Amarnath Yatra survivors speak of how local Kashmiris LAUGHED at the massacre

This should come as an eye opener to the ambassadors of Kashmiriyat, both inside the BJP government and in opposition to it. A report in the Dainik Bhaskar (Surat edition) collected from the survivors describes how local Kashmiris *laughed* at the fate of dead and injured pilgrims right after the Amarnath Yatra massacre.


For friends who might not be able to read Hindi, the headline translates to :

We were crying in pain from the terrorists’ bullets and far from helping us, people were laughing loudly at us

Some Kashmiriyat!

The details of the event published in the report make for spine chilling reading :


I will translate the relevant part :

Everyone was screaming and the driver was driving the bus as fast as possible. Except for the driver, no one else was sitting on the seats. All pilgrims were trying to hide in small places below and around the seats. The gallery of the bus was full of blood, shards of glass and bits of torn cloth. Some people were lying lifeless or unconscious on these. 

The driver finally stopped the bus after about two and a half kilometers. There were small shops around. We felt a little secure seeing the shopkeepers. But nobody dared to come out of the bus. Some people screamed out at the shopkeepers — “Please help us, some people here have been hit by bullets and we are unable to stop the bleeding… please come and help us. At least call the police. ” But the shopkeepers were totally ignoring our pleas. We saw that some of them, instead of helping us were laughing and smiling.  When they refused to help us, we began to lose hope. Suddenly then some vehicles stopped near us and some went in the direction of the terrorists. They were our soldiers.

What is left to say?



8 thoughts on “Amarnath Yatra survivors speak of how local Kashmiris LAUGHED at the massacre

  1. Kashmir is in the process of Islamization. And Radical Muslims cannot be stopped with peaceful methods. It is like debating with a drunk. The only way is to bleed everyone of them to either surrender or death. The first step is to cut off Kashmir from outside world and slap president rule. If we want to retain our rightful land, we must not be vulnerable to human rights hypocrisy.

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  2. Surgical strike 2.0 is the medicine the Porkis need at this time. There will be high price for each jehadi campaign – they need to be consistently reminded of this.


  3. Our first suspect could be Salim. He was too quicky declared hero. Either dumb persons on charge or very clever established conspirators are responsible  for this haste. Punctures of 2 tires simultaneously punctured are too much of a coincidence. And that too happening in dark, resulting in isolation of bus security carvan bypassing vulnerable sitting duck with no immeduate communication link can be ignored only by a dehati aurat. There lies difference between 60 years congress ruled India and 25 years ruled country by any other party in the world. The answer to most terrorist success is more of enemies of India inside and out are able to dupe nationalist administration by placing professional moles secured as establishment who sabotage security maturity.
    From beginning to end from Islamist terrorists to Shahrukh type Salim hero, to symbolic Hindu killings it could be secular antinational script.

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  4. This is a secular attack and had 2002/Babri not happened this too would not have happened. Hindu lives are expendable and we secular liberals are not bothered about it. Please note that the attackers might have been some headmaster’s son, or some enlightened being. Victims were responsible for their death.


  5. Peacefulls agenda is clear Islamization of India .. Its we that are fools. its our Liberals which are making fools to ours Nation in the Name of Kasmiriyat. Its our Secularist which are making fools to us in the name of Ganga Jamuna Tahajib. But Peacfulls are dead clear about there agenda to Islamization of India in near or long future…and Hindus will be keep dying from kasmir to Kanyakumari from Gujrat to Aasam just like our Ancestors murdered in countless numbers by Islamization of India .. during 1400 yr.. and very sad part of this that we forget this Massacre of our Ancestors and its still keep continue by Peacfulls. Its very sorry state of us Hindus.. We keep getting oppressed by Secularist Media intellucuals in the Name of Secularism ,Kasmiriyat,Ganga Jamuna Tahajib. but in reality these are nothing just fake word to make fools to us.. Very Sad.. M very deeply Sad to realize this.. The day is not far when our Hindu’s condition will be like Jews Condition During WW2 and now present day Israils state.. We will be thrown from our Land and nobody will help us…Even our Secularist also will not help… Very Sad Today…

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  6. …And these shop-keepers are earning their livings off the Hindu pilgrims !! Where is the virtue of utter gratefulness we learned in our childhood reading Tagore’s Kabuliwala?


  7. Dr Subramnium swamy gave a wonderful speech on indian tradition and integration

    He elaborated on to fight islamic terrorism we need to understand behaviour of islamists. The behaviour is guided by prophet and is very focussed and clear. Unlike hindus, who are confused just like arjun was in the battlefield to kill or not to kill and lord krishna had to guide him. He talked about how Islamists are clear and focussed to follow prophet’s instructions to live in either of below mentioned 3 ways in any terroritory :
    1) Domination- territories where Islam is in majority destroy all relgions or give no rights to minorities like Saudi arabia/pakistan/ Kashmir/small district in India where no other religion survives. Even it does, you cant really practice it.
    2) Majority is weak- keep askig for more. More rights, terrorities. Keep demanding. Like INDIA.
    3) Islam is weak- surrender, live in submission like Australia.

    If you understand nature/behaviour of muslims, you know what to do. In Kashmir scenario, there is only one solution that is aggression because they will not understand language of peace. You need to become dominant and make them submissive.

    I cant disagree on anything he talked about in this speech. Absolutely brilliant. Please listen and enjoy.


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