Bengal : Liberals are more angry with BJP than the rioters and the ruling party

Here is the banner headline of the Huffington Post informing us about the murder of a 65 year old Hindu man in Bengal riots.


Unmissable irony between the header and the footer in that one.

Yeah, politicians should stop pointing fingers at each other. Leave it to the liberal Huffington Post to tell us where we should point fingers. Because all their fingers always point at one and only one man : MODI.

In the wake of widespread communal riots in Bengal, secular liberal media such as HuffPost and Wire have spent so much time talking about the BJP that they have barely managed to get in a word about the ruling party in the state.


Can anybody remember the name of Bengal’s ruling party at all?


Yeah and the Chief Minister of Bengal, who is locked … almost literally… in a “he said/she said” battle with the Governor has nothing to realize. What a poor victim she is, no?


Who is rioting? Muslims.

Who died? A Hindu.

Who rules Bengal? Trinamool Congress.

Whose fault? Modi.

Or if you follow the lead of the Huffington Post, you should write ‘MODI’ in all caps, preferably in a size 500 font.

The only thing remaining for liberals to do is to organize hashtag protests against “Hindu terror”, gau rakshaks, Bhakts, RSS, whatever to show how much they care about the loss of innocent human life in Bengal.

Apparently, this violence broke out over a Facebook post by a young boy that some Muslims did not like. As this article in The Indian Express describes, the boy who is a minor, was actually detained by police and subjected to an actual investigation and interrogation. Even though there were violent mobs out in the streets baying for his blood.

In sifting through all the reports about the subsequent violence, I am yet to come across one intellectual taking issue with the fact that the West Bengal police is taking action against the victim (a minor no less!) instead of going out and containing the rioters.  How is this different from the police checking the meat in Akhlaque’s fridge?

Instead, I have seen media reporting on the original FB post calling it anything from “objectionable” to “blasphemous“. Is “blasphemy” a thing in India now? Define it for me, please.


If a woman were to become the victim of a sexual assault, can you imagine a media report in a civilized society saying that the woman was wearing “objectionable” clothes? No, it doesn’t matter what the woman was wearing. That’s an absolute. Just like it doesn’t matter what the boy wrote on Facebook about some religion. There is no excuse whatsoever for threatening him with violence. Another absolute.

Instead, they report on the arrest of the boy as a matter of course. I can’t seem to be able to find any liberal news outlets willing to take a clear and unequivocal stand that the boy is 100% innocent, that his arrest is a disastrous injustice and the only only people who should be arrested here are the rioters in the streets.

And neither can I find anyone willing to meet with the family of Kartik Ghosh and report on the tragedy they have faced.  It is as if Kartik Ghosh’s life was less real. No one wants to ask who is responsible for the loss of Kartik Ghosh’s life. Meanwhile, the death of Junaid Khan is being blamed collectively on the 1 billion Hindus of this country. Don’t believe me? See here:


The author here is no less an authority than Rajinder Sachar, the former Chief Justice of Delhi HC, who headed the famous Sachar Committee report on the condition of Indian Muslims during the UPA years.

The handful of actual condemnations that have tumbled out of the liberal brigade have all come with the heartfelt requests to malcontents within the Muslim community to stop rioting in Bengal because this is giving an opportunity to Hindu majoritarianism, to Gau Rakshaks, to BJP, to RSS (see examples here and here).

What they are really complaining about is not the atrocities being committed on Hindus in West Bengal, but the fact that it’s ruining their #NotInMyName narrative. A natural corollary of this is an admission that these liberals would have been totally silent about violence against Hindus if the BJP were not in a position to use it to their advantage.

Some top liberals have been fairly open about this argument :


Ok, who benefitted most from Partition? Who benefits most from dividing Hindus by caste? Which party benefits most if the corrupt old order in India stays intact?

For other liberals, even the handful of condemnations of Muslim mobs in Bengal are offensive. Instead their demand is a total free hand for Muslim mobs to commit as much violence as they please. Can you believe this appeared in the  DailyO?


