Thank you Amit Shah for the entertainment

You win some. You lose some.

But you have to fight. And you must not just fight, you must be SEEN to be fighting. So that your millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of supporters can SEE that you share their hostility for the evil Dynasty.

Anybody who remembers the BJP between 2004 and 2013 will know what I am talking about.

I’ll say it : when Arvind Kejriwal came forward in 2012 saying that BJP & Congress are actually “friends behind the curtain”, I almost believed him. I could see no reason not to.

But things changed since Sept 13, 2013 when Narendra Modi became BJP’s PM candidate.

Earlier this week, we could SEE the light of battle in the eyes of Amit Shah, even as he sat alongside Gujarat CM Vijaybhai Rupani waiting for the results of the Rajya Sabha cliffhanger.

We could see the Dynastycrooks fighting with their backs to the wall and Amit Shah fighting tooth and nail to punish them.

And that is something that is reassuring. It is all too easy to get cynical about politics, to say that “nothing has changed”. But when you see the right hand man of the Dynasty scampering to save a Rajya Sabha seat he used to take for granted, you can feel the wrath of new India expressed through Modi and Shah.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Yes, there were lots of mistakes, some mistakes that are truly puzzling by Amit Shah’s standards. At the top of the table are the two nincompoop Congress MLAs who ended up showing their votes and got invalidated. But even more puzzling are the 6 (or 8 according to some reports) numbskull Congress MLAs who actually resigned from the Assembly. If they had just held on to their seats and cross voted on the day of reckoning, Ahmed Patel would have lost miserably.

Whose decision was it to make the Congress MLAs resign instead of staying put and cross voting? Nobody other than Amit Shah himself should be blamed for this tactical disaster.

Did Vaghela play a game of double cross? Even though it is hard to see what he gains from this.

While fighting hard is one aim, it is not an end in itself. The bottomline is that Shah lost and each defeat has to be dissected brutally. Or else, losing becomes a habit.

The true winners do BOTH.

The first lesson from this result is that Congress still retains shades of its old instincts. When pushed to the wall, the Congress still knows how to fight back. And as we saw during the late night drama at the Election Commission, it’s power within institutions is still very significant.

In some ways, this has been the story of the last 3 years. As the tide of Modi has ravaged the electoral landscape, Congress friendly institutions have remained secular fortresses. This could be anything from universities to commissions to the Lords who cannot be named.

I am not asking for an India with no checks and balances. That would be a terrible fate. But it is galling that India’s ruling party has little to no influence within India’s institutional core, while the Congress has so much. It is a gap that is understandable … the elaborate system of family favors underlying this institutional power often goes back decades to periods even before independence.

Who knows which person’s grandfather gave young X the crucial promotion that let him into the big league? Today when X is a big powerful man, he remembers that favor from the grandfather. If the granddaughter is in trouble with the police, why not help her out and repay the favor?

The second lesson from this is that Rahul Gandhi does not even have a single straw of leadership skills in him. Amit Shah was out there, with his workers, with his party, managing every battle effort till the bitter end. Rahul Gandhi on the other hand had bolted, leaving his minions to fight. Rahul was too shy to be seen fighting with his troops and too arrogant to be seen celebrating their victory with them. That this man still has a shot at becoming India’s PM one day is a national embarrassment.


8 thoughts on “Thank you Amit Shah for the entertainment

  1. One BJP MLA has cross voted? If so, this was the blunder.

    Most of us never believed that Ahmed Patel would lose till the day of voting. But the last minute developments did give us hopes only to get disappointed at the end.

    And let me tell you I literally got depressed at the final result the way I got depressed at 3-67 loss at the hands of Kejriwal in Feb 2015, and the loss in Bihar at the hands of Nitish Kumar in Nov 2015. Both these losses have finally turned out to be blessing in disguise, and I hope the AP win too will turn out as one more blessing in disguise.


  2. CW,i must say you are clearly missing the bigger picture with your criticism.

    The resignations were necessary to ensure the congress gets scared and does something stupid,like that stupid resort politics.

    By putting them on a backfoot,congress ended up scoring a self-goal.the images of bjp workers helping people during floods and rains while congress mla’s are enjoting in fancy resorts is not something that will go down well for congress.and this is only possible because of the resignations that rocked the congress boat.

