Will “intolerance” rise ? Tax tribunal orders NDTV to pay 903 crore?

One of the best features of news reporting in the Modi era is that the “Omerta code” of old has been smashed to pieces. Journalists reporting on journalists … happens all the time these days when one TV channel takes on another.

I wonder if a “Radia tape” like incident could be buried today.

Nevertheless, there seem to still be some dark areas that news channels won’t touch, even channels that are openly pro-Modi. And this appears to be it :


Now, truth be told, I don’t know much about the credibility of the site “pgurus”. But they covered the NDTV tax story in the past when no one else would touch it and they were right on the money. So, it’s more likely than not that they are right this time around as well :

NDTV’s tax evasion frauds and money laundering amounting to Rs.903 crores were laid bare by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT). The Order pronounced by ITAT on July 14 has completely destroyed NDTV’s dubious attempts…

Finally! Burre din for NDTV! Yes, I know they will probably go crying to their buddies at the New York Times. They will place some calls with their friends at the Guardian in England.

Go try it. Do your worst. They will have to pay anyways.

In the short term, we foresee of course, a sharp spike in “intolerance”. One Hindi anchor might blacken his screen or paint it black and blue. But, paisa to dena padega.

You know NDTV has sunk deep into irrelevance when people are still tagging Barkha Dutt in their angry Twitter posts against NDTV. A few days back, Barkha stepped in to take on one such person and let him/her know that she no longer works for NDTV … and hasn’t been working for NDTV in a long time.

Now, I know Barkha thought she was getting the better of this person, showing him/her to be ignorant and/or stupid, but the only person she was really humiliating was herself.

How humiliating is it that common people didn’t even notice that Barkha Dutt left NDTV?

Because nobody watches them. I myself found out only a week or so back that Barkha left NDTV months ago.

Compare to the earthquake that happened when a certain news anchor quit Times Now. Everyone was talking about it.

So you may ask : if no one watches NDTV, why so much anger against them? For this, you must first understand that it has been in doubt for sometime now whether NDTV is actually in the news business or just a front organization for something else.

The second thing that you must understand is that NDTV is the symbol of the old establishment. It portrayed the worst of every trait in the establishment : elitist and pro-Islamic with contempt and dislike towards ordinary Hindus. It’s most prominent anchors would surface in dubious fixing tapes … wives and girlfriends of top Congress leaders would often go on to become the most recognized faces on the channel. For their anniversary celebrations, Rashtrapati Bhavan itself would open its doors, showcasing the power of NDTV.

Most of us who hate the Congress establishment “cut our teeth” by watching the bias of NDTV unfold on our screens. When social media came around and we took to the internet to express ourselves, it was probably NDTV that was our first target.

I almost sound nostalgic 🙂 Yes, we are old enemies 🙂

NDTV is a symbol of everything we despise.

And symbols matter. If NDTV goes down, it will deal a huge psychological blow to the loyalists of the Congress establishment.

And NDTV is slowly coming apart, one thread at a time. But they won’t go down without the greatest whine of all time.

So, in the meantime, even if someone honks at a Muslim on the road, get ready for an “intolerance news story” based on the incident.


3 thoughts on “Will “intolerance” rise ? Tax tribunal orders NDTV to pay 903 crore?

  1. “Go try it. Do your worst. They will have to pay anyways.”

    How can you be so sure? Have you forgotten who is (still) the Finance Minister of the country? I will rejoice on the day when NDTV actually pays, not when these meaningless orders are passed by toothless tribunals, only to be buried by higher-ups.

    “So, in the meantime, even if someone honks at a Muslim on the road, get ready for an “intolerance news story” based on the incident.”

    It has started already:

    and other related links.

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  2. The “intolerance” is already rising in the Lutyens thermometer as we speak and write. This thermometer was silent during the UPA rule and suddenly sprung into action after Modi came into power. The mercury on this thermometer has only been going up since then.

    What a bunch of crooks NDTV has turned out to be. It was but to be expected – scratch a leftist and you will find a crook beneath. A crook who sells out on his country, a crook who lies through his teeth and a crook who knows English but nothing else.

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  3. If this is true, how is Pranav Roy less offender than Vijay Mallya? Or is it that Mallya is not member of Delhi Lutyen’s club and deserves no protection?

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