The rage of murderous mobs over a Facebook post is morally equivalent to citizens peacefully expressing their anger over gangrape! Now, we really have seen everything. Personally, I call upon India Today group to delete this article and issue an apology.

Of late, as the BJP has made forays into Bengal, I have seen a stream of articles in the media discussing the so called secular ethos of Bengal and how it has never humored Hindutva elements in the past.

Which is hilarious (in a dark way) when you consider the history of how Indian secularism has treated Bengal. This is a simple pie chart that shows what happened to the territory of Bengal in the last one hundred years.


On August 16, 1946, the workers of the Muslim League spilled onto the streets of Calcutta to observe “Direct Action Day”. In a few hours, some 4000 people lay dead. Almost exactly one year later, “India” became an independent nation. Minus Eastern Bengal, Western Punjab and the whole of Sind.

Now, it’s a  wonderful truth that Bengali greats such as Swami Vivekananda and Ramkrishna Paramhamsa were all for a Bengal where all faiths flourish in harmony, as Rajinder Sachar points out here while acting as if he is scoring a point by throwing it in our faces:


But Swami Vivekananda passed away in 1902. What hope is left for secularism once a people see nearly two thirds of their ancient land snatched away and handed over to those of one religious faith?

Is it not rational for dispossessed Bengali Hindus to worry about keeping their little leftover slice of Bengal?

The graveyard of Indian secularism is on fire. This fire cannot be wished away.

4 thoughts on “Bengal : Liberals are more angry with BJP than the rioters and the ruling party

  1. Mamata Bannerjee needs psychological evaluation!

    She has proven beyond doubt that she is not fit to be a CM?!


    “President’s rule” refers to the imposition of Article 356 of the Constitution of India on a State whose
    constitutional machinery has failed UTTERLY –in the case of Mamata Bannerjee , her rogue zeal to
    secure the Muslim vote bank.

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  2. All the things happening now is not at all new to India or in particular West Bengal . It is just a repetation of history ,no need to blame anyone . so who is to blame ? If the people, if the particular area or nation themselves don’t have to resolve to fight the aggressors ,then how it is going to be? Even if mamata govt is dismissed now , there is no guarantee that this same bengalis reject her in next election. It was annoying, when Modi was silent for the events of killing or assault on Hindus in Kerala or west Bengal -but now I think he is right,he understand Indians(Hindus mentality) better than anybody. until people understand the reality and behave accordingly. there is no solution.

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  3. I am really puzzled, how long we are going to misdescribe pathetic anti Hindu as liberal and leftist? Thousands of young Hindus are entering and introduced into political concepts daily with dictionary meaning of words like liberalism, capitalism, socialism etc. on equal understanding of different ideologies. But the dictionary meaning of some words like liberalism is totally twisted to hide heinous crime of incestious intent. I would rather like to label these political perverts as pedophile libvert. Just like pedophile targets young innocent trusty vulnerable victims, these libverts target their trusty vulnerable victims. The proper presentation is necessary. See how Dalmatians, tom & Jerrys are romantised. Have we named and romantised any cow so that Muslim grew up in India will love and honor cow?


  4. I seriously hope, its time for BJP to fix west Bengal. Dont wait for anotehr 3 to 4 eyars or till 2019. Mamata banerjee has lost control of WB and she will not have any shame to join or help anti nationals at any cost just because of her hatred towards Modi. The presstitutes have now reached to level where they do not have any shame even supporting our enemies. I am afraid that, Mamata may even help China if war is started between India and China. I hope BJP acts with iron hand with this lady. I recently visited Kerala for few weeks and I found that it has almost become christian majority state at many districts and muslim majority in many places. I was only in thiruvalla for few weeks but believe me when I was returning from Kottayam. Kochi everywhere I found churches and mosques. Its difficult to find temple now in kerala except some places. I hope Bengal does not go this way. Mamta has been behaving childishly in handling Gorkhaland unrest, communal riots. The manner in which riots are happening regularly for some silly reasons when Mamta is CM, I think something is fishy. That is also when India and China have heated exchanges at Sikkim border. Modi has to be very careful with this lady.

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