“A Brahmin is always a rapist” : Has the left has lost control of its loons?

Like fire, you could say that fanaticism is a good servant but a bad master. It has a way of spinning out of control and coming back to burn the hand that lit the fuse.

A similar thing seems to be happening with the bitter harvest of left wing extremism that our campuses and intellectual circles have been cultivating for years, with a booster shot being administered after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister.

The Kanhaiyyas of the world may have realized that it is more profitable to ask for “Bharat mein Azaadi” instead of “Bharat se Azaadi“, but how will the left wing worthies stop Kanhaiyya’s Kanhaiyya?


These names have been compiled in a Facebook post by a radical leftist lawyer by the name of Raya Sarkar based in Davis, California. A cursory glance at the list shows a preponderance of names from India’s “Institutions of Higher Dissent” such as Jadavpur University, JNU, FTII and arts departments of Delhi University.

What is noteworthy is that the poster has not presented any evidence whatsoever in support of these accusations. While it is impossible not to feel for innocent people who may be facing public character assassination, it is also impossible not to relish how liberal circles are being singed by the fire of irresponsible, radical leftism that they lighted themselves.

The panic in liberal circles has set in swiftly. Far left propaganda blog Kafila has released a statement by several strident radical feminists who are “dismayed by the initiative on Facebook, in which men are being listed and named as sexual harassers with no context or explanation.” The more suave left wing website Scroll has had to step in to publicize the statement on Kafila.


In a delicious irony, radical leftists have appealed to other radical leftists to utilize institutions and procedures. From revolution and Azaadi to appealing for respect towards established institutions and procedures … that’s the plight of leftists caught on the wrong side of their own fanatic tide.

But who can stop the tide of fanaticism? Like I said, they can manage Kanhaiyya, but who will manage Kanhaiyya’s Kanhaiyyas? The loose cannons of the left are going rogue : here is just a sample of the hatred they are spewing below Raya Sarkar’s Facebook post.


A Brahmin is always a rapist? The radical left’s mask is slipping. Their hatred is showing. They have been done in by their own loons.


14 thoughts on ““A Brahmin is always a rapist” : Has the left has lost control of its loons?

  1. But I trust 5Forty3 and Surjit Bhalla more than I trust Axis,CSDS,C-Voter,etc.These 2 guys get it right most of the time.Eagerly waiting for their surveys.


  2. Idiotic to assume that the commentator is a radical leftist when a simple visit to her fb profile would have assured she is anything but a proclaimed left.


  3. Disclaimer: I am not a Brahmin (but could be safely included in the Svarna category).

    Whether Ms. Sarkar’s list is correct or not, I think I can see that her joy doesn’t stem from exposing the ‘alleged’ harassers. She is rather overjoyed about the fact that she is a ‘female svarna brahmin’ slayer.


    1. I think she would be savarna herself. But it doesn’t matter. Basically, these people hate the emerging Hindu unity in the country. They are trying to break Hindus by hook or by crook.


      1. These pseudo-secular howling monkeys remind me of Kapo(s), who were Jew themselves, but used to handle the daily persecution of ordinary Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust. Kapo(s) used to be more cruel and intolerant towards the helpless victims, so as to prove their loyalty to the German soldiers.


  4. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Your delight on the fact that many of those named on this woman’s list are themselves leftists should not obscure the fact that the Facebook post is itself defamatory. Anyone can accuse anyone, without any shred of evidence, and the name of the accused would wind up on this list. This Sarkar would appear to be a very poor lawyer, or perhaps she is counting on the fact that many of those named would not be in a position to sue her, as they live in India. But in any case, I find your delight to be totally misplaced, because tomorrow you are I might be on that list.

    As for the comment that “A Brahmin is always a rapist,” we need to wake up to the new normal, whereby there are “approved” targets and “non-approved” targets for hatred. It is permissible to spew venom against any member of an “approved” target group without attracting any opprobrium. Hindus are now an approved target group. They did not use to be, but they are now. Within that Brahmins are also an approved target group. There is of course a good reason for this. The 3M complex (Missionaries, Mullahs and Marxists) know very well that Brahmins are the glue that held Hindu society together through the millennia. Once this group is crushed, the rest of Hindus would be easy pickings for them. Tamil Nadu led the way in smashing Brahmins as a group starting in the 1930s and 1940s, and it is no surprise that today TN is almost totally Christian (declared or crypto). The rest of India is not far behind.
    Most Brahmins, at least in South India, nowadays skulk around trying hard not to draw attention to themselves, somewhat like Jews in Nazi Germany.

