Congress loses largest party status in Rajya Sabha for the first time in history

I had to look this up. The Rajya Sabha was constituted on April 3, 1952 and held its first ever sitting on May 3 of the same year. That day, the Congress party was the largest party in the Upper House of Parliament.

From that day until August 3, 2017 … a near unbelievable 65 years at a stretch, the Congress party continued to be the largest political party on the floor of the Rajya Sabha.

It changed yesterday. As of now, the BJP has 58 members in the Lok Sabha and the Congress only 57.

These numbers don’t make me happy as much as they make me worry. You know I have that one friend who is a diehard Congress supporter. Everyone has that one friend, right?

And that one friend is not perturbed even today with the numbers being what they are. He is confident the Congress will come back. Because it always did.

I would like to believe my friend is being silly. But is he? Statistically speaking, he appears to be on much more firm ground than I am. We are the ones working on hope … he is the one basing his conclusions on unimpeachable hard evidence from the last 65 years of the Indian Parliament.

He’s not wrong when he tells me that the Congress party is the most successful political party in the history of the world. Can you really argue when you realize they have held on to the No. 1 position in the Rajya Sabha for 65 years running?

I know everybody is psyched about 2019 right now and how Modi is going to make a roaring comeback. I even made a screenshot of Nitish Kumar’s face … while he asks a reporter : “Is there anyone else who can conceivably win?”


But I’ll say this. I’m deeply worried. Underestimating the Congress is about the worst mistake anyone can make.

With the NDA forming a government in Bihar, lots of online RW are proudly sharing this new political map of India with the saffron empire spread all over it.


If you ask me, the lesson we should take from this map is how quickly everything can change again over the next four years!

No time to breathe easy. It is important to realize the historic nature of the task that Modi has set himself to do. He is doing something that has never ever happened in the history of the Republic : replacing the Congress as the dominant party.

GST? Done! Tax collections are soaring. See the reports about the sea change in the middle class, which has abandoned its historic “super safe” approach to savings and is now investing in markets big time. With the taxation system becoming clear and the Income Tax Department pushed to sweep the country clean of dirty money… by 2018-19 the government of India will be sitting on a pile of surplus cash with no parallel in our history.

But, the banks are still burdened by the bad loans made in the Manmohan era, which is why the credit and investment cycle is not picking up. Without investment, we can’t have big job numbers and soaring headline GDP figures.

Imagine handing over this pile of cash into the eager hands of a slimeball like Chidambaram in the summer of 2019. Anybody can see what will happen next : the Congress will open the purse strings and let this accumulated cash flow out in terms of massively populist welfare schemes (along with hefty commissions for its leaders).

As per their scorched earth policy, Chidambaram left Modi a nation of banks drowning in debt. Imagine leaving behind to Chidamabaram a mountain of cash to spend in the name of Sonia Gandhi ABC Yojana in 2019!


The hard work of the Vajpayee government was harnessed into the high growth of the UPA 1 years.

Can the nation afford to let Modi go the same way?

The stakes here are the highest they have ever been. In 2014, the Congress came close to being eliminated from the map of India. Whatever ruthlessness they showed in the UPA years, their revenge will be ten times as much if they get to come back in 2019. The NGO mafia, the conversion mafia and Bangladeshi illegals will be used to flood this country and dissolve its demography once and for all. Last time the UPA made only a sporadic effort to create a ghost of “Hindu terror” by arresting like half a dozen people under false accusations … this time they will do it by the thousands.

Yes, the election of 2019 is coming. Honestly, for the next two years, it does not matter how the Congress ranks are broken through Amit Shah’s political manipulation. Only winning matters. Because there is just too much at stake here.


17 thoughts on “Congress loses largest party status in Rajya Sabha for the first time in history

  1. Ten years of misrule, like they are performing in Maharashtra, again people would show exit to the BJP. Spokespersons like Sanju Verma are already showing how BJP has developed arrogance in just three years.

    Chief Minister like Fadanvis are trying to impose restrictions on journalists covering court cases that expose their police’s rampant murders inside jails and corruption.

    Instead of suspending the jail authorities, CM asked the court to put restrictions on media for reporting.

    Today, you seem to be very happy, praising the BJP, left, right and center. I ask you, what if Manjula Shetye was your sister. Would you praise the BJP?? Read this piece if possible and see the kind of bureaucrat driven rule BJP has to offer.

    “Arrest Mumbai jail officials who thrashed woman convict, inserted lathi in her private parts, say lawyers”


  2. One party rule is a threat to the democracy. Corrupt Congress is already history now. Let’s hope that regional parties score well during Lok Sabha polls and keep BJP in control. I think keeping South free from BJP is democratically important.


  3. Under Modi ji’s rule, they are trying everything possible to keep surveillance on the common man. Now Aadhaar is compulsory to get death certificate also. Looting people in the name of indirect taxes while giving a free hand to Govt officials and police to rob people. Is this good governance?

