Understanding a Dynasty loyalist : Case study of Karan Thapar

These people refer to others as “Bhakts”


From time to time, I am sure you must have wondered like I do : what is behind this unending loyalty of certain elements to the Dynasty? Their political party is decimated to just 44 seats. It’s out of power pretty much all across the map. What institutional favors could these Karan Thapar types possibly be chasing?

Well, you need to understand that these people are not like most of us. And Karan Thapar explains exactly how. Read what he says :


That’s right. In 1976, the Emergency was at its peak. All the Fundamental Rights of the Indian people had been gutted. Numerous leaders were in jail. The PEOPLE were suffering.

But the Karan Thapars of the world weren’t suffering.  They were having breakfast with Indira Gandhi at Safdarjung Road and then heading off with the Prime Minister to watch movies at Rashtrapati Bhavan!

Do you think Karan Thapar did not enjoy the fact that he and his family were chilling in the President’s royal mansion on Raisina Hill while common folk were filling jails and/or striving under the boot? Their BOOT!

Being ruling class is awesome. It really does feel great. It’s not for nothing that people do so much for power.

Have you ever felt “exclusive”? Do you realize how seductive that is?

I’ll try to tell a story as well. In my whole life, I think I have had only 4 hours of being “exclusive”. I was coming home to India after some 2 years… and striving for the cheapest possible flight, I had booked a journey requiring a horrific 20 hour connection time at Abu Dhabi airport!

Okay … so after a gruelling 19 hours on the floor of overcrowded Abu Dhabi airport, I sleepwalked myself to be the first person in line to board.

And then… the gate agent ripped my boarding pass straight out of my hand. I was scared for a second, but then she smiled and said this:

Sir, you have been UPGRADED to FIRST CLASS!

I’ll never forget the next 4 hours of being in freaking FIRST class. Never ever. I was really disappointed when the flight began to descend into Mumbai.

The feeling of being in luxury, the feeling of being served and obeyed and treated as special while the “cattle class” fought for breath in the back of the plane. When I got off the plane, I felt like I was 6 inches taller.

That’s just a few hours of being “exclusive” by pure chance. Now think how Karan Thapar felt his whole life.

No wonder it is difficult for Karan to accept today that one of those same teeming millions could be walking up the steps of Rashtrapati Bhavan, while he is limited to writing syrupy reminiscences in cheap newspapers.

We have to understand that “THEY” are not like us. When you or I see Rahul Gandhi today, we see a young spoilt brat who has achieved nothing in his life. We don’t have fond memories of breakfast at Safdarjung Road or movies at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

This reminds me of the time Rahul Gandhi tried to present himself as a “man of the people” by telling people that he got bitten by mosquitoes while visiting Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh.

Here’s the thing. We have actually been bitten by plenty of mosquitoes in our lives. When a mosquito bites me, it’s not such a big event that I can actually remember the date and time and place years later 🙂

It’s not really the fault of the Shehzadas of the ruling class that they were born this way. I am not a socialist or communist that I will rail against inherited wealth. But political power is a different thing. In a democracy, that belongs to all of us. And for parasites who have made their money and power by hanging out with powerful political dynasts, I have nothing but contempt. Hatred if you will.


8 thoughts on “Understanding a Dynasty loyalist : Case study of Karan Thapar

  1. True that.
    Does Ramchandra Guha also fall into this category??
    Just watched him giving credit to India’s success in IT to Nehru’s vision in conversation with Sardesai on TV!!


  2. She took them to show a movie in “Rashtrapathi bhavan” not in her own house or in a cinema house! Tha’ts how she treated Rashtrapathis and their quarters. By the way I think that there is some family connection through marriage. Karan’s father was the General who earned ignominy in the 1962 war and Romilla is Karan’s cousin-no wonder she was the official ‘historian’ of India. This will be known as nepotism in any other part of the world.


  3. I always wondered that after so much coverage with proof and real people interviews, revealing the real bad “Karma” of Aasharam Bapu, why still some of his followers were kissing the ground where Aasharam Bapu walked? This Blog by CW has thrown light on such unbelievable behaviour of the people like Karan Thapar.


  4. Ramachandra Guha started as a cricket statistician/statistical analyst and then mysteriously started calling himself as cricket historian (these titles get added by being close to dynastic power) and voila a short time later he came to be known as ‘historian’ then late he came to be called a ‘reputed historian’. This is what close to being dynastic power brings you. You don’t have to earn any titles they are conferred to you along with tremendous earnings such titles entitles you. Thapar is but one of such cronies. The list is long.


    1. Raj, what does it say about history as a discipline when a cricket statistician can be easily sold as an “eminent” historian (not “reputed”)?

      As a scientist, I have observed that all of the Humanities and Social Studies subjects are all bogus. The professors are almost always third-rate minds (with a few honourable exceptions such as Prof Makarand Paranjape). In turn they produce indoctrinated students who are unemployable except as trouble-makers (e.g., in an NGO).


      1. History in Indian academia is far from that its a closed ecosystem where a particular type of mentality rules and is enforced by a well entrenched cabal. This is an ecosystem created and sustained by leftists occupying academia positions in most Humanities and Social Sciences departments of many important academic bodies. This cabal ensures that there is no liberal thought process in supposedly liberal subjects and anyone not toeing their line is subjected to untold miseries be it denial of admissions, low academic grades, guide for Phd putting a student in an interminable loop which will ensure the student doesn’t get anywhere near his goal, etc., Unless this cabal is dismantled things will remain the same.


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