Amarnath Yatra : Seven massacred in J&K for being Hindus

I have been following current events long enough to recognize a panic reaction when I see one.


Despite all the mocking of “Bhakts” and “whataboutism”, liberals are feeling the pressure big time. The #NotInMyName drama risks becoming another albatross around liberal necks much like the now infamous #AwardWapsi fiasco. The latter almost became a slur on the left, the poison tip of every taunt, the punchline to every right wing joke on liberals. And you can see the desperate measures that liberals are taking to salvage the situation.

It’s really a lost cause though. Ironically, the only momentary victory they had in their lost cause was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself validated their outrage.

Yes liberals, I am glad you are out there to express your “solidarity”, no matter how much you wish it was otherwise. It shows that you are painfully aware of the PR disaster you have walked into.

But mere solidarity is not enough. When you were trying to get your fake lynchistan narrative off the ground, we saw a litany of quips, taunts, jokes and insults on Hindu ways.

We’ll be watching if you have the guts to call out Islamic ways and taunt them.

We’ll be watching without much hope.

In fact, I am yet to see a single media article anywhere stand up for the free speech rights of the boy from Baduria that bloodthirsty mobs are searching for. They speak of his arrest and interrogation as a matter of course.

Compare this with the case of another Facebook post, that of one Gurmehar Kaur. Remember?

A college girl from Delhi makes a Facebook post. Some troll(s) threatens violence but no one actually ever shows up with any actual violence (and obviously, thank god for that!). Liberals are so incensed that they actually break out on a hot day to hold massive parades all over Delhi.

But I suppose all citizens are not equal after all. Here is another Indian, a boy even younger than Gurmehar Kaur, young enough to be a minor. He puts up a Facebook post and bloodthirsty mobs burn down a town over it, demanding that he be handed to them and stoned to death. The boy himself is arrested and subjected to a police interrogation.

Can anybody tell me what time the liberals are throwing a parade in support of the boy from Baduria?

What I do know however is that liberals are happily demonizing a child rather than the rioting mob.

There is a pertinent question here that I must answer.

You might as well ask : But Chaiwallah, why are you more angry at liberals than at the Government of J&K or the Central Government? When violence happened in Bengal, your headline was this:


So shame on you Chaiwallah!

Fair enough. Great actually!

Finally, we are coming to the conclusion that the Indian state and its governments of all hues have simply failed to protect the rights of Hindus in this country.

Today Hindus in India are scared even to go on a pilgrimage for fear of violent Muslims murdering them for it. The killers are driven by an ideology that is very openly hateful towards non-believers. As Hindus we often have idol worship as part of our way of life and Islam is very vocal in its hatred towards idols. Our way of life is becoming increasingly difficult under the onslaught of Islam.

I don’t very much care if you support BJP or Narendra Modi as long as you acknowledge the basic fact that Hindus are the true victims of historical injustice in this country. We got our land snatched away, our temples destroyed and now we can’t even go on a pilgrimage for fear of being murdered.

And all possible good things for Hindus of India begin with this fundamental acknowledgement.

A society has to be set up in India where Hindu practises are safe, where Hindus can live their lives the way they choose to. That would be *real* secularism, when Hindus do not have to live in constant fear of losing their lives, properties and the lands they have inhabited for thousands of years.

We Hindus can count at least 2 genocides in the last one hundred years. History owes it to us to set up a secular state, where Hindus are free to practise their religion without fear of persecution.

Instead, the Indian legal system is set up precisely the wrong way : treating the historic oppressors as the oppressed and treating the historically oppressed as the oppressors!

Instead of a minority institutions, ministry for minorities, minorities this, minorities that… we need a ministry for protection of Hindus! We need special safeguards in the law to make sure that Hindus are no longer oppressed in this country the way they have been for one thousand years!

And that’s always been the crux of my argument. Ideally I would like the state to treat everyone equally. But I am nothing if not pragmatic and understand that the law must make provisions to compensate for historical injustices. Injustices such as caste, untouchability, oppression of women and *exactly* in the same way : injustices committed against kafirs in India for 1000 years.

And by the way, I know #NotInMyName aspires to be an Indian version of #BlackLivesMatter, but here is why it will never be. Now I know that #BlackLivesMatter is beset with poor leadership and lots of crazy liberal crap, but at the end of the day, #BlackLivesMatter has a core historical injustice to complain about. There can be no doubt that African Americans were treated horribly for at least the first two hundred years of the United States. On the other hand, #NotInMyName ironically and diabolically chooses to blame the victim community rather than the tormentors. As such, #NotInMyName is more like an Indian version of #WhiteLivesMatter, should the latter exist. In which case, it can only be called something between hateful and racist.


4 thoughts on “Amarnath Yatra : Seven massacred in J&K for being Hindus

  1. If thousand years of assault on Hindus will now carried on and continued now by also so called liberal and left ideologues, the incestious perverts who feed on their own blood will multiply in geometrical progression triggering self immolation for Hindus. We would not need then any internal or external enemies. If few libvert like Gandhi, fake Gandhis, Nehru dynasty, Congress, UPA and Congress illegitimate clones like RJD, SP, BSP could bring havoc, partition and division of India, imagine what an army of incestious, mrderous libverts would do to the most ancient and greatest civilization which truly followed generous and universal religious cultural philosophy to start with.

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  2. Awsome CW… we are very SAD on this attack.. very sad day when these islamist terrorists Kiiled our people in regime of our RW govt. and it make me very sad when KADI NINDA Honorable HM Rajnaat Singh gives lecture on Kasmiriyat, Bhaichara , even he gives Thanks to people of kasmir for showing these solidarity on this attacks.. It make me very angry.. I do not understand whom our HM giving thanks those killed our innocent people. This Kasmiriyat only killed our innocient people.. shame on HM..I do not except on these kind of Home Minister who are giving lacture of Kasmiriyat on these brutal attack.. and because of this attitude of our rulers India suffering since centuries … SAD.

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  3. GR8 blog CW. It’s really shameful that, Hindus have to live with fear even though we are in majority. Just few peacful pigs come at any time, attack on Hindus, and next day life is as usual. I think we Hindus have to take responsibility for this sad state. Why the hack we are so soft? Why are we so comfortable to oppose on social media and get back to work?
    Dear communal forces, 100 % agreed with you about Kadi ninda home minister rajnath. It seems that he is more bothered for kashmiris than Hindus. I just hate this word kashmiriyat. 7 Hindus got killed and this guy still thinks that kashmiriyat is still alive. I don’t think bjp has any guts for removing article 370.

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  4. If the liberals want to sympathize, let them join the Amarnath Yatra. Anybody and his dog can go to Jantar Mantar, it has no meaning. It is also easy to be a liberal in the studios and attack the soldiers.

    The true liberal is one who will fight and die for human rights and Dharma. The false liberals are the ones who eat beef and drink beer and complain about human rights.

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