It’s always open season for Hinduphobia

So my Facebook feed tells me it’s “Father’s Day”.

Well, I am old enough now to be cynical about these things but I don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun. If people want to spend a day feeling warm and fuzzy about how much their dads have done for them, no harm done. I will even play along..

In fact, here’s TWO wonderful things my dad taught me that I remember every moment of my life.

(1) There is nothing free in this world.

(2) Nothing is ever accomplished by brute force; you have to use your mind.

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy! Thanks dad! I guess I am not cynical after all; and I am really happy about that.

But guess what? Inside the mind of every elite journo there is a little microprocessor that is capable of taking pretty much anything and turning it into an occasion for Hinduphobia. Because when it comes to hating Hindus, it is always open season.


Who knew that even something as simple and innocuous as “Fathers’ Day” could turn into a vehicle for insulting Hindus?

I wonder who would like to have a dad like the one Jesus had. His father abandoned him even before birth and then got him killed in an extremely cruel way for the sins of others! That’s just horrific. 

I wonder if India Today would have the balls to point that out.

But, I can better that one.

You know the kind of dad I would NEVER want? Here, read this.



Yeah, I would never want a dad who swears “unwavering loyalty to Mussolini”.

What do you think, India Today? Dare to write about this one?



4 thoughts on “It’s always open season for Hinduphobia

  1. How can they write about them even if they have galls to write it? Each one of them have many such fathers and they love them.


  2. These so called liberals say the freedom of speech is impacted during Modi’s rule after having the gall to write like this. If they have the guts they should write about one another minority religion – not even in the country where they are in majority but in India and let us see how it is received. I never realised the values have hit such a pathetic level that they would stoop to any level for the sake of money. Thanks to macaulay’s education system


  3. We should take such stuff seriously.The thing is the “liberals”,Peacefuls and Zombie worshipers are bullies.Bullies are essentially cowards.They bully in order to feel powerful.By standing up to the bully,we are essentially taking the feeling of power .
    We should stand up and shame the bully and point out all the logical flaws.
    The bully should never be entertained.
    The only thing more cowardly than the bully are those who allow it.
    We are enabling this nonsense by keeping quite.


    1. Also see how it is Hindu mythology!!
      But Theresa worship,believing in Zombies and Hoories is perfectly logical.
      So is a jealous God.


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