Meet Dr. Kafeel Khan : when a story is too secular to be true

Place : Gorakhpur, home of saffron clad ‘communal’ CM Yogi Adityanath.

Victims : Kids & infants dying by dozens.

Savior : A Muslim doctor

This is why I did not open my mouth even once on Gorakhpur tragedy in the last 2 days. Because I knew that media would be salivating so madly on this juicy story that they were bound to overlook facts.

I knew that when a story is too secular to be true, it probably isn’t true at all. 


I don’t actually believe in luck, but this amazing series of coincidences is forcing me to think otherwise. Maybe Barkha celebrating somebody really does bring that person bad luck…

Even some of the ‘born again secularists’ on ‘our side’ were so eager to be “in” with the hip secular crowd that they jumped.


Not all media favorite stories are true. And not all people are smart enough to wait for facts before running with media headlines. Thank you Rahul for reminding us of that.

Bhak sala!

Ah, so now it seems that hero cum patriot cum human being Dr. Kafeel Khan actually runs a private hospital for children in the name of his dentist wife.


Now let me show you what fact checking looks like.

Okay, why do I think that Dr. Kafeel Khan runs his wife’s hospital? Why can’t it be his wife running her own hospital. Because his wife is a dentist. And what’s the private hospital for? It’s a hospital for children. And what does Khan saheb do? Well, he’s a paediatrician.

Makes sense now?


Now let’s see if an alternative narrative sounds appreciable. A typical corrupt medical doctor at a large government hospital runs a huge practice on the side. Supplies that are meant for the government hospital are diverted to the doctor’s private hospital and THAT is why there is a sudden shortage. When disaster strikes and kids begin to die, the doctor realizes he is probably going to get arrested and scrambles to obtain oxygen cylinders out of his own pocket. Because of his religion, a motivated media makes the No. 1 villain into a hero. And a patriot for good measure.

Note: I am not saying this is what happened. I am just asking you to tell me whether you think this chain of events is more likely than the cock and bull story that media was trying to sell to us.

What shows up next is a shining example of social media fact checking taking down a grand media lie. Hats off to the person who found this!


Dr. Kafeel Ahmed enticed a woman to come to his nursing home and then raped her along with his brother?

Hero. Patriot. Human being. Not all heroes do this by the way.

Stop! The story says “Dr. Kafeel Ahmed” and not “Dr. Kafeel Khan”. Could be a different guy, no?

Let’s see… the story also says that the accused Dr. Kafeel Ahmed invited the victim to his hospital on Rustampur Nahar Road. Let’s run a quick Google check for Medispring Hospital owned by Dr. Kafeel Khan.


Located at Nahar Road, Rustampur. That should seal it.

And look what else Google threw up in the lower left corner?

It even gave us a photo of the front of Medispring Hospital, with Dr. Kafeel Khan (Pediatric) in huge letters. I don’t even see a mention of his wife, who is supposedly a dentist and the real owner of the hospital. How much more evidence do we need that Dr. saheb was running an illegal private practice?


But wait, there’s even  more awesomeness in Dr. Kafeel’s life.


Caught in 2009 impersonating someone else in Medical certification exam!

Dr. Kafeel Khan. Patriot. Hero. Human being.

Fraud accused in 2009? Rape accused by 2015? Hero by 2017?

Not all heroes wear capes. Even fewer would forcibly strip a woman. 

If a story is too secular to be true, it probably is false. 

UPDATED TO ADD: Just learned that Dr. Kafeel Khan has now been asked about these accusations and he doesn’t even deny them!


Yeah, why would “past controversies” come up now that he has become a hero and patriot as per Barkha Dutt?

And of course he is too modest to provide evidence that he actually paid for 3 oxygen cylinders from his own pocket. Not all heroes are so shy… well done Kafeel bhai!


10 thoughts on “Meet Dr. Kafeel Khan : when a story is too secular to be true

  1. BTW, bhak_sala continues to say on twitter that instead of tracing antecedents of Kafeel Khan, should condemn the UP Govt & Yogi, not politicise the situation, spare thought for the kids, Yogi ji must accept responsibility etc – even though Yogi ji has history of bringing JE to notice of parliament. Funds had already been released by Govt, at least 5 to 6 days before this tragedy and hospital/ dept under the Dr was sitting on those funds. Remember that bhak_sala had strongly opposed the appointment of Yogi ji as CM. Just saying….


    1. Unfortunately very few MSM sources have recanted their hero worship of Dr. Khan, and it would appear that many persons still continue to believe in him. I just had a very disturbing conversation with a doctor here in Hyderabad. He claims that the BJP is a “mesmerising” party and that no one should believe what it says. When I pointed out that it was not the BJP but India Today that wrote the story on Dr. Khan he claimed that the BJP paid India Today!


  2. Yes.. Correct.. if Sm would have not been there than MSM was completely successful in there agenda to make Secularist villain into Hero.. Hats off to SM and its Active People like oor CW to bring real story… Its was very interesting how Yogi blasted this crook infront of media.. When I read news paper some secularist newspaper Blasted YOGi to remove this Villen Khan but there was some News paper who posted real story… So Hats off to SM to bring real story..


  3. The very fact that queen of media spin, Her Highness Barkha is providing cover fire to portray this (alleged) doctor as a hero should ring alarm bells in every true patriots.


  4. Wow ! What a difference SM makes. If this was Vajpayee era of 2000-2004 today, this Dr. Khan would have remained a hero.

    What is surprising to me is, even after rape conviction and spending one year in jail, this doctor could still practice as a doctor ! I have a friend in America whose son, did not rape anybody, but had an affair with his patient and later on he hired same girl as his secretary in his own clinic. Guess what? He lost his license to practice. All years of study has gone down the drain. He still has not even paid up his student loan !


  5. Changing topic, I heard the Presidents speech after a long time (ten years) and really liked it.

    Had not heard President Kovindji before but was really impressed by the quality of his speech. He began by mentioning the (true) freedom fighters who laid down their lives. Then he talked about the caring and sharing spirit of India. Finally, he mentioned a quote from Gautam Buddha and ended the speech with Jai Hind and Vande Mataram.

    Tremendously inspiring speech, please catch it on YouTube if you missed it.


  6. Unfortunately, many people have started to believe that this villain is made scapegoat. These type of experiments will be performed by opposition, and out of 100 even if few become successful, it will be bad luck for BJP. By the time, BJP may come out of this, they will be ready for another.


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