India should use the “Chinese way” to reclaim its civilizational greatness

This post is not about Doklam. But it’s an emotional, perhaps even irrational post. So you may want to laugh it off. But please hear me out.

As the world watches China’s rise, I think every Indian in his/her heart is asking

Why not India?

Why can’t it be us? Why can’t it be India auditioning for the role of dominant superpower in the world, like China is?

Obviously, India and China are not friends. We’re enemies, really. But I “get” China. I “get” what the Chinese are trying to do. Because I want the same for my India.

There’s a fundamental difference between the way I see an enemy like Pakistan and an enemy like China. We have nothing to learn from Pakistan. There is no aspect of Pakistan that I would like India to adopt.

It’s different with the Chinese. I see what they are doing and I want my India to rise to the same greatness.

The Chinese want to build a China-centric world, with time and space acquiring their highest density around Beijing.

Why not a world that is centered around Delhi? Or better still, centered around ancient Pataliputra or Ujjain?

Like India, China is also a wounded civilization. Throughout the centuries when it was weak, the Chinese were also subject to colonization, conquest and humiliating “agreements” with imperial powers.

That’s all changing now. Xi Jinping even calls it the “China Dream”.

What we need is an “Indian Dream”.

As a nation, we need to set our sights high. Towards building a nation that dominates the world economically, militarily and scientifically.

We have to think BIG.

Right now, we should be living more in the way that Deng Xiaoping recommended to his people in the 80s and 90s : Keep your capabilities hidden and bide your time.

Even as we live small, we have to think BIG.

The Chinese always held on to their “One China” line through the best of times and the worst of times. Today maybe the Chinese are closer to achieving it, but the key is that they always held on to the dream even when they were weak.

Are we holding on to our Indian Dream? I don’t think so.

Do we really think about Akhand Bharat? It’s mostly seen as a joke, even in right wing circles.

But why? Why shouldn’t we think of Akhand Bharat? Isn’t it our ancient land? Then, what is wrong with wanting it back? Today itself I was reading a Swarajya article about the Hindu roots of Kashmir.

The fact is most Hindus today consider Kashmir a “gone case”. And a lot of Kashmir is still within the control of the Republic of India. I wonder if any Hindu thinks seriously about the lands that have been swallowed up by Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Why not? The Chinese are never shy of saying that this or that land belonged to them “since ancient times”. Why are we so shy of thinking beyond our borders?

And so what if there was an “agreement” in 1947? Who cares? The Chinese are very blunt about these things. When they find one of these insulting “agreements” in their history, they just reject them outright. Why? Because they say China was weak back then.


We as a nation were weak and subdued in 1947. So what if some people signed on to an “agreement” giving up our ancient lands? Who cares? We were not strong enough to look out for our interests back in 1947. Because of that, why should give up our claim to our ancient lands not just for ourselves but for all generations of Indians that will be born after us?

I am not saying war. For now.

I am not saying we should snatch a piece of land that is not ours. Quite the opposite of Duryodhana, I am saying we should not take even a needle point of land that does not belong to us.

But we have to take every bit of what is ours. Right now a lot of our ancient land is not in our control. And we can’t stop wanting it back.

I am just saying that we have to dream BIG and NEVER give up on our ancient land. Not even a needle point of it.

And aggressively build up our capabilities with a clear dream of world domination. And keep these capabilities hidden till the time is ripe.

You may laugh at me now…


4 thoughts on “India should use the “Chinese way” to reclaim its civilizational greatness

  1. Right CW… You are right.. we have to dream BIG and NEVER give up on our ancient land. Not even a needle point of it.

    And aggressively build up our capabilities with a clear dream of world domination. And keep these capabilities hidden till the time is ripe. and hope our Time are coming now ..He have to hold our nerves till next 10 year to work for Nation greater Cause to Make India a Dominate Power..

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  2. China remained an iron curtain for long and during that time, it eliminated all “Jaichands” from its land and after achieving that it adopted semi-capitalistic policy to be where it is now. India being the open democracy from the beginning (1947) is full of “Jaichands” and India’s enemies are feeding them, encouraging them.

    However, I must say, Separation of India Pakistan was the best thing ever happened to India (it is a different story, how it was done). With so much Muslim population, one India would be in perpetual civil war without the partition and India would never be at a point where it is.


  3. India has always been a land of great ideas. Most of them may have been in the areas of religion, mathematics and astronomy but there were always great and high quality thinkers in India. Throughout history, more ideas have gone from India to China than the other way around. It may have something to do with the climate, the amount of arable land India had and the rich culture.

    In another fifty years, India should be able to catch up with the West and Chinese in terms of having high quality industries and innovation. The cultural and philosophical genius that has been the hallmark of India will always continue to be there. Once again Varanasi will be the spiritual capital of the world and India the VishwaGuru.
    The year 2047 should see India claim its rightful place in the league of nations.

    But all this will be without the loud verbal pomposity of the Chinese. As Swami Vivekananda says – The one characteristic of Indian thought is its silence, its calmness. At the same time the tremendous power that is behind it is never expressed by violence. It is always the silent mesmerism of Indian thought.


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