BJP has exposed Hardik Patel for the joker he really is

Around this time last year, if you had asked a liberal to name the sexiest man alive, it would have been a tough competition between Raghuram Rajan and Hardik Patel. But I believe Hardik would have won the contest. Fancy bullshit king from University of Chicago is one thing … and putting Modi on the defensive in his backyard in Gujarat is quite another.

So as Hardik Patel tore through urban and rural Gujarat distributing caste caps, liberals followed his every beat from his toilet to his bedroom. A liberal woman proudly declared how she shows Hardik’s sex videos to her 12 year old daughter. Instead of getting arrested and widely censured, her insane rant was published in the Outlook magazine.


Here is the nonsense that came out in The Hindu.


Without even clicking the article, I can tell you that it has been written by a well known fool by the name of Mahesh Langa.

Then the elections happened. And while the anti-incumbency and droughts did bite the BJP quite a bit in rural Gujarat, the party’s Hinduised, urban base held strong. This is the good karma that comes from real development. Having turned Gujarat into one of India’s most urbanized states, there are some 60 seats where the BJP simply cannot lose. With the majority mark at 91, this makes the BJP essentially invincible in Gujarat. Even the final tally of 99-80 in seats is a distortion of the big lead in vote share. Which means that with every successive delimitation of constituencies, the state of Gujarat will slip farther and farther out of Congress’ grasp.

The BJP swept through Surat, which was supposed to be Hardik’s stronghold. As I like to say, urban Gujarat is like the BJP’s family. Despite the teething troubles with GST, urban Gujarat did not abandon its own.

Much less for a casteist joker like Hardik Patel. After the election, the media mostly forgot Alphesh and mostly Hardik as well. After all, his much hyped “Patidar anger plank” had proved to be the biggest flop of the election. Of the HAJ trio (Hardik , Alpesh, Jignesh), only Jignesh continued to be in the spotlight due to his overtly Hindu,  urban Naxal cum JNU style of doing politics.

No wonder Hardik wanted to resurrect his career. The first thing he did was send a strong message of not joining Congress. Even he could see that being a Congi is practically a taint in Gujarat, a curse word.

Then he went back to his fundamentals. A “fast unto death” undertaken for reservation and farm loan waivers.

The Gujarat government which had been totally screwed over in 2015 seems to have learned its lesson this time. In 2015, with Modi still fresh as Prime Minister, the Gujarat government had come down on his “movement” like a ton of bricks. It ended up creating a genuine headache for the party. And let’s admit it: there was arrogance too … with Narendrabhai as PM, Amit Shah running BJP and Anandiben (a Patidar herself) as CM of Gujarat … the BJP thought it had the license to get away with anything. Especially on an issue of “Patidar pride.”

Unfortunately for BJP, nothing is “impossible” when it comes to politics.

This time, the BJP had the right approach … one of benign neglect, even slightly indulgent towards Hardik … giving him a long rope, until he exposes himself.

When Hardik began his fast, my biggest worry was that it would encourage elements within the BJP itself … possibly even you know who … to try and unsettle Vijay Rupani. After all, he had made his unhappiness clear on several forums immediately after Gujarat results until a phone call from Amit Shah himself put a lid on the matter. And if you ask me, I sort of agree with him. Rupani did not treat the man fairly. He has been treated worse than a tall leader, a lifetime RSS/BJP worker, should have been. That’s why I will not take his name.

But that did not happen. The party’s discipline held very firm. Meanwhile, Hardik went on a dance that made most people laugh.

I believe that somewhere around the 9th day of his “fast”, Hardik even wrote a will. This is also the time there were reports everywhere that Hardik was actually gaining weight as his fast progressed. Then, came the “official” announcement from Hardik’s aides that he had “lost 20 kilos.” Hmmm… okay. And after that, Hardik refused to allow himself to be weighed.

You decide what was going on. I leave it to your imagination.

There were no crowds. And for some reason, even opposition leaders did not show much interest except from some “communications” from Akhilesh Yadav etc. I don’t know how many took out the time to go and actually meet him. I think they sent letters of sympathy typed out by some secretary. The only people who actually went to see Hardik Patel were traveling beggars like Yashwant and Shatrughan.


Speaking of traveling beggars, did Yogendra Yadav go? Does anybody know?

I believe that somewhere around the 12th day of the “fast”, Hardik was moved to hospital. Around the 19th day (if my memory is correct), Hardik ended his fast at the “plea of Patidar leaders.”

