Amit Shah vs Ahmed Patel is a sight for sore eyes

As I said before, day to day politics is slow. Having waited decades to see the first BJP government at the center, the impatience in the right wing is understandable. Particularly, when the BJP is seen as “softer” than the Machiavellian Congress.

This often leads others to even question if the battle between the BJP and Sonia Gandhi is for real… or just something for cameras and to keep political votebanks engaged?

I’ll admit. I’ve had my doubts too. And why shouldn’t I? I am not a dynasty sycophant that I will never question my views. Everyday I engage with myself and recalibrate my position.

But the Karnataka – Gujarat drama has indeed captivated me much more than any recent political event. For the first time, I see Modi/Shah in a direct battle with Sonia’s right hand man Ahmed Patel.

After all, Ahmed Patel used to be India’s most powerful henchman during the UPA years. For 10 years, Ahmed Patel made sure that not a single news outlet ever dared to criticize the Queen directly. When the Queen made a statement once in a while, the media would stop, reporters would quake in their boots and the nation had to stand to attention and listen.

Even at the height of the election of 2014 … when the demise of Congress was apparent to all… I remember the kind of media impact that Sonia Gandhi’s statement on “Bharatiyata” made.

The man who created that mystique : Ahmed Patel.

Watching Modi/Shah go after him relentlessly is a feast for the eyes.

This is realpolitik at its best. Or worst.

First the BJP offered the 3rd Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat (which would otherwise have gone to the Congress) to a sitting Congress MLA who agreed to switch sides. It should be noted that the Congress MLA in question is a multi-crorepati.

Then, the Congress legislature party began to fall apart in Gujarat, especially with Vaghela’s exit.

The Congress rushed its few remaining members of the flock to Bengaluru.

You’d think they would be safe there.

Think again.

IT sleuths arrived at the resort where Congress MLAs were staying and at numerous properties of Congress’ strongman D K Shivkumar, who had been financing the whole thing.

The IT team did not go back empty handed : it seized 11 crore in cash!

The BJP knew where to hit the Congress and hit very hard. The cash seized from D K Shivkumar was key because it gave the BJP a clear and simple talking point before the masses. Nobody will grudge a powerful politician losing 11 crores of cash.

Folks…this is the battle royale. The message that is being sent to the Dynasty is stronger than any damning electoral verdict. The message is that BJP means business and will stop at nothing to achieve Congress mukt Bharat.

Often times we have seen the ruthlessness of the Congress. On the contrary, the BJP in power generally appeared apologetic, almost insecure about its success. This is the first time since 2014 that I see BJP at its absolute defiant best. Just like Modi promised.

I can’t wait to find out who wins the Rajya Sabha seat on August 9.

At this point, Ahmed Patel must be wondering how life changed so much.




14 thoughts on “Amit Shah vs Ahmed Patel is a sight for sore eyes

  1. Absolutely correct, CW! This is a treat to watch! The evil mafia dynasty and it innumerable tentacles need to be crushed – in every state, every district, every city, every village and even down to every mahallah. Needless to say, all we nationalists had been waiting for this moment since May 2014.

    And Ahmed Patel is as big and virulent a tentacle as you can imagine.


  2. …And now SC chimed in and allowed NOTA for Raj Sabha election !

    I still think it is “Timing”. Narendra Modi knows if he had gone after corrupt Congress leaders early, by the time re-election comes (2019), voters would forget. The voters world over, but especially the Indian voters have very poor memory. In next six months to an year, Chiddu’s family, National Herald, NDTV family, Lalu Yadav’s family all will hog the news.

