Rape accused Bishop : Catholic Church, Kerala govt and Indian liberals couldn’t care less

Did you hear that there is a tremendous nationwide shortage of candles right now?

Most probably this is one of the lingering effects of demonetization that wiped out small business in this country.

Not only is there a shortage of candles, there is a shortage of pen, paper and ink. In fact, there is even a shortage of paint in MsPaint software. Not to mention a shortage of internet.

How else do you explain the feminists who have NOT been out on the streets with candles for the nun who was raped 13 times by a Bishop of the Catholic Church? How else do you explain India’s cartoonists who can’t seem to find the pen, paper and ink to express their anger and “dissent” against the powerful Catholic Church?

Perhaps our cartoonists are all drawing cartoons somewhere but there is a shortage of internet and so they can’t find the means to upload their work to the web? Come on liberals, where is your imagination? Here is a Christian cross.


Remember the cartoons showing Trishuls inserted into women’s private parts that were circulated when the Kathua case was at the peak of the news cycle?

When thinking about the serial rape faced by the Kerala nun, I see no dearth of ‘artistic’ ways of drawing the Christian cross to express my anguish over the incident. What is failing our cartoonists, journalists and commentators is not their imagination, but a disastrous lack of courage of conviction.

The rape accusations against Bishop Franco have been in the public domain and before Kerala Police for weeks now. During this period, the Bishop, various agencies associated to the church and powerful politicians have left no stone unturned to sully the character of the victim.



The always prickly gang of feminists are observing an oath of silence on this one. They will speak up when the BJP govt does something outrageous, like making sindoor a GST free commodity.

The case in Kerala ticks the box on every issue that generally triggers our liberals and feminists. A powerful man, backed up by the establishment of a patriarchal religion, is accused of committing rape against a woman who was in his power. Big politicians and major religious establishments come out openly in favor of the powerful man and throw all manner of vile slander at the victim.

And just where is the “Akeli – Awara – Azad” gang from JNU? On odd days, they militate against celebration of Holi, checking water balloons for semen content. On even days, they roll into their burqa of secularism and disappear.

The problem for liberals in this case is that there is not the remotest possibility of dragging the BJP/RSS into this issue. It’s a Bishop of the Catholic Church … the Kerala Police is under control of CPIM government and the Bishop is in Punjab … where the police is under Congress government control.

What bad luck for the liberals that NDA should be controlling 21 states but the entire crime trail in this case just happens to be based in the handful of states outside Modi’s grasp.

If not in protest, Ravish should at least darken his screen mourning such bad luck.

Some journalists, in their defense, say that they have “spoken out” against the matter. Are you kidding me? I wasn’t born yesterday. We know the tone in which you have “spoken out” and we remember the tone in which the liberal establishment takes on so called “Hindu Godmen.”

Get a load of this:


Oh look how convenient. Please stop covering them live. I guess it is better that people do not find out the real face of Indian liberalism. Go look for that person who may or may not be wearing a shade of saffron and give him the 24 x 7 coverage so that we can all agree on how evil Hindus are.

Or take this example of “speaking out”


You can just feel the anger and the helplessness in that tweet, can’t you? Now if only Kerala and Punjab were both part of some kind of union, you know … something like a “Republic of India” … and the CPIM govt of Kerala could simply ask the Congress govt of Punjab to arrest this Catholic Bishop.

A Republic of India? No way our liberals are having that! It has “Republic” in it. The NBSA recently showed how to deal with Republic journalists who get sexually harassed on the street by left wing goons.

You know, I am waiting for the first celeb journalist who will tweet out that “Northies” like me should stay away from demanding arrest of Bishop Franco because we do not understand the secular and tolerant culture of Kerala.

Yesterday I happened to catch on Twitter a snippet of a primetime news show with a prominent female anchor. Before getting to the real crime and condemning the Catholic Church for its shameful behavior, she didn’t forget to criticize “the ones who were asking on Twitter.”

I couldn’t shake off the feeling that she might be more angry with Hindu RW on Twitter than with the rapist.

I couldn’t shake off the feeling that mainstream media has been dragged, kicking and screaming, to finally open its mouth on Bishop Franco due to incessant online outrage.

This is the truly disturbing part. Both during the coverage of the Kathua incident and the coverage of the Bishop Franco case, celebrity journalists have been more angry with Twitter RW than with the actual rapists. It kind of tells you what sort of people we are dealing with.



10 thoughts on “Rape accused Bishop : Catholic Church, Kerala govt and Indian liberals couldn’t care less

  1. Why are we after this secular christian clergyman ? He is merely following the message of love given by Jesus literally. In recent times, this is the second case from kerala. Remember another priest who fathered a child by raping a minor girl?. I remember during the Bhuj earthquake, a psuedo secular christian by the name of george from Bengaluru had made a disgusting remark which said that the earthquake was retribution by god for making fun of nuns. I want to hear from this same scum george, what retribution is in store for these clergymen. Was recent floods in kerala retribution of God for such acts of Malayali padris?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A few days ago there was a ghastly bus accident in Telangana where 60 people died. Telugu-speaking evangelical groups lost no time in putting out the message that these people died because they were idol-worshippers, and exhorted others to find the one true God. You can see the photo in the twitter line of Ex-Secular. These evangelists are just ghouls.


      1. Jesus marketeers/salesmen should be countered by posing the following question: During Tsunami and the recent Kerala floods, were the victims only Hindus? If not, then these salesmen are selling fake god.
        I for one do not believe in virgin birth or in Immaculate conception nor in Adam and Eve.


  2. This Bishop says on TV that he is ready to go to jail if his rapes of the nuns are proven. Is he counting on fact, that when he committed the crime, there were no witness? How rapes are proven when there is no witness? Can we count on these state government to do everything needed to prove rapes by this Bishop? A detector could be of help?


  3. What this kind of behavior of the media, Kerala government and the liberals will do is reinforce the view of the Hindus that there is a stick for them and a carrot for others no matter whatever the circumstances. Of course they have to blame themselves for getting into this situation by being careless about their votes. Carelessness has its consequences.

    However, this will also harden the stance of the Hindus and it will benefit BJP. From 1947 to 1999, we did not have a frame of reference as to what a good government can do. We now have the Vajpayee government and the Modi government to compare against the performance of the UPA government in between. For 2019, BJP should focus on the positive consequences of a BJP government and the negative consequences of a non-BJP government. There are now enough data points for a good comparison.


      1. Yes, the BJP can now sell itself via social media (which is the only media these days). Mainstream media is in the pockets of Congress but it is dead anyways so it doesnt matter.

        The BJP has a habit of under selling itself. Hope it puts some work and comes up with a good comparison of NDA vs UPA rule. In the next election, BJP also has to paint the picture of the disaster and chaos a Mahagathbandan would create if it came to power. This would be a brotherhood of bandits whose only aim would be to loot the country.


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