaho hum Hindu hai” was coined by Swami Vivekananda? If that slogan was good enough for him, it is surely good enough for us lesser mortals.

    It also means that during NaMo’s second term, we need to hold his feet to the fire and DEMAND that he projects India’s Hindu roots, and proclaims loudly and aggressively that India is secular ONLY because of us Hindus. No wishy-washy statements should be tolerated.

    2. Abhishek had written even earlier about how some silly South American channel called Sardar Patel a right-wing bigot, and was worried the image of India would be tarnished. I will repeat what I said at that time. As and when Indian businesses start operating in South America, the locals will be grateful for the jobs we bring, and be full of admiration / envy that we managed to bypass corruption, criminality, and inefficiency that have characterized that part of the world for the past half century (and continue to do so). There is simply no way that THEY will sit in judgement on US, when it is WE who are providing jobs to THEM. I can state this with some confidence., based on my visit to Uruguay where TCS had set up its South American HQ.

    3. American leftists now hate not only Hindus, but also Jews and white males. Indeed, on their hate scale, Hindus pale into insignificance compared to Jews. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader in the UK, willingly meets the head of Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization, but refuses to meet Donald Trump! Please watch Ben Shapiro shred the Democrats and their “despicable” behavior regarding Israel being attacked by rockets. (Link at the end.)

    4. I have concluded that the Democrats in the USA are now beyond rescue. If they ever come to power, they will destroy that great country. Poor Tulsi Gabbard will be forced to recant her admiration for NaMo just to please the leftist lunatics in the Democratic Party, and it won’t help her anyway, in the final analysis.

    On the other hand, we will have better luck with the Republican Party. I have pointed out previously that, starting from the time of Eisenhower, Indo-US relations have always been better when Republicans occupy the White House. In general they focus on business and don’t get involved in lecturing us as Democrats do. There are people (unfortunately including some on this forum) who seem to believe all sixty million people who voted for Donald Trump are racist bigots. No, they are not! We need to start reaching out to Republican politicians who might be their candidate to succeed Trump, and we need to build those relationships starting right now. And let us not put everything on the “government.” If any of us is in a position to have an invitation extended to influential Republicans, we should do so.

    Here is the link to Ben Shapiro:


    1. Vidyasagarji, when a candidate boasts in public that even if he kills somebody, still his vote share is not going to diminish and all polls pretty much confirm that Mr Trump’s vote share has remained same. If all supporters of Mr Trump are not bigot, most of them are.

      Even though India was decidedly leaning towards USSR, John Kennedy a Democrat exerted presser on Nikita Khrushchev to pile up Russia’s military on Russia-China border and force China to halt its attack on India during 1962 war. President Nixon, a Republican treated Indian leaders like dirt just because Pakistan was facilitating his visit to China. He even threatened an attack on India by placing his Aircraft Career near our shoreline. President Clinton, a Democrat scolded Pakistani PM informing him that his Pakistani military leader was planning a nuclear attack on India. All Republicans believe that Global Warming is a hoax and we don’t have to do anything. As an eminent scientist, you agree with that notion? In America because of frequent shooting in schools, the Republicans are planning to put a gun in the hands of all teachers. Do you agree with that? Just because the Republicans hate Muslims, does not mean automatically that they love Hindus. I will be surprised if FOX news interviews Tulsi Gabbar and it would be a lovefest.

      Needless to say, we are on the same side on almost all issue but I just cannot generate my love for the Republicans of USA.


      1. Dear Joshiji,

        “I just cannot generate my love for the Republicans of USA.”

        “If all supporters of Mr Trump are not bigot, most of them are.”

        So you think that nearly half of Americans are bigots? You must be living in a different America from the one in which I used to live until a year and a half ago.

        And you are apparently quite comfortable with the casual racism and bigotry of most Democratic politicians and their enablers in the media like NYT, WaPo, Time etc.

        Let me ask you a hypothetical question: You are given an opportunity to have dinner with one person with the aim of changing his/her mind about Hindus, BJP, and India. Whom would you choose: Glenn Greenwald, or a rich Republican-supporting businessman? During my TCS days, I observed that the Greenwald-types are totally closed minded, and almost all business-persons are open-minded. Of course this applies only to business-persons who actually produce something. Parasites like hedge fund managers are invariably “woke” and support Democrats.

        “All Republicans believe that Global Warming is a hoax and we don’t have to do anything. As an eminent scientist, you agree with that notion?”

        I certainly believe that all the doomsday scenarios surrounding “climate change” are a hoax and are utterly unscientific. I definitely DO NOT BELIEVE that the world is going to end in twelve years or whatever silly figure is the flavor of the day.