    They have won the battle but lost the war.a good player knows when to sacrifice a battle to win a war


  3. Yes CW.. You are correct.. on this.
    Congress friendly institutions have remained secular fortresses. This could be anything from universities to commissions to the Lords who cannot be named.
    But what I can see positive side of entire episode to see Ruthless BJP Hungry and Lion Spirit BJP who can touch anybody even Queen and Its Senapati which out any guilt and fear a New BJP emerged from earlier defensive isolated and lazy busy BJP. That I good and We love this kind of BJP. We still cannot imagine how BJP lost power in 1999 for even 1 vote could not arrange… Now BJP transformed completely from 2000 year type BJP under Amit Saha and Modi.. This BJp is not going to buckle under pressure of Congress friendly institutions have remained secular fortresses. This could be anything from universities to commissions to the Lords and that day will come when we BJP will have its kind of lords in institutions in coming years..chrees…


  4. I read somewhere that this “de facto” PM for ten years of UPA rule actually cried in front of 44 Congress MLAs while begging them to vote for him. While crying, he asked for forgiveness if he had hurt anybody’s feelings so on. If that is the case, Amit Shah/Modi/BJP deserve a lots of credit. If Amit Shah had gotten total victory, that would have been great. That is, defeat of Ahmed Patel and pushing 44 MLAs away from helping their constituents in dire need, but even part victory is not bad. Hopefully most of the 44 MLAs will pay stiff price in up coming election.


  5. It was a fight between amateurs and pros. The CONgis have experience in dirty tricks going back to the 1930s-1940s. Remember how Nehru pulled a fast one on Subhash Bose by sucking up to MKG?


  6. Actually people seem to have forgotten about the one JDU MLA who voted for Congress and the one out of two NCP MLAs who also voted for Congress. So Nitish Kumar theatrically sacked the Gujarat JDU convenor (or whatever), but who knows who gave instructions to that MLA? Similarly, today Sharad Pawar theatrically skipped the Opposition meet chaired by the queen, but asked his two MLAs to split their vote. Had either of these not happened, Ahmed Patel would have lost by one vote.

    I hope Mr. Santoryuu is right in his assessment. In fact it was quite amusing to see that Ahmed Patel had so little faith in his remaining MLAs that he brought them straight from the Gujarat resort (where they were taken from the Bengaluru resort) directly to the voting place. Congress had 57 seats in the Assembly before the drama started. Perhaps they won’t cross 30 in the December election. What do people think?


    1. Prof, from whatever has been discussed about the whole gujarat vote,one thing is for sure that both the votes went to bjp,although ncp denies it officially.If you look at the congress party,they have only suspended 8 mla’s from their remaining 51,meaning they still had 43 votes by themselves.That means only 1 other mla supported them,and it was either the jd(u) one or gpp one.

      and someone else made a very good point.By making the battle between ahmed patel vs amit shah,the narrative has now shifted to a h vs m battle.this is re-enforced by most of the rajput leaders deserting congress camps.that’s a bad narrative.i think the only question in gujarat polls is how many seats bjp wins by.

      and the situation in karnataka is also not good.all in all,i would say amit shah will have the last laugh at the end.

      right now,all signs indicate that the AIADMK will also join NDA after a reunification. NDA will have control over 19 states in total. allies like shiv sena will be under pressure,RS numbers will swell to nda’s advantage.Art 370,Ram mandir,triple talaq all are being dealt with in SC.a private member bill about RTE minorityism is tabled by a bjp mp.Hamid Ansari is trolled and attacked heavily for his nonsense remarks,and i see scarcely anyone defending him.The noose on hurriyat and isi funding is tightening in kashmir,and record no of terrorists are being killed in J&K

      Seems clear that a big disruption is happening right now,one that is changing the political entire game


      1. Mr. Santoryuu, your arithmetic is persuasive. I guess that is consistent with Pawar skipping the Opposition meet.

        I too feel that a sea change is happening with the sickular lib-turds feeling the pinch on many fronts. I hope that the AIADMK unites into one and then joins the NDA. Further, the BJP should use the formula that the Congress used in Tamil Nadu decades ago, namely: the national party (BJP now, Congress earlier) contests all seats in the Parliamentary election with the local party (AIADMK) canvassing on their behalf, and the roles get reversed in Assembly elections.

        As for Gujarat, I am less worried about the victory margin of the BJP, and more concerned about whether the Congress gets totally wiped out. If Gujarat also becomes “Congress-mukt” like UP, Bihar, residual AP, Tamil Nadu, Waste Bengal, Odisha, etc., then there would be virtually no chance for them in the 2019 Parliamentary elections. A third-front without a strong national party to lead it would be a non-starter.

        Once the NDA (plus friendly parties) gets a majority in the Rajya Sabha, the next goal must be a two-thirds majority — they will surely have it in the Lok Sabha in 2019 — so that constitutional amendments can be passed.

        And last but most important, “their Lordships” should get to know the new scorecard.


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