Secular media should know they won’t gain anything from Chandigarh stalking case

First of all, let me express my utmost happiness that the stalking of a woman in Chandigarh has attracted such wide attention. It couldn’t matter less whether the goon is connected to Congress or BJP or RJD or SP or whatever. I can’t be partisan when it comes to crimes against women or pretty much any kind of crime for that matter. There’s women in my own family that I care about and even if there weren’t, crime affects everybody. Especially goons who have top level connections in powerful political parties.

In the Chandigarh case, the accused appears to be prima facie guilty and I hope he is put away in jail for a really long time. The endless perversion is a menace on our streets and it has to go.

Now that said, we all understand that the secular media isn’t bringing this case to headlines out of any genuine concern for anybody’s welfare. As a nation, we are way past the point of media having any moral hangups.

And I’m not even angry or perturbed at anybody in the media for highlighting a “BJP related criminal”. First of all, the guy in this case seems guilty anyway. So why not destroy his reputation? He deserves it. Secondly, I don’t expect the media to have any nuance, any conscience or even intelligence… I am long past the point of expecting such things.

So, I am writing this post with a very cool head, in a very casual manner just letting the secular media know their real purpose isn’t going to be served in the least bit by highlighting the Chandigarh stalking.

No, it’s not gonna happen for you seculars. You’ve tried it before and in much bigger formats and it simply hasn’t worked. Find other ideas.

Yes, people are outraged. Yes, people will abuse political goons with powerful dads when they see this story. But that’s about it. If you think this case is going to change their vote and move it away from BJP to Congress, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The bottomline of the secular media at the end of the day is how many votes they can shift from Modi to Sonia Gandhi using this specific incident. Let me tell you the answer is ZERO and for the secular media that is all that matters.


Because people have become immune to such hatchet jobs against the reputation of BJP. And people are not stupid.

Lalu’s son Tejaswi Yadav does a scam. The same secular media starts crying buckets when he is raided by the CBI. One publication even says this:


Yes, when sons of secular leaders do scams, they become stars.

Does the secular media really believe that the public won’t catch this double standard? Do they really think people are so dumb?

A wife of a powerful union minister makes this statement on Jan 16, 2014.


The very next day, she dies alone in her hotel room, possibly from drinking too much coconut water. And articles are appearing in secular media complaining that Republic TV is being too discourteous in asking the minister questions about this incident.


If secular media thinks people haven’t noticed the double standard, they are living in a fool’s paradise.

People have memories. They know that media is out to “get” the BJP. When people see an incident being covered, they adjust accordingly for this well known bias. People have learned to tune out of the secular media’s faux outrage.

Dear secular media, you think people have forgotten how you cooked up a fake gangrape incident in Murthal to defame the same Haryana BJP?


Media frenzies to defame BJP have been dime a dozen. Media cried relentless tears over the suicide of Rohith Vemula but BJP still walked away with the Dalit vote in Uttar Pradesh. The big loser? Mayawati!

Why? Because people were clever enough to see through the media’s dirty tricks. The reason secular media thought that Rohith Vemula could win them Uttar Pradesh is because they expected Dalits to be stupid.

News flash: Dalits aren’t stupid. They aren’t fond of Communist parties. And being the poorest, most vulnerable section of Hindu society, Dalits face the biggest brunt of the “peaceful community”. They aren’t going to go with secular media on its mission to build an Islamic India.

And I haven’t even mentioned the assorted loose change of secularism : Kanhaiyya Kumar, Hardik Patel, Gurmehar Kaur and other irrelevant people.

How many votes did you successfully move from Modi to Sonia Gandhi? ZERO! And that’s where the needle will remain stuck unless you seculars have a real original idea.

So, dear secular media, understand that Chandigarh stalking won’t get you any votes. If you still want to highlight this incident, please go ahead. It might help create pressure to throw this goon in jail, which is good for everyone.

