No, homosexual acts have NOT been legalized in India

I know what you are thinking. You must be thinking that I am crazy. Have I not seen the screaming headlines, the saturation coverage, the hashtags of #IndiaRejects377 and so on? How could I have missed the historic Supreme Court verdict?

I haven’t missed anything.

The headlines in the newspapers today that say India has decriminalized homosexuality? All FAKE.

Homosexual acts were criminal in India yesterday and they still are criminal today.

As long as you consider the state of Jammu and Kashmir to be an integral part of India, that is.

Guess what? The Supreme Court verdict from yesterday has no impact on Indian citizens living in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. You see, the state of J&K is governed by its own penal code that is separate from the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Yesterday’s judgement has thrown two things into sharp focus. First, there is the absurdity of Jammu and Kashmir being governed by an altogether different set of laws (“ek desh mein do vidhaan”). Then, there is the largely left wing media that has stayed away from talking about this matter, thus becoming conspicuous by their silence.

Why has the press stayed away from reporting the fact that homosexuals in the Muslim majority state of J&K will continue to face dehumanizing treatment under our laws? The reasons are not difficult to imagine.

Is it possible that the media is shying away from reporting on the contradiction between the values of liberty and the views of Muslim majority societies? This is really the second time in a year or so that this contradiction at the heart of the modern Liberal-Islamist mahagathbandhan has been obvious. The last time it was triple talaq. Back then we saw alleged liberals and feminists taking positions on women that could only be described as shocking and regressive of the worst kind. I remember that one “legendary” women’s rights lawyer even said that triple talaq should stay because Muslim men might otherwise be led to murder their wives.

I refuse to think so little either of our law enforcement or Indian Muslim men.

A historic verdict such as yesterday is an opportunity for society to rethink, to clear our collective heads and decide where we stand on issues. I heard some sage advice yesterday against the possible imposition of “majority morality” on fundamental rights of citizens. Which left me puzzled, because the most grumbling against the legalization of homosexual acts appears to have come from “minority” organizations.

In particular, the three organizations that were in favor of 377 in the Supreme Court yesterday were the “Trust of God ministries”, the “Apostolic Alliance of Churches” and “Utkal Christian Association.” I am not quite certain how the names of these organizations came to be associated with the imposition of “majority morality”.

Meanwhile, the All India Mulsim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) is hinting at moving court once again to re-criminalize homosexuality. Earlier the AIMPLB had requested the Govt of India to take a stance in favor of criminalizing gay people, which was rejected by the Central Govt.

It’s time for India to think clearly. Will our liberals take an open and intellectually honest position against the bigotry of the so called minority groups with whom they have made common cause on virtually every issue? Are our liberals willing to join the charge for gay rights in Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir? Of course they can choose to stay silent. They have a right to do so. But if they choose silence, it is our moral duty to expose their hypocrisy. If liberals are all hiding under a desk somewhere hoping that we won’t notice their absence when it comes to gay rights in Jammu and Kashmir, we have to prove them wrong.


12 thoughts on “No, homosexual acts have NOT been legalized in India

  1. The liberals/leftists/maoists/communists view everything through their warped lens of oppressed and oppressor. If you are rich you are the oppressor. If you are a majority, you are a oppressor. If you are prosperous, you are an oppressor. If you are soldier or a policeman you are an oppressor. If you get elected by the majority community, you are a fascist and oppressor. If you create wealth you are an oppressor. If you enforce the law, you are an oppressor.

    According to our liberals, all “oppressors” need to be punished and the “oppressed” need to be pardoned for all transgressions. Even if they are terrorists. Even if they kill innocents. Even if they are waging a war against the nation. Even if they create a ruckus in an aircraft. This is in a nutshell all the knowledge that Leftist professors carry and impart to Leftist students. Hence they ignore the genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits. Hence they hide when gross crimes are committed against humanity. And hence they go into hibernation and resurface near Hindu festivals (like PETA recently did)

    Hindu culture has grappled with the biggest problems Humanity has faced for 6000-7000 years and built an architecture that allowed people to live amicably and peacefully for the most part. Our solutions may not be perfect but have the weight of years of experience and the thinking of many great minds. This is the template that has worked for India. This is what we need to go back to.

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    1. Agreed with everything, except one. Your thinking PETA as a leftist organization. I have been a member of PETA since the membership was only 150 Rupees per year (That for almost twenty years). PETA is perhaps the closest to Hindu Right Winger NGO. Its founder, a British lady, now settled in USA was born in India (her father a British diplomat) has a very soft corner for India. She frequently points out in her interviews and speeches that India has more vegetarians than rest of the world combined and points out that only Hindu religion believes that animals have souls.