    Here’s one example to show how easy it has become to make money with the help of uniform. This fellow was caught. He was getting Rs. 6,000 hafta per hotel per month!!!! Just imagine how much money he must he and his bosses sitting in the AC cabin must have made! He was caught, but almost half of the force is corrupt and still occupying various chowkis.

    This is all possible because of three years of Fadanvis’s good governance and the bloody BJP rule.


    1. You seem to paint a picture as if Congress Govt in Maharashtra was the most honest one and during their time Maharashtra was a land of milk and honey and populated by people from heavenly planets and that magically in two years of BJP Govt the heavenly people left for their abodes and the mortals and their corrupt ways destroyed the land of milk and honey!!! If you want to like in this make believe world its your choice. But the reality is within two years a lot of work has been done by Fadnavis Govt. in Maharashtra. Go to the rural Maharashtra and see for yourself. Actually people’s voluntary participation in Govt. programmes is unprecedented high levels showing the enthusiasm of the people who feel the sincerity of purpose. You on the other hand sit in AC room in a city coming from a privileged background having benefited due to your proximity to the erstwhile ruling parties in Maharashtra are feeling lost in the dynamic changes under way in Maharashtra and so you cook up a story of democracy in danger! Look around for yourself the record number of voters who turned up to vote for Zilla parishad and Municipal elections in Maharashtra. What does it tell you? It tells you that democracy is flourishing and only thing that is in danger is the corrupt parties being driven out of political arena. So my friend its time you wake up and smell coffee. Change your ways and respect people who are voting and don’t insult democracy by confusing democracy with corrupt governance.

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  4. This is all possible because of three years of Fadanvis’s good governance and the bloody BJP rule.come on man…what you mean to say here.? did BJP imposed BAn on Liquer..? Do not try to make people fools with false things… and its people who croony who corrupt and pretended to be common man..? common man does not have any issue with privacy. Its corrupt corny man how hide behind privacy to hide there crime.. there loot … there always hide behind name of common man when there loot is red handed cought… DID you ever question Medum why did Manmohan Sonia give free loans to 8 Lakh crores to these croony peoples and now people like u shouting BAD loans… Did you ask Congress that why there is so much corruption in India during all 70 yr of India.. DID its because of Modi Fadnavis 3 yr rules created corruption in India..? Its Modi created all problem in India right ?… When Congress comes low people like you start thing that One party rule is a threat to the democracy. start thing that regional parties score well ?… where were you when during 62 yr only Congress was dominating India..did it was threat to democracy ?.. why did you shout at that time.. now democracy under threat ? wah…. great man..? regional parties score well ..which regional parties BSP? SP? TMC ?… tell em which you love to score well… which Party give me good free han dto llot and blackmail india… which Reasonl party give you your full Privacy ?…. People like you are hypocrites who love to loot india and if any govt put danda on you people like you start shouting on Privacy ..on democracy …on threat… People like you pretended to be natural but actually you are Congress man who can see Congress downfall so start remembering democracy is under attachk… start aking regional parties to do well in 2019 election and blackmail india loot india in the name of democracy…Come on Good ..Logic… keep your Privacy to your self… do not give lacture to priacy to othere ..

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  5. Yes, things could go wrong for the BJP in 2019. But the signals for that would have started emerging in the true media (aka social media). But there is not a single report one can see in social media that is positive about the opposition parties. So atleast the data is favouring BJP in 2019.

    Also Modi is an experienced leader unlike Vajpayee and a different kettle of fish. The brilliance of Amit Shah was something that Vajpayee did not have the benefit of.
    All in all, while theoretically anything is possible, winning from here looks improbable for the opposition parties.

    Regional parties have also fallen out of favour. In India regional parties have also become dynastic fiefdoms and the Indian voter is now allergic to dynastic fiefdoms like the SP, RJD, even DMK in Tamil Nadu. If a party cannot even produce a new leader, then there is no hope of it doing anything new.

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  6. The advantage Modi has which Vajpayee did not have is the blatant corrupt ten years of Congress lead government which even short memory voters may remember. Even more important is Modi’s sixth sense about timing. Vajpayee’s India was really shining but it started shining AFTER Vajpayee (BJP) lost in 2004. Modi will not let that happen. More over Sonia Gandhi was much more formidable than Rahul Gandhi ever will. But the most important of all is development of Social Media. Now a days, Rajdeep, Barkha and their ilk cannot impose their bias as successfully as they did against Vajpayee’s BJP.


    1. I agree with the general sentiment here. While there absolutely should be no reason to be complacent, the recent Nexit (of Nitish Kumar) has made a unified opposition very improbable. While people might vote for regional satraps where local and state assembly elections are concerned, there is just no leader of credible standing in the opposition who can take on Modi at the national level.

