Did NDTV conduct a fake interview with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan?

For the past few weeks, the political violence in Kerala resulting in killings of RSS workers and also CPM workers has become a major national story … Kerala government has said it is just propaganda, but how do they explain the violence and the fact that even Congress is now protesting in the state? Well, to take all these questions we have with us Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan speaking for the very first time on this issue. Sir, thanks very much for speaking to NDTV

These are the words of NDTV anchor Sunetra Choudhury on Aug 7, 2017 as she began speaking to the Kerala Chief Minister

Any reasonable viewer would have assumed that this is a typical exchange between a politician and a journalist.

What happened next is rather comical. As Sunetra Chowdhury poses each “question”, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan waits, then raises his eyebrows, looks down on something before him and then appears to read out prepared responses right on air!

The first possibility is that NDTV handed prepared questions to CM Vijayan in advance so that he could prepare written responses. In that case, would it not have been fair for Sunetra Choudhury to have made this explicit to her viewers?

Should the viewer not have been warned that what s/he is witnessing is not an exchange between a politician and a journalist, but rather two actors performing from a prepared script? That NDTV is not broadcasting news but showing “news theater”?

But then, a reasonable viewer would never have expected NDTV to be anything but news theater.

The second possibility is even more chilling. Did the Kerala government or the Communist Party of India (Marxist) prepare the questions and hand them to NDTV to be asked on air? This kind of act would bring to mind visions of Communist Commissars reading out the “party line” to party mouthpieces.

We would like to know explicitly if NDTV aspires to be (or already is) the Indian version of China’s Global Times “newspaper”. Actually, you know what, don’t answer that!


10 thoughts on “Did NDTV conduct a fake interview with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan?

  1. Yes.. Match Fixing on Camara…. By the way Yesterday We all saw Biggest Battle of Rajya Sabha and it was Amazing to see the party who Ruled India 60 year was down on its Knees… No Matter they Won just Technical win but Amit Saha showed them DIN ME TARE…..Maja AA gaya..

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  2. Yes.. most Fiberals were literally down to under knees to knowing that there Lyutean BAAP is loosing election and facing the situation for which Fiberals never imagine in past…They stunned if this happened to Ahmed Patel what could have happen to them in future…Amit Saha send a stern message that nobody will be spare… Modi and Amit shah bring BJP out of chokers tag who can not manage even 1 vote in 1999 to retain power… they bring out Bjp’s Killer Instincts which BJP supposed to lacks in during Vajpayee and Advani time… They made a BJP a party to feared by opposition. ..I love this Kind of Ruthless Killer BJP to destroy this enemy..Love it New BJP …

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  3. Many English news channels also expressed their happiness explicitly and said AP won overAS. But I have a feeling that the matter may not end here and will go to SC.


  4. Oh come on CW Ji!

    I don’t think you were really surprised by what NDTV did. You and Ravinar are the ones who have frequently educated us on the Lutyen media brigade 😉

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