      In America PETA is biggest villain organization in the eyes of all Church going Christians who love eating meats. It is a biggest enemy of the most powerful industries in the world, Meat (animal slaughter), Dairy and Pharm (for experimenting on animals). Of course PETA is as villain in the eyes of non-vegetarian Muslims and perhaps non-vegetarian Hindus. Because of it being equal opportunity offender, it is fairly poor in receiving donation and operates on very tight resources. It CANNOT be friend to any blood oozing steak loving liberal.

      As far as Jallikattu is concerned, our Modi government’s Animal Welfare Board (AWB) went to court against Jallikattu. PETA (and other Animal Rights Org.) just piggy backed on that law suit. And the judge did not side with AWB right away. He gave proponents of Jallikattu six months to repudiate video proof of torture and harassment of the bulls. All they came back was India’s breed would vanish !

      How many Hindus go to the Lord Shiva temple and don’t worship Nandi? How can we support such torture (not to mention gambling involved) in the name of Hindu religion?

      Perhaps PETA’s presence at Hindu festival you are mentioning is this,

      Just look at the video. How as a Hindu, anybody can support this treatment and that too in the name of Hindu religion?

      Don’t forget PETA tried to push for vegetarian Eid in Bhopal and almost lost lives of her two employees at the hands of the peacefuls. There are no laws in the book against goat slaughters during Eid. So AWB or any other organization just have no reason to go to court against this practice.

      You see many Environmental Activists (Greenpeace Org) protest against government seating in their AC office (the Freon used in ACs is the biggest villain in Global Warming), but PETA insists that its employees be Vegans then and then they can push veganism from their hearts.


      1. Thanks for the elaborate reply. This year PETA kept quiet on Eid, atleast they should have spoken against it on social media. There may be no law against goat sacrifice but if PETA is only going to go by law, then there was no law against Jallikattu either.

        If bulls were being tortured for Jallikattu, then I agree that banning it was right. Animal torture is reprehensible. Ethical treatment of animals is derived from basic morality which is stronger than law and PETA should protest against ill treatment everywhere whether there is a law or not.


      2. It might be worthwhile for PETA to file a petition in Supreme Court for right to protect an animal from slaughter. Isnt that also a fundamental right of citizens ? If killing animals is a right then protecting animals has to be a right. This is exactly what gau-rakshaks are doing. Would love to see the SC reaction on that.


        1. After almost losing lives of two of its employees for speaking out against slaughtering of goats while everybody else, including the government stayed silent one can forgive PETA for not saying much on the matter. All in all, PETA has done more in this matter than even our government’s Animal Welfare Board.


          1. But this is the problem no ? All these organizations like PETA start with great motives, get threatened by the minorities and then speak only against the tolerant majority.

            This is where Hindus see the problem with PETA and other NGO’s. They surface only before Hindu festivals. They petition against only Hindu festivals. All with Hindu money and donations.

            Yes, it is the governments fault when they allow intimidation but that is secular government for you.


            1. The problem is not PETA, the problem is with our law makers. There are no laws on the book against this open slaughter for PETA or any organization to do anything. There are laws against abusing animals for entertainment. And those laws when violated, Animal Welfare Board and other organizations went to court against Jallikattu. As is, all PETA can do is demonstrate. It has no enforcing power. When us, offended Hindus stay silent, it is cowardice to expect some other organizations to do what we should be doing. And even many Hindus find problems with religious entertainment like Jallikattu.


      3. Commenting here because the last point did not have a Reply link.

        Agree with you Joshiji. Individuals and organizations cannot do much if the government does not guarantee safety and security. Unfortunately, even the BJP in its pursuit of secular votes has bowed down to tyranny too often.

        The way forward for Hindus is to seed a new opposition party that shares their ethos. The current opposition is sitting pretty on minority votes and is likely to continue in their secular politics only. So the first job is to give BJP 400+ seats in the next elections. Maybe the BJP itself can ask for these many seats so that they can seed a more dharmic opposition party themselves.


  2. The following, in OpIndia, is one of the finest writings I have seen on the SC judgement.

    No particular glory to either the court or the Leftists who would like to believe these happened because they forced the issue. If that were so, why are the Leftists so impotent in every one of the majority Islamic countries? This could have happened only in India – and we all know why.


  3. One more feather in TN police cap

    This Maoist Yogendra Yadav went there to disrupt the road building. Why dont the Maoists understand that unless the rest of the country grows and produces, these Maoists and their JNU addas cannot be sustained ? These parasites feed of the rest of the economy and disrupt that very economy. They should be given their sickle and hammer, kicked in their butts and made to work in the fields to raise their own food.


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