    While we are on the subject of leftists, I woke up this morning here in the USA to find out that a “Professor” at the University of Illinois, one of the finest universities in America, has written an article about mathematics education. Her name is Rochelle Gutierrez, and her web site describes her as “Professor, Curriculum & Instruction.” I give a couple of links at the end, but a simple Google search with this person’s name would turn up other links. Here are some quotations:

    “Rochelle Gutierrez argues in a newly published math education book for teachers that they must be aware of the identity politics surrounding the subject of mathematics.

    “On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness,” she argues with complete sincerity, according to Campus Reform.“

    ” “Are we really that smart just because we do mathematics?” she asks, raising the question as to why math professors get more grants than “social studies or English” professors.”

    ” “If one is not viewed as mathematical, there will always be a sense of inferiority that can be summoned,” she says, claiming that minorities “have experienced microaggressions from participating in math classrooms… [where people are] judged by whether they can reason abstractly.” ”

    Here are two of many links:




    1. Just heard from a professor friend (in Electrical Engineering) at Illinois that people like this Gutierrez woman are referred to as “turtles on a lamp post,” meaning that they did not climb up to their positions — rather, they were put there by someone else. I simply love this description. There are so many turtles on lamp posts here in India: Kanhaiya Kumar, Gurmehar Kaur, Hardik Patel, …


      1. Spot on Professor!

        Here is something that I just made up. This is just for laughs…

        Prof. CNR Rao says ‘You need to be crazy to do science’. And while the whole rational world understands what he means, leftists interpret it the other way round: ‘You are mad if you do science’ 😉


  5. The Leftists have lost the battle in India. While they never had much political support, they atleast had the support of the politicians (whose goals were similar to the Leftists). This enabled every Leftist and his dog to open an NGO and suck the taxpayers money. The Leftists had no employable skills but had found a way to the money tap.

    After Modi took over, the NGO money tap has been largely closed. Wherever it has not been closed, there is a lot more scrutiny. The fake awards have also stopped. As have the free rides on the Prime Ministers plane (which would be a big security risk also given the mental instability of the Left loonies).

    As if all this were not bad enough, along comes Yogi Adityanath and lights 200 thousand lamps in Ayodhya and lights up more than a billion hearts in India. The Left loonies could not win Indian hearts in the seven decades after independence. Yogi did it in a couple of hours on Deepavali day.

    The Leftists lunatic tirade is going to continue and get worser. Meanwhile leaders like Yogi are going to reinvigorate India with the Gita, the Upanishads and eventually establish the Ram Rajya that Indians deserve.


    1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

      The way the Sharia Court is going after Hindu festivals, I am not sure that the Yogi would be allowed to do that again next year. Some Sharia Court judge who went to a Missionary School (which is just about all of them), will find a reason to ban whatever he wants to do. Of course, the Yogi is the one man with balls enough to defy any ridiculous order. NaMo would surely NOT have the balls.

      In this respect I must agree with our resident troll that NaMo has done zilch for Hindu causes. The RTE was very cleverly made into a constitutional amendment by Sonia, so that it cannot be repealed so easily. But what is preventing NaMo from freeing Hindu temples from the clutches of the governments at various levels, and finding a fervent Hindu to argue religious matters before the Sharia Court, as opposed to the persons now who are just going through the motions?

      On an aside, how did the UPA manage to get the RTE passed as a constitutional amendment when it did not have a two-thirds majority? The answer is very simple: Through the kind courtesy of L. K. Advani-led BJP, which was rightly called the Congress B team.


  6. Dear Prof. Vidyasagar,

    I dont think the SC will ban the celebration at Ayodhya next year (or any year). The whole of India will descend upon Ayodhya to celebrate and the last thing the libtards want is this kind of religious awakening.

    NaMo should free the Hindu temples from government interference in the BJP ruled states atleast. Otherwise all his talk about secularism and equality is just lip service.
    If this is done in BJP states. other states will have to follow. Also it will boost the economy quite a lot. Temples can spend on making the towns tourist friendly, it will boost tourism and local employment. Yogi is doing the right thing by investing 133 crores in Ayodhya. NaMo has also done this in Varanasi but he has to make the temples independent.


    1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

      The Sharia Court has become the last refuge of all anti-Hindu elements in India. I guess the Lords are counting on the government to enforce their stupid decisions. I wonder what would happen if the government actually defies one of their silly rulings, e.g. on the Rohingyas. What would the Sharia Court do then? When someone mentioned the Pope to Napoleon, he famously asked “How many divisions (or army) does the Pope have?” Once people start disobeying the SC, their game will be over. I think that day is not far off, if it persists with its overtly anti-Hindu rulings.


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