        In fact “climate scientists” are just activists disguised as scientists. They simply shout down anyone who disagrees with them; thus they are not real scientists. Please look up Prof. Judith Curry who was hounded out of her job at Georgia Tech.


        1. I agree that climate change scenarios are utterly unscientific. Without any sound data to support and substantiate their theories, these so called climate change scientists give out predictions and advisories. Anyone who questions their theory based on such unsubstantiated data are called names and branded as against humanity. IMVHO, this is a ploy by the industrially developed countries to prevent / cap the emerging or recently emerged economies from getting to developed status and gaining global market share at the cost of industrialised economies.

          You may ask how? By mainstreaming the unproven climate change theories, they can then bring in “international regulations” to combat climate change that will ensure that the whole range of industries that the emerging / recently emerged economies are most competitive in are rendered as not meeting the climate change regulatory guidelines. A whole new line of substituted products with technology IP residing in industrialised countries will be then take over the market shares vacated by emerging / recently emerged economies who then regress in their growth rate or stagnate.

          If these so called climate scientists are so concerned about climate change, who are not targeting the biggest contributory cause for climate change / global warming which is livestock farming on industrial scale for beef production. Methane released by cows that contributes more to greenhouse gases world-wide than that released by automobiles? It also further contributed indirectly to global warming by afforestation due to creation of new pastures for cattle breeding operations, water sources etc.,

          This hypocrisy and twin face is just an example of the misplaced priorities of the so called climate change scientists. If they are confident of their data, they should be ready to face the critics and respond to them like any other scientist is required to do in his/her field of research; to be subjected to critical reviews. Then why are they so afraid from criticism and target those who question their theories?


          1. This is the reason I never believed in “Earth hour” – shut off lights for an hour and all that nonsense propaganda. The West understands that if the developing nations used energy the way they did and are still doing, cost of energy products like Petroleum will go up and they can no longer drive their massive SUV’s. They never talk about cutting down on beef but want the developing world to cut down on lots of things. This kind of hypocrisy wont go far.

            Climate change scientists are as far as communists will get without doing the real hard work needed to sustain science. Climate change has been dismissed by most serious scientists


      2. During the time of Nixon and Kissinger India was firmly in the grasp of the then Soviet Union. Indira Gandhi was the PM at that time, and it was very well known to US about the Soviet dealings with IG.

        I suggest you read Mitrokhin Archive the files that were delivered by defecting Soviet agent that contained record of activities of KGB all over the world. Based on Mitrokhin archives action was taken by many countries around the world on many powerul political and other personalities. But in India it was buried without any discussion!! You know reasons why? because most of these personalities named in the Mitrokhin archives and their heirs and party the belonged to in India were themselves the in power in the Central and Government. If you have seen the recent movies ‘Tashkent Files’, one of the good movies coming from bollywood that was based on true like events; it ends with a copy of one of the documents from Mitrokhin archive which states that KGB agents delivered money in suitcases to the tallest of political leaders in India that time.

        Here is a sample of the content from one of the documents in https://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org/document/119270


    2. Actually there are many people projecting Indian thought in the West, especially the USA which has been very open to Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. Vivekananda’s popularity in the USA was because of this openness.

      Today the people who are champions of Indian thought include Gary Zukav – his excellent book “The seat of the soul” is a must read, Michael Singer, Gangaji, Sam Harris to some extent, Eckhart Tolle and many others.

      Coursera is currently offering a course on Buddhism and modern psychology that is excellent and the Harvard professor offering this course – Robert Wright – has written an outstanding book called “Why Buddhism is true” – many of the ideas in this book will appeal to Hindus.

      Leftist thought (if it can be even called thought) is shallow, petty, violent and cruel. There will be some people to whom it may have appeal. But Hindu and Buddhist thought is penetrating Western countries in many ways. Indian schools also need to teach children these ideas but secularism has meant that we teach junk written by the likes of Romila Thapar. But individual parents can do this and many are doing this – after all everything cannot be left to school teachers – in fact these days, nothing can be left to schools and teachers because they are just another money making enterprise.


      1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

        All this is fine, but in the West Buddhism has (mostly) a positive image while Hinduism has (mostly) a negative image. A LOT of effort is needed to overcome the latter. The government HAS to take the lead, instead of blabbering about “sabka saath sabka vikas.” If and when Modi gets re-elected, we must make it clear to him that we did NOT vote for him so that he can preside over the annihilation of Hindus and their culture.


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