      In political discussions with my friends here in the US, I repeatedly tell them that our watershed moment was not 2014, it will be 2019. For the opposition, 2019 is their final battle for survival – they will burn Gujarat, Karnataka, and all of India, if needed, to regain power. If we come through that, then five more years of Modi will give him the time and license to fully weed out the corrupt, sycophantic ecosystem from its roots and pave the way for a truly unified Bharatvarsh as envisioned by Patel and Ambedkar.


    2. In 2004 Indians did not know how bad Sonia Sarkar would be, because she was never in power; now they know. Vajpayee was never comfortable as the leader of the BJP and was constantly hankering after the approval of the Lutyens media. Vajpayee was himself corrupt through his “son-in-law” Ranjan Bhattacharyya, which is why he entered into an understanding with Sonia and did not pursue the Bofors scandal. The list goes on. The point is that, while the emergence of social media is an important factor, Vajpayee was no Modi. So while we should not be complacent we should also not be seeing ghosts under our beds.

      There were two important news items on TV tonight: (i) When RaGa went on his photo-op tour of the flood-affected areas of Gujarat, people threw stones at his car. (ii) The AIADMK is showing all signs of joining the NDA. Already for the past few days the nephew of Jihadidi has been under the scanner for his corrupt dealings. If the NDA gets a majority i the Rajya Sabha, then it would be in a position to dismiss corrupt state governments such as those in Kerala and Waste Bengal AND make the dismissals stick. I wonder what the party-wise strength would be with JDU and AIADMK added to the NDA.


      1. Also Prof,one more important thing:Now the screams of rss and bjp workers in kerala are not getting silenced.Their is now a proper debate on the political killings in kerala. Curiously,it was India Today which took the lead in covering this story.Of course,not the first time they have covered stories which so called liberal channels shy away from.The RSS general secretary,Dattatreya Hosabale gave a press conference which was covered by most msm

        The Home minister called up the Chief minister,the Governor “summoned” the chief minister over the political violence.Hell,i think this even caused problems for the commies with some internal fighting coming out cause of this.

        Even the BJP people are being a bit active for a change.Many BJP MP’s have raised the issue of the violence and killings in kerala during the ongoing session of parliament.Hell,even jaitley has decided to visit homes of some of the deceased!

        I have never seen this sort of activity around this topic.earlier,it was only through social media and sites like these that i got to know that such things were even happening in kerala.


  7. While one should not be complacent one should also consider the fact that Vajpayee distanced himself from the party when in Govt. and he appointed a known Congi retired bureaucrat Brijesh Mishra as his adviser due to which his political defenses were completely non-existent. He just thought that doing good work in Govt. would automatically translate into votes. Towards the end of his five year tenure the common BJP party worker was totally disconnected from the Govt and wasn’t enthused enough to put in the efforts for the party at the grass roots level without which you cannot win elections. Modi on the other hand is different he not only ensures good governance he also gives importance to party and keeps in touch with grass roots BJP cadres. He connects with people directly and he doesn’t depend on so called MSM he goes over them and connects directly in digital world. Also the corruption of Congress in the 10 years when everyday there was one big scam after another and people suffered due to corruption is still fresh in memory. People are tired of scams and want a corruption free Govt.
    All of these factors point to Modi winning 2019. But complacency can undo all the good work. But on that front one can see Amit Shah not showing any such tendency but instead exhorting the cadre to work even more to ensure a truly Cong Mukt Bharat.

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  8. Here are some scary thoughts:
    1. What if Modi or Amit Shah dies well before 2019 from a natural cause, say heart attack? Will bjp win 2019?
    2. What if, 3 months before 2019 election, congress bribes a bjp/rss worker to shoot/kill Sonia in front of CCTV/public (and later kill himself)? Will congress win from the sympathy vote? Remember Rajiv’s victory margin after Indira’s assassination.

    A bjp victory in 2019 is not set in stone. 100 things can go wrong. Like CW said, bjp supporters shouldn’t get complacent or underestimate congress.


  9. Vajpayee’s govt was a goner after the Kandahar hijacking. Remember the CON party played this up non-stop in their campaign. What if the whole hijacking was facilitated by “friends” of ISI in India? See the sequence.
    The Indian Airlines plane gets hijacked from Nepal. Eventually lands up in Amritsar. This is the only chance we have of doing commando ops. Amritsar gets a phone call from someone identified as Brajesh Mishra who orders to allow the plane to fly off (to Pak, finally Taliban-ruled Afghanistan). NDTV types run non-stop coverage of distraught relatives of passengers. ABV finally caves in. Whole of India feels humiliated. Who gained from this? Sonia Gandhi & Party.

    Here’s another tidbit. When the Parliament attack was in full swing SoGa rang up ABV to ask if he was all right, (He was, unfortunately for her).

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