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  3. Even if Ahmed Patel loses the RS seat from Gujarat, he could be brought in from Karnataka or Punjab … the 2 states that Congi’s still hold ! Remember, Sonia’s family servant Mannu Kaka was an RS member from Assam πŸ™„


    1. Congress could absolutely do that and most likely will do that. But think of the loss of face for not just Ahmed Patel but also Sonia Gandhi if they are unable to defend the RS seat of someone of the stature of Ahmed Patel. This guy is a vermin to the core and I have no doubt or hesitation in saying that. You can pretty much trace every unrest, communal disturbance, and riot through the 90s in Gujarat to the doorstep of Ahmed Patel. To make him irrelevant in Gujarat is as big as beating the Gandhis in their family bastions of Amethi/Rae Bareilly. Hoping for the best on August 9th.


    2. It really doesn’t matter at this point.Yes,Congress can easily get him in later,but at least for now he will be out.Not only that,the fact that he is unable to get in from home state to RS is a big blow to him and his boss,Sonia Gandhi.

      Not only that,his connection to Sonia is so deep that Azad had to clarify that the RS election had no bearing with Sonia Gandhi.It only shows that Ahmed Patel is a proxy for the the power of Sonia Gandhi.This will not only be a huge loss of face for SOnia Gandhi,but also would diminish her own hold over the party.

      They have gotten crazy over the elections,so much that they have shepherded all the remaining loyal mla(allegedly 44 in number) to a fancy resort in bangalore.If the ystill fail to win this,their desperation will all have been in vain and their greed and defensiveness will be called into question.

      But leave that aside,the damage it has caused for them in the upcoming gujarat elections is itself now irreversible.When their constutuents were reeling under heavy rains and even floods in some areas,the party HQ and the MLA’s decided it is more important to get 1 MP elected.While the Gujarat CM and MLA’s are diligently spending time to help their people,these MLA’s are enjoying karoake,special chefs,and overall living in the lap of luxury.The image it must have painted is not something that people will forget when it comes time to vote.Combined with the departure of their tallest leader,their defeat is now certain.Only question is how much seats can the BJP win.Can they achieve amit shah’s claim of 150/182?I’d say don’t discount it out.anything’s possible


  4. There is a detailed article by Dhaval Patel in Swarajya on the calculations behind the Rajya Sabha seat contest. It appears that, even if all but one or two the MLAs currently being held hostage in Karnataka vote for Ahmed Patel, he might still lose.

    Regarding the points made by Harsh and DallasUS, I suppose that AP could contest from some other state, but that would be a serious loss of face for the Congress.


    1. The Indian people should stop voting for legislators that hole up in resorts like these. What kind of leaders can such people be ? They do not have any individuality and have been herded like sheep into these resorts. Maybe grass would be a better diet for them.


      1. Mr. Kannan, I am sure these MLAs sense that they are not going to get re-elected and would be washed up. At least the ones who crossed over to the BJP before the kidnap drama can entertain hopes of being re-nominated from the same seats under a BJP ticket. But these guys are finito. So INC would have to bribe them sufficient money to last the rest of their lives.

        The point of the Swarajya article seems to be that even this flock of sheep delivers 44 votes for Ahmed Patel, he might still lose. But I am not sufficiently familiar with the rules.


  5. Amit Shah brought down two Congi State govt by one shot. in Gujrat in whch Congi was high hope is brought down by Vaghela Gooogli and Congi Money Bag state and most unpopular state govt Siddharamaiya is brought down by IT raid… Maja aa Gaya.. BJP is hunting down Congi just like Our Brave Army Hunting Down Terrorist in Kasmir one by one…day by day..just like Mosquito NIA raiding Separatist by day by day.. .. All Secular ecosystem is come under attack now..Halbali machi hai …sabme…Next Target of IT raid would be Abhisek Banarji the New Sahajada of Bangal… Wait and Watch and Maja lo…


  6. This article makes for happy reading for those who believed that Ahmed Patel was indeed the evil mind behind trying to fix Modi and Shah in false cases. I am one of those happy readers. Shah is a sharp man who will not rest before uprooting AP. Ahmed Patel was just a front for all the nefarious activities that Sonia carried out when UPA was in power. It is the shameless Lutyens media that glorified him as troubleshooter, go-to man, etc, when he was just the most shameless sycophant. High time these anti national congis are put to sword.


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