As for some right wingers who are trying to malign the girl’s character by spreading certain images, your exertions are both unnecessary and pathetic.

I’m more interested in the Rajya Sabha polls today. I don’t think Shah has come this far looking to lose, especially in Gujarat. Let’s see what happens. Fun times ahead.


11 thoughts on “Secular media should know they won’t gain anything from Chandigarh stalking case

  1. On the Chandigarh case – I think it is very unfair to splash front pages with name and face of an individual calling him a a wannabe kidnapper, rapist etc. By the woman’s own admission – these two men did not even touch her or talk to her. And now media accuses them of attempted kidnap and rape!
    Imagine what would a man do if he was just going his own way on a major road and suddenly some woman driver ahead of him says this guy is out to kidnap and rape me and should be defamed nationally!
    Prosecute fairly but dont prejudge until there is some basis provided.


  2. How do you define stalking? Following a person for fifty feet? Five miles? If every stalker is put in jail, there could be more people in jail for stalking than rest of the crimes combined. Almost everybody must know somebody whose daughter, sister, relatives suffered from stalking. They must think, “Is Girl Ka Khun Khun Hai Aur Ham Sab Ka Khun Pani Hai”. All girls and women who ever got stalked must envy this girl that she was stalked by a BJP leader’s son. All girls and women who got stalked on foot must envy this girl that she was stalked in a car to get this much coverage. If she was an Aadivasi girl and stalked, would she get this much coverage? I would say that this coverage will not move a single vote away from BJP, but some ordinary voters may move away from the Secular Parties.


  3. …And how can we convict anybody on assumed intent? What if the boys say that it was late at night and we wanted to make sure that the girl reaches home safely that is why we were following her ?

    Our Bollywood films are full of stories where the hero stalks heroin until she relents. The Bollywood made stalking a virtue, almost an essential and necessary step to get girl (or some time boy) of your choice. What would happen if the current BJP appointed censor board chairman censors such films claiming they give our society a wrong lesson about the virtues of stalking? All hell would break loose.


    1. please don’t confuse between reality and films.As CW said,”PRIMA FACIE” the boy appears guilty.Nobody had declared him guilty,but the relentless campaign by some people is clear that political strings are being pulled from both sides.

      Yes,the media is highlighting this to malign bjp,but that doesn’t mean the boy is a messiah.

      things like “they were escorting her” or “they were playing with her” are at the end what they are:bad excuses


      1. May be. From what I have read, there had never been a conviction (and punishment) for first time stalking charges. The laws must be weak. And to make an example out of this case just because the accused is a son of BJP is wrong.


  4. Excellent analysis, CW. I agree spot on about the political implications of this.

    From a moral and legal perspective, I am going to wait and watch for a week before making any judgements in this case. Everytime our secular media jumps all over a news story, I smell a rat and so am cautious with pre-judging.


  5. On this incident, Ravish Kumar was in escacity to breathlessly describe BJP minister vs. IAS officers royal battle. Ravish Kumar: So, how police attitude changed when they came to know the culprit was son of BJP minister? Victim: The police personnels were very nice, they were very helpful. Woosh, slap. The victim’s father: I am in administration in 30 years, I know how it is rotten politically, but the system is exceedingly good(now) slap slap!🤣


  6. The problem for the secular media is that nobody believes them anymore. That is nobody with an iota of brains.

    There are many reasons for this deep distrust. The first is that the secular media is ideologically disposed against Hindus and everyone knows that. The second reason is that they have cried wolf too often and being exposed badly time and again. Finally, the secular media has been outgunned by Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook. And the above news story did not appear on any on my feeds in the above three social networks.

    These days most people’s reaction to **any** news on TV and Print is – Surely it is fake. The secular media spins and weave stories and hides crucial information from the viewers.Unless there is real evidence and the matter is proved in the court, it is fair to assume that the media is just speculating. Not worth anyone’s time and energy.


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