Welcome back, Smriti Irani!

Now, first of all I must tell you that I have decided to take ALL the credit. Here is my tweet from last night.


So, if you are thrilled with the elevation of Smriti Irani, you know exactly who to thank for it 🙂

In all fairness though, the final decision was made by Opindia’s Rahul Roushan out of the two names I had forwarded to them for consideration.


Smriti Irani will go places. There’s no doubt about that. Perhaps she was a little overexposed in her earlier role as HRD minister. She had become the target of envy for having achieved so much so soon … even before she turned 40 years old. Not to mention that she, much like the Prime Minister himself, was always going to be the target of scorn for her humble origins.

Sweepress, maid …. all potshots taken at her humble beginnings as a sanitary worker at MacDonald’s. Not to mention other sexually loaded innuendos, including some truly outrageous ones involving even the Prime Minister’s name. These came from some of the suave faces of secular hypocrisy, such as Tehseen Poonawalla.


One prominent magazine even wondered aloud whether it was a big deal if someone put a camera in her changing room, considering that she has faced a lot of TV cameras in her life. These are the same high society magazines that teach us liberal values on “women’s empowerment”.


In short, every kind of insult, soaked in class hatred, sexism and the pits of regressive thinking was hurled at her. That she was the challenger to Rahul Gandhi in Amethi meant there was extreme pressure on the Dynasty’s liberal pets to defame her by all means possible.

Under constant pressure since the day she was sworn in on May 26, 2014, Smriti Irani had shown signs of cracking. She had gone far too much on the defensive … and the media smelled blood. When she threw a tantrum on being called “Dear … ” by the education minister of Bihar, it was clear that the media had got their woman.

A tactical withdrawal must have done her good. Moved into the low key textile ministry, one can only hope she has had time to reflect and rethink. For she is far too big a talent for the BJP to lose. And now she has been given a chance to go all guns blazing as Information and Broadcasting Minister.

Yes, I know that the I&B Minister cannot tell the media what to say and what not to say. That’s because don’t live under leftist rule such as the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Castro’s Cuba or Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge. I am thankful that Indira Gandhi lost the 1977 election. So, I don’t want the government to dictate to the media.

What I do want is for the media to suffer deep heartburn. This is the reaction I am looking for.


Along with Nikhil Wagle’s tweet, I have chosen to include the reaction of a typical civilized feminist liberal to Smriti Irani taking over the reins as I&B Minister. Hey liberal conscience keepers of the internet … any marches and protests against such language about a woman?

Of course not.

A while ago, just before the 2014 election, an arrogant Priyanka Gandhi had said mockingly about her : “Smriti, who?” At that time, Narendra Modi thundered that Smriti was his sister. Well, Smriti Irani is back and she is not going to stop until the people of Amethi are asking, “Priyanka, who?”


8 thoughts on “Welcome back, Smriti Irani!

  1. Whether Smriti Irani is effective as the I&B Minister will depend HUGELY on whether NaMo stabs her in the back, or supports her. I am beginning to doubt whether NaMo understands the damage he is doing to his support base by keeping studiously silent on cow-smuggling and the attendant criminality. He can condemn cow vigilantes if he feels he needs to; but he cannot condemn ONLY cow vigilantes — he must ALSO condemn cow smugglers. Right now the peaceful community has become totally brazen in its lawlessness, because they believe that NaMo won’t say anything against them, no matter how many persons they kill, mutilate, rape etc. Similarly if and when Smriti Irani goes after the masters of fake news, the hit jobs will go sky high. Will NaMo allow Jaitley and his darbaris to continue such harassment, as he did in the past, or will he stand by her and send signals that such hit jobs won’t be tolerated? To me that is the key question.

    In the meantime enjoy this tweet:


    1. Professor, the cattle smuggling has always been a part of crime committed by the criminals in India just like burglary and dacoity and the states don’t need reminding to handle all these crimes and criminals, but the cow vigilantism is relatively new crime of taking law in hands, hence the reminder as any civilized nation cannot run when its citizens brazenly take laws in their hands.


  2. These days if the liberals do not shout and scream at NaMo’s choice, I feel he has made a lame choice.

    I&B is an important role as lots of newspapers and magazines have started batting for our enemies since 2014 (as have some of our opposition leaders). Freedom of press is one thing, national security is quite another. If the media starts engaging in warfare against the nation, it is time to treat them as an enemy combatant and deal with them as one would with enemy combatants.


  3. I am wondering, for how long this entire scenario was planned by shrewd Modi/Shah team? As politely as possible removing Mr. Naidu from this portfolio and replace him with this bold lady?


    1. I am afraid that we might be seriously overburdening Ms. Irani with our expectations. What evidence is there for us to think that Modi WANTS the I&B Minister to make the presstitutes fall into line? Perhaps he wants the hit jobs on the government to continue, so that his supporters will remain angry and unite behind him, without asking too many questions. But of late he has begun to lose the plot with his stupid comments on gau rakhaks. So I will back Ms. Irani in whatever she does, but will reserve judgement on whether she has been brought in by Modi to check the presstitutes until I see sufficient evidence.


      1. Prof,you may be right.letting others attack him has done wonders for modi till now.

        But i think it’s all about timing for him.so while you are right that he didn’t want to attack the lutyens,i think that was only for a shorr amount of time.it was basically a trap to lull then into a false sense of security.

        From what i have been seeing since the UP elections,it has been quite clear that he has decided to go on the offensive.

        I can give you me reasoning as evidence.

        First was the opening of Republic TV.i think it is quite clear now that republic tv is directly supported by the govt.all their leaks seem to be from govt,and they are directly taking up the RW space in media.with this,even times now is forced to befome properly RW.

        This has ensured the monopoly of the lutyens gang is over.

        2)the raids on ndtv.i think the govt has made it clear that it won’t hold it’s punches anymore with the raids.

        3)a clear shift in the party’s posturing.i think there has been a clear shift by the party’s spokespersons and other media people.just look at sambit patra’s attack on ndtv.i think it’s the first time a bjp wallah openly called ndtv biased.

        Also if you see the tl of amit malviya,the it coordinater of bjp,you can see a clear shift.you can see they are now directly attacking the lutyens,and calling out their hypocrisy.these are clear signs to me that things have changed

        Anyway,now they have decided to attack.if modi and bjp really wanted that things continue like normal,they could have nominater any other person

        Although you illogically blame jaitley for the delays in things till now(imo you should stop listening to swamy),it was more likely a matter of timing.timing is veey important in politics


        1. Dear Mr. Santoryuu,

          Thanks for your views. I appreciate the time you have taken to share them.

          BTW, being an old man I stopped listening to Swamy in 1999, when he coordinated the fall of the Vajpayee government! 🙂 (NDA Version 0.1 so to speak.) My suspicions of Jaitley stem from his propensity to “punish” NDTV by giving them exclusive interviews! 🙂

          At the end of the day all of us are broadly on the same side, though we may differ in details. Peace!


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