And thus the circus came to an end. Full marks to CM  Vijay Rupani for treating Hardik like a petulant child … letting him scream and throw a tantrum in the department store …  until he runs out of breath, realizes that no one else cares and packs up and leaves.

I must point out here that there is a difference between how one should handle urban Naxals and how to handle Hardik Patel.

With the JNU Naxals, the government should use a heavy hand. First of all, for national security reasons. Secondly, these JNU Naxals are the most unpopular people in India … you tackle them harshly and they will scream … and because people hate these urban Naxals so damn much, their wailing will only increase BJP votes.

Things are not quite the same when it comes to handling caste leaders. Sadly, caste is still HUGE in India. Complaining about it is of no use. It’s a reality around which one has to do politics. A Fadnavis like finesse is needed for handling such situations, not an Anandiben style imperiousness. Last time the BJP screwed up badly with Hardik Patel, but I am glad the lessons have been learned.


23 thoughts on “BJP has exposed Hardik Patel for the joker he really is

  1. One thing you will notice with all the Leftist and Communist leaders is “instant herohood”. The Communists are especially adept at casting some youngsters without any kind of wisdom or experience as the next Gods. That they will turn out to be the next Kavitha Krishnan who whine and cry their whole life is another story. Kejriwal is another of those instant heroes who floundered at the first sign of taking responsibility.

    Hardik’s case was similar. An instant hero manufactured out of nowhere to take on Modi and Shah. Because the real politicians in Gujarat had given up long ago. He was not the kind that would appeal to the industrious urban voter in Gujarat. He had no work ethic (has never worked) but only drama-baazi and dharna-baazi to offer, These are precisely the kind of leaders we need to run away from. We had a good laugh whenever TV channels showed his dharna. It was clear he was not fasting. And because he was not exercising either. he put on weight. Lying in a fake ICU with all the calories going in is not good for health.

    Even in something mundane as coffee, there is the instant coffee (which is fake coffee for most coffee lovers) and there is the real coffee. Most of us dont touch instant coffee. Similarly, we should be wary of these instant politicians who are parachuted by the liberal media. Real world politik is intense and eliminates the fakers. These instant politicians have not gone through the elimination round and are a big risk. We cannot afford such kind of risks in a poor nation.


    1. Kannan,

      You say, “He had no work ethic (has never worked) but only drama-baazi and dharna-baazi to offer”. But that’s precisely what the Left Brigade is.

      Show me one hard-working, productive Communist who earns his livelihood and I will tell you how to convert coal to gold.

      The whole JNU fraternity – I realise I shouldn’t tar all of them as there are a few genuine researchers – is a laid-back drama baazi community who haven’t contributed a jot of good research. They have simply been passing off regurgitated mediocre work by each other to add to their venerable “paper count” published in that red rag, EPW (which will happily publish anything from JNU).


      1. Yes, the left brigade and Hardik are one and the same. Only difference might be that Hardik is not producing useless papers and atleast saving some trees.

        I once wondered why all Marxists have the same destructive attitude and no disputes among themselves.Then I realized that those Marxists who dare to think differently wont exist anymore.

        Hence there has been no fresh thinking in Marx kingdom after Karl Marx. Even though there is tons of evidence that Marxism is flawed. Apparently, even in lobsters (which evolved 350 million years ago), there is inequality. Hence an equal society that Marxists dream of is not supported in nature.


  2. Dear Sujoy,

    “I must point out here that there is a difference between how one should handle urban Naxals and how to handle Hardik Patel.”

    While your point that most Indians have no sympathy for urban naxals is correct, the recent instance of the SC not allowing the arrest of those accused of conspiring to assassinate the PM without even bothering to look at the evidence, and dismissing it as “dissent,” shows that it won’t be easy for the government to bring urban naxals to heel. Indian society is full of anti-India snakes and NaMo will have to slog long and hard to get rid of them. He needs a long-term plan to curb the judiciary. Without that everything else will be just window dressing (as the recent urban naxal event has shown).

    I am hoping that the judiciary will overreach massively and thus give NaMo the opportunity to defy them. Let us see.

    In closing, I like and endorse Mr. Kannan’s analogy of instant coffee vs. real coffee for the likes of Hardik Patel.


