Did Rahul Gandhi meet the Chinese Ambassador or not?

The puzzling situation began like this:


And this:


Soon after a Congi chamcha had jumped to praise the clown prince


What kind of an idiot is this? Flattering your stupid clown prince is so important that you don’t care about the sensitive relationship with China? And then things took a very interesting twist:

Seriously, WTF? WTF is going on here?

At first I was actually willing to write this off as a case of fake news circulating in the naturally incompetent media.

My mistake?

Well, the Chinese embassy says on its official website that the Ambassador met Rahul Gandhi. And once a furore begins, it gets deleted.

What is going on? Seriously?

I don’t want to take the word of the Chinese over the word of the Congress party. This is too suspicious. Why did the Chinese delete the info from their website and not issue a clarification or a denial or a retraction?

Is the Congress party showing a divided face of India in front of Chinese might or are the Chinese sowing confusion and disunity in India?

But yes, when top leaders of the Congress go to Pakistan and say things like “Inko hataiyyen, humein laiyyen” (Remove him (Modi) and bring us), there is reason to doubt.

When India carries out a surgical strike on terrorists in PoK and the Congress vice President calls it “khoon ki dalali“, there is reason to doubt.

In matters of Supreme National interest, we are all supposed to be in lock step. Perhaps this is ultimately the difference between a BJP supporter and a Congress supporter. This Republic has been ruled for the most part by the actions of the Congress. The BJP got one term and then there were two more terms of dynasty rule. But, I can say proudly that throughout my life there was never a moment when I wished defeat or loss of face for the nation just to show up the Congress government.

Throughout the Congress years, whenever there was a proud moment for India, my heart swelled. When there were Chinese incursions, my heart skipped a beat. When India’s economy hit a roadbump, my heart sank. When saying Vande Mataram or Bharat Mata ki jai, it did not bother me one bit which party was ruling the country.

But just three years into Modi rule and we can see Congress and its ecosystem act as if they have an allergy to everything from the flag to the anthem to the army to the ancient name of India that is Bharat.

I don’t know if we can trust the Congress today and its supporters to feel the same way, to connect with the fortunes of our nation at a personal level. With this expression of doubt, I will wait for a clarification from Rahul Gandhi on what actually happened.


8 thoughts on “Did Rahul Gandhi meet the Chinese Ambassador or not?

  1. Perhaps the moron confided (just as he told the US envoy unsolicited that Hindus are more dangerous than the LeT ) to the Chinese envoy if they helped in removing Modi from power they would gift away what all China wanted.


  2. “In matters of Supreme National interest, we are all supposed to be in lock step.” You may believe that, CW … but not these Dirty Congi’s ! Remember – Mani Shankar Aiyer pleading with Paki TV anchors for help in dislodging Modi … and now we have Pappu seeking help from the Chingu’s 😡 I bet the Chingu’s told him how sorely they miss his great grand father 😒

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  3. Congis have a proved track record of being traitors of country’s interest for their own selfish needs. Pappu’s meeting is following the established tradition of traitorship of congis.

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  4. From the manner in which the Congies are trying to spin this, I am 100% sure that Raoul asked for Chinese help in coming back to power. Perhaps he asked them to help in launching a two-front war along with Pakistan.

    But the tactic has misfired badly. For a long time the BJP’s voter base was capped at around 20% to 25%, because the party could never persuade the truly secular (as opposed to fake-secular) middle classes to support it. Even during the 2014 election, I felt that this class voted more against Congress than for the BJP. But now the situation has changed dramatically. Middle class people who don’t care about the Ram Mandir but DO care about how India is perceived across the world (and they are a sizeable segment, let us not mistake that) are wholeheartedly behind NaMo.

    BTW I really liked Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat’s reference to a “two and a half front war”! 🙂

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  5. We have read ‘Rakhtabeejasur”in mythology. Now we see them in reality. You keep killing them, their litters keep coming back to destroy the world.


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