Modi’s reply to Hamid Ansari was masterpiece oratory

I can guarantee you Hamid Ansari did not sleep that night.

Being a Congressman is one thing. And being an absolute scumbag is another … well not so quite another thing. But there used to be a difference, at least.

People like Hamid Ansari remind us why the Congress should never ever be allowed to come close to power ever again.

For the last three years, this Ansari person has been an absolute disgrace to the post of Vice President. He has been little more than a political Muslim and has not said anything that shows him to be Vice President of 1.25 billion Indians. He’s been just that : a narrow minded political Muslim.

Needless to say, the secular brigade has rejoiced each time he has attacked Modi sarkar with his narrow minority mindset. Of all the ways they praised him, I found it most hilarious when they tried to claim that Vice President Hamid Ansari has “moral authority” or is some kind of “conscience keeper”.

Why? What has Hamid Ansari done to deserve “moral authority” ?

Hamid Ansari was not elected by the people to be India’s Vice President. I actually had to go to Wikipedia to find out about his career before that. It’s a joke. At least Pranab Da had held numerous important ministries in his career and was well known in public life. Maybe Pranab Da would have some moral authority… I don’t know. But this Hamid Ansari is a two penny diplomat who was elevated probably due to hanging around at 10 Janpath wagging his tail. How does this clown go strutting about like he has “moral authority”.

Authority? Lol! It’s more like he had a collar around his neck.

The second most hilarious thing is when Hamid Ansari talks of “insecurity” of Muslims in India. Ansari has spent time in West Asia. Of all people he should know that Muslims are washing up on Europe’s kafir shores by the million… because they can’t live any more with their barbaric brethren back in their home countries. Ha! Indian Muslims are living peacefully in India… okay for the most part, when they are not spreading “peace”.

But I see. He is using the post of Vice President to tell Indian Muslims that they are “insecure”. And it just so happens that his mafia don relatives like Mukhtar Ansari are in the business of providing “security”. Keep it up, brother!

But I will tell you what is not hilarious. What is not hilarious is that the man was Vice President for 10 years and we are only now getting to hear about his family connections with infamous mafia don Mukhtar Ansari.

Ten whole years! Last 3 years spent lecturing on the “insecurity” of Muslims. And not one question faced on how his family is in the mafia don business. THAT my friends is the power of establishment secularism.

Here I was sleeping soundly not knowing the dangers posed by the man in India’s No. 2 constitutional position. THAT is the power of establishment secularism. Hindus don’t even know how insecure they are.

So when Modi showed Ansari his “aukat” on Thursday, it felt wonderful. Of course, a master orator does not waste 500 words of outrage to get back at petty Hamid Ansari. Modi summed it all up in 1 minute.

And what a minute it was!

A masterful mix of contempt, wit, humor and taunts,  all rolled into one single fireball of sarcasm wrapped in fake humility!

It was in one minute that Modi reminded Ansari that he was from the cocoon of Islamic thinking … from the theocracies of West Asia to Aligarh Muslim University and the minorities commission.

The taunt had the desired effect in the appropriate corners. I reproduce here my tweet in full, for I feel no moral obligation to stay polite about Hamid Ansari.

And here’s Vinod Dua of The Wire : “You can take Lakhuram out of jhopad patti but you can’t take jhopad patti out of Lakhuram

In short, here’s how it went down :

Modi to Dynasty slave : You are stuck in narrow minded Islamic fundamentalism. 

Dynasty slave to Modi : You …you… ummm… err… you were born poor! Ha Ha! So poor! My owners are rich. You still have the jhopad patti in you… you poor man’s son! 

You know what you slaves? Being a poor man’s son is not a crime! And it’s not even an insult. Not even remotely so.

By the way, did I mention that Hamid Ansari is going to spend this upcoming independence day inaugurating the Urdu edition of The Wire? LOL!

This worm crawled back into the same cocoon, just like Modi said. Ha!



10 thoughts on “Modi’s reply to Hamid Ansari was masterpiece oratory

  1. Hamid Ansari is mistake. Such mistakes roll into to become public nuisance. This helps slow to anger Indians wake up resulting in mukta Bharat. Is not it a poetic justice that a game of vote bank politics has resulted in turning upside down on its head in consequence to compensate the relunctant inactive player as a windfall by natural law?

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  2. We shoud breath a little life by fanning pseudo secularism of Congress type a little while more to reap the windfall more offered by useless idiots but for our genuine concerns for our innocent true victims of Ansari types.


  3. At his age (eighty years) Mr. Ansari must see the difference in attitude of Muslim community of partition time (polite, docile, accommodating) and the present day Muslim community of belligerence, in your face (Hating Vande Mataram, hating Bharat Mata Ki Jai, give us fifteen minutes etc.) attitude. But then again that is what we see through out the world. Helpless pitiful Muslim refugees beg for shelter in generous European countries and as soon as they get established, they show their true colour.

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  4. was just binge watching designated survivor on netflix .comparing the number of set backs and treachery the president faces with what modiji has been facing from 2002.and i truly believe he has come out tops.there have been quite a few lapses but he has handled all the pressures .amit shah and modiji make good combo.God give them a long and healthy life to lead us for the future

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  5. If I were Ansari, I would have talked about how much India has progressed in the last three years since May 2014. I would have mentioned how we are power surplus and are proceeding with electrification of villages at a rapid pace. I would have mentioned how were building roads at great speed. I would have mentioned the Swach Bharat Abhiyan. I would have mentioned Beti padhao Beti Bachao. I would have mentioned the absolute lack of scams in the BJP government. I would have mentioned how the government is maintaining fiscal prudence and reducing inflation. I would have talked about how Make in India is creating jobs. I would have talked about the many other positives and congratulated the nation on the progress it is making.

    But then, I am not Ansari. I am just a patriotic Indian.

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  6. The whole of India is appalled!


    This guy now will join the list of USEFUL IDIOTS!

    In political jargon, a USEFUL IDIOT  is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.
    Useful idiots are just a tool in this process of deceit and manipulation.


  7. Ansari’s statement reminds hindus that, when you dont vote for BJP, what damage congress can do to country and especially to hindus. If conrgress will be in power, we can only get these type of anti nationals at top post.

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  8. A little off-topic but a MUST READ expose of what was happening at the BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur. The Head of the encephalitis ward, Dr. Kaheel Khan, has a history sheet a mile long. He was earlier suspended by Manipal University for a criminal case, and he has expressed his hatred of the Yogi. Khan has a private practice in Gorakhpur. Now perhaps one can believe that the deaths of all those poor babies was not an accident after all. Please read the thread below (unfortunately the relevant tweets are rather far down). Alternatively one can also read the twitter line of Nupur (unsubtledesi).


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