  3. Dear CW,
    You are in devastating form!! The words you chose to describe “travelling beggars”, “Fancy bullshit king” were very interesting and enjoyable and an apt description of these guys! The left and the urban naxal tribes do what they do with the full knowledge that they are properly protected from the long arm of the law. Without putting the judiciary in place for their judicial overreach and their leniency towards anti-national elements it would be very difficult to tame these degenerated grouping of left/urban naxals/ anti-nationals/and their CONgoon sponsors and supporters. So the first task of the government is to use their executive and administrative muscle to take on judiciary on matters that threaten national security.

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    1. Taken from Sujoy’s own Twitter line:

      “Indian Judiciary set to oversee Kabaddi match to ensure fair selection process”

      Along with deciding the price of sanitary napkins, how much milk Hindus should us while doing “abhishekam” in Shiva temples etc., the judiciary has become a laughing stock.

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  4. Golden chance missed to supersede top 3 to make No 4 (or even may be No 5) as the head. Modi despite knowing back ground of the person, must have thought what he harm he can do in 13 months, out of which 7 months are anyway the final part of Modi’s 5 year term. I feel when the term of new head comes to an end in Nov 2019, the other 2 or 3 also may retire without getting a chance to become head.

    As Prof VS says, Modi may be waiting for a blunderous overreach to teach them a lesson which may happen at the fag end of the present LS term.


    1. Dear Mohan,

      Superseding the first three or four or twenty wouldn’t have made any difference, because the first HUNDRED in the pipeline are of dubious antecedents. Remember that the self-perpetuating Collegium system started in 1992 or 1993. So one can imagine how deep the rot is. The NJAC Act was a well-thought out piece of legislation that would have permitted the judiciary to salvage something out of the current system, but the SC threw that out. Now it remains to be seen what will take its place. NaMo’s style seems to be to let the bad people (media, judiciary etc.) discredit themselves without seemingly doing anything. It has worked with all others; I hope it will work with the judiciary too.


  5. The words are that in a critical exam, Hardik Patel got only 45 percent of mark for him to get admission in any credible college. That is when the reservation ghost entered his mind.

    CW forgot that many of the rural seats in Gujarat were lost by BJP because of the dirty tricks by HAJ trio and Congress in convincing less educated population to vote for NOTA.

    One good thing that may come out from this Hardik fiasco is, Anna Hazare may learn some important lesson.

    Whenever somebody decides to go on fast, the government should declare that it is going to install CCTV cameras surrounding the person fasting. If the person resists, his/her credibility will be lost even before the fast starts.


    1. Dear Josh,

      You must be aware that Anna Hazare “pioneered” the technique of “fasting” while drinking “water” out of steel and not transparent glasses. Hardik simply repeated the tactic, but so effectively that he was actually gaining weight.

      I do agree with you, and disagree with Sujoy, about the Gujarat elections. The BJP lost around a dozen seats through NOTA. Something similar happened in Karnataka as well.

      I seem to commenting too much tonight. Apologies to all.


      1. I was not aware of the steel cup trick. Though, I meant Anna may learn a lesson that if he fasts, BJP may ignore him just like it did to Hardik. So he may think twice before carrying out that drama.


      2. Some where I read in Gujarat 16 seats were lost to NOTA. In Karnataka 8 were lost to NOTA,one was lost by 90 votes.I see on Twitter even Mr Ravinar seems adamant to criticize Modiji.I am afraid such things will encourage this NOTA monster will be detrimental.May God save us.JAY HIND.


        1. Ravinar is as Right Winger as anybody in this forum. He will never vote for anybody other than BJP, yet I agree some of his writing may throw some fence sitters over to other side. Although many of his criticism are valid, he should qualify them and there are plenty of valid reasons for not fulfilling many desirable items. One being….


            1. Respected Mr P B Josh. Can you or some friend on this Forum kindly post this Puja Tiwari video on Twitter and Whatsapp? In the Mahol where i see lots and lots of criticism of Modiji/BJP that they did not do this nothing for Hidus and Bla bla bla.They should keep in mind Modiji is only an Honest human bieng ,not HOUDINI.JAY HIND


  6. Here is a lovely photo essay on Angkor Wat.It is good to remember that we are the descendants of geniuses who inspired not only the great temples of India but fantastic places like Angkor.

    This is what Hindu civilization did hundreds of years back and in time our descendants will hopefully build even greater temples, even more magnificent structures. Enjoy !


    1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

      Kaivalyam says that flying into Siem Reap was like entering India of the 80s. The significance of that statement is to remind all of us just how “de-Hinduised” India has become during the last thirty years, thanks to relentless attacks by the secularists in our society, aided and abetted by the partisan and anti-Hindu judiciary.

