Sunday thoughts : #NotInMyName and #SaveBengal

This is the first post of its kind I have written : it’s not about any one specific topic, but an assortment of thoughts on various things written in a conversational manner. Let me know how you like it. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am totally ripping off here the format of and their column on “Everything you need to know for the week .. and a little more” 🙂

The #NotInMyName protests began almost out of desperation, with liberals themselves expecting little. They had their motley crowd at Jantar Mantar consisting of out of favor journalists and dalals and “uncleji students” who think it is cool to mooch off the taxpayer doing “PhD” until age 40. Or worse… MPhil… ROFL.

And don’t tell me how long a “PhD” takes. Incidentally, I finished a PhD too. I was 24 then.

By the way, I noticed that this news item got little to no attention.


Now THIS is what I have been saying for a long time. Without a scam, how do you explain the fact that cadres of a tiny Communist party are getting admitted year after year after year to JNU? For decades? The odds of this happening by random chance are practically zero.


That‘s what I wrote months ago. I am in an oddly self congratulatory mode today.

Back to #NotInMyName. Liberals began it out of desperation, not expecting many results. When they could not find the data, they began to cook it up. One fairly funny example was the IndiaSpend “report” that was quoted all over the place to show that cow related violence “rose” after Modi came to power. Another was a “report” by Rupa Subramanya which is a spectacular example of foolishly using large sample statistical methods in small samples with large variation.

Incidentally, the website of the United States National Weather Service also shows a significant uptick in the number of people killed in the US by lightning strikes since Modi came to power.


I suggest that the “Modi angle” to this should also be investigated properly by IndiaSpend and Huffington Post. Perhaps this will teach them a lesson or two about spurious correlation and the hazards of making sweeping conclusions from tiny tiny sample sizes.

But then, Narendra Modi himself gifted the liberals a surprise propaganda victory by validating their outrage with his remarks at Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat. Can you really blame liberals for getting a victory buzz out of this?

Unluckily for liberals, the buzzkill came from Bengal. The problem is that the typical jihadi is rather upfront about his intentions. As images of widespread rioting in Basirhat went viral, liberals bit their nails in anguish. It certainly helps that the two most widely watched English channels are cheering for the BJP now.

Within a day or two, you could see the liberals squirming on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, trying to wiggle out of the taunts from the Hindu right.

In an earlier day, these riots would have gone unnoticed. How many people know that very similar riots happened in 2013 at Deganga in Bengal, which is barely 25 kilometers from Basirhat?

But back in 2013, the liberals had not expected BJP to be this giant it is today. They didn’t think BJP would be in Bengal breathing down their necks. So they thought it was safe to ignore Deganga riots. NOW they know the dangers… they know how social media is exposing them all over the place. So they rush to clear their names with at least one condemnation of Basirhat riots. No matter how little they mean it, I see the pressure on liberals to acknowledge the wrongs in Bengal as a huge positive step forward in national discourse.

And now #SaveBengal is trending, with protests planned at the hallowed liberal ground of Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Let’s see how many media celebrities show up.


2 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts : #NotInMyName and #SaveBengal

  1. Nice write-up as always CW!i really like this summary type posts,would say keep these larger picture posts coming.

    I think the savebengal protests were not that large.the crowds seem to have been comparable to benami protests in kolkata,bangalore,mumbai but as always it is delhi that is the problem.

    Still,considering the protests were organised in around a day i’d say it was as decent one.

    Tbh,how drastically the narrative has changed in so less time is astounding.i still remember hiw the dhaulagarh riots were almost covered up by all the media,with only zee news covering the riots it’s completely different.all the liberandus are busy fire-fighting the mess

    Mamata’s responses have been all over the place.first she denied everything,then she abused the Governor.when these obvious attempts at divertion failed,she then finally admitted the situation was bad but still blamed the kid who made the post and the bjp if course.she also blamed the centre,even though she sent back the forces that the centre had rushed to the area.

    I seriously think that Mamata didn’t think the situation would turn out like this.her responses have been changing every day.

    Hope the bjp raises this issue in parliament and doesn’t let it go to waste


  2. I think i am tired of words like left wing and right wing. Its again one of the borrowed terms from west to define our politics and makes no sense. For eg. Chruch is considered right wing in US but is left here in India. Even if i take the reasoning by someone to explain it as liberal vs hardliners in india, its still faulty, because it would mean that hindus are hard liners and all liberals are fighting for freedom of speech, when they clearly are not. The beginning needs to be made to define our politics. Something like nationals vs anti-nationals, securlars (which actually bjp is) vs appeasers, free indians vs colonial thinkers, my personal favourite- bjp vs anti-bjp or modi vs anti-modi, sabka saath vs minoritism, indians vs maoists etc.
    Left vs right is not clear depiction of our polity. We need to have correct narrative and change it with present times keeping in mind the future. In my opinion, left/liberals are hardliners with agenda to defame india and create divisions lines between majority and minorities. So left is new right and no free thinking going on here.

    I also differ from modi giving grounds to opposition to attack him on gau-rakshaks by talking about it. My logic is based on 2 reasons and the 1st reason you have also used to explain something in differenf context
    1) Repeat the lies several times and it becomes the truth- These anti-bjp brigade spread lies about govt policies around beef etc. and slowly people would have accepted as bjp leading gau-rakshaks. And few incidents caused by anti-social or these anti-bjp forces themselves or even by supporters of present government could have become an agenda. The premier of the country have more informatiob and decided to bring fringe electorate back to his party by talking about it.
    2) The premier choose his topics with lot of care-prima facie, i will assume person at the top decide to talk about things which have become matter of concern unlike sardar manuji. Modi supporters can also become brazen during his premiership and will need to be reign in through words and other means time to time. Also, importantly he spoke about to stop taking laws in your own hands. It is becoming trend in india, not today but over a decade or so.

    Modi decided to talk about it to reign in people who misunderstood illegal slaughter ban and also to take away agenda of lies around the same topic. Did he win? Its all about next elections in India, which he will win and anti-bjp forces will left scurrying to look for next set of lies.


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