      I am sure you have all read about the order of the Odisha High Court ordering Utkal University to take down its statue of Saraswati at the entrance. Please read this article for a factual statement:

      The PIl was filed by a mentally enslaved “rationalist” joker — truly we are our own worst enemies. Would any Christian file a similar petition about a Christian institution? And the milords wouldn’t think of ordering the same thing at any Christian college where Christian symbols abound!


      1. Dear Prof. Vidyasagar,

        I agree, the attacks on Hinduism have been relentless. But I also feel that awareness has increased a lot because of social media (esp Whatsapp) . Also while the decibel of the Leftists seems high because of the control over traditional media, in social media (esp Whatsapp) their reach is ZERO. I have not seen a single Leftist message on my Whatsapp (because it is a closed circle of like minded people). Somewhat similar to the way we dont see any pro-leftist messages on this blog.

        Thirty years back, one could not see public Ganesh pandals outside Maharashtra. Today we can see these in Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu too. As more Hindus realize what is happening, the fightback will start. It is a question of mass awareness.
        The Milords will continue to interfere but each interference will only provide more awareness for Hindus and increase the determination to preserve their culture.

        As an individual Hindu, we should all resolve to celebrate our festivals with greater intensity. This is good both economics wise and culturally. Every additional rupee spent on Hindu festivals by Hindus will strengthen us as a nation. If one billion Hindus even spend ten dollars on average, it means a new 10 billion dollar market.


        1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

          “Thirty years back, one could not see public Ganesh pandals outside Maharashtra.”

          That is not true actually. I don’t recall seeing many Ganapati pandals in Bangalore when we lived there (1989-2000), but after we moved to Hyderabad in 2000, they were everywhere. The best efforts of the secularists have not dimmed the enthusiam of the devotees.

          “I have not seen a single Leftist message on my Whatsapp (because it is a closed circle of like minded people). Somewhat similar to the way we don’t see any pro-leftist messages on this blog.”

          I wonder whether that is really a good thing. I wish we could have a civil and informed debate with others who disagree with us. Unfortunately, “civil and informed leftists” are like unicorns — they don’t exist! Lefties only know how to attack in packs and hurl epithets. I am yet to see a leftie who can actually think. This is because leftists are hired (e.g. by academic departments, or by TV channels) on the basis of their ideological purity, and not their ability to think independently.

          I have heard from a good friend, much younger than I am, that the RSS people whom he meets in their public meetings are defensive and inarticulate. I can well believe it. The lefties have propounded the idea that using big English words (correctly or incorrectly) is a sign of intelligence. We need to find a way to make these RSS people feel less defensive. Any thoughts?


          1. Dear Prof. Vidyasagar,

            “I am yet to see a leftie who can actually think. This is because leftists are hired (e.g. by academic departments, or by TV channels) on the basis of their ideological purity, and not their ability to think independently”

            This is why I believe that in the long run Leftists are doomed. Violence and hooliganism is no substitute for thinking. There is a self sameness to all the Leftists which is boring. In fact one Leftist professor is enough for the entire country because all the others are only exact replicas. One Leftist is enough on TV channels because all of them are the same mindset, only the faces are different. We can see this in the manner in which Leftists attack BJP/Modi – they never disagree among themselves while RW disagrees regularly (even on this blog :-))

            The core of the RSS comes from tier 2, tier 3 cities and hence they may not be that well versed in English. But if they can articulate well in the vernacular then it is enough. For example, Yogi Adityanath is a picture of clarity in his thinking and would win hands down with any JNU professor.


  7. Here is some disturbing news. I could not believe that Baba Ramdev was not just talking to NDTV but actually praising them. Now this series of tweets explains why. He wanted to set up a Vedic School Board at his own expense, but the MHRD “jerked him around” (to quote from the tweets) for four years. I don’t have to remind you who is in charge of MHRD. Now the BJP wants Baba Ramdev to campaign for them, just as he did back in 2014.

    I hope that Modi won’t repeat the mistake made by Vajpayee made in 2004 of alienating his core support base. Both Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravishankar played a major role in motivating Hindus to vote for the BJP, along with the RSS. I have heard disturbing rumours from “people in a position to know” that Modi is not on speaking terms with Mohan Bhagwat. If Modi can’t get these people to mobilise the voters at the ground level, the results could be disastrous. It won’t be keyboard warriors like us who will win the election for the BJP — it will be workers on the ground. I hope Modi remembers that!

    I agree with what the tweeter says: “Most parties bait and switch on the margins but BJP does it with central issues.”


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