Happy Birthday Laloo ji

I really really want to write this post in Hindi, but my internet is a bit slow today and I can’t get the transliteration to work 😦

Hearing that Laloo ji has a birthday today… and it’s a big one too.. his 70th birthday after all.

There was a time when they used to call him “Raja of Bihar”. There was a time when they used to sing: “Jab tak samose mein rahega aalo, tab tak Bihar mein rahega Laloo”.

(It means : Till the time that there is potato in samosa, nobody can dislodge Laloo from Bihar)

These and many other slogans were used by his goonda cadre to terrify innocent people like us.

For me, the most abiding image of Laloo Yadav will always be him in a campaign vehicle, waving to crowds lining the street … exhorting them all with cries of

Bhajpa hatao, Bhajpa hatao (Remove BJP, Remove BJP)

I just want to remind Laloo ji that since that day the BJP has gone on to win a majority of its own in the Lok Sabha, won countless states and installed two Prime Ministers. What has Laloo Yadav achieved since that day?

The man has 80 seats in Bihar, which makes RJD the largest party in the State Assembly. But his name has become so deeply synonymous with corruption that he dare not lay claim to the CM post. He has to hide behind Nitish Kumar.

Oh wait…. he can’t even lay claim to the CM post because I think he is legally debarred from doing so. For he is a convict!

How life plays out…. where is BJP today and where is Laloo’s RJD! Here is Laloo on his birthday, begging people on Twitter for help with his dream alliance project.


In some ways, Laloo Yadav is a success story for Indian democracy. He might be the most prominent leader ever to be convicted in a corruption case.

You hear that, Laloo ji. Not only did you fail in your life mission to stop BJP, you failed even at corruption!

Everybody knows that the corrupt are never convicted in India. How dumb were you that you actually got convicted?

The joke really is on him.

For me, the other abiding image of Laloo Yadav is him sitting with a bunch of journalists, with his right hand raised … and speaking English in a fake village accent:

One day…one day I will rule this country and I will serve this country..”

No Laloo ji. You won’t rule this country. Not in this birth. But you might get a chance to “serve”. I mean a chance to “serve” jail time. On this birthday pray that your bail doesn’t get canceled.

Meanwhile I will go grab some samosas….



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Laloo ji

  1. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Normal intelligent people like those of us on this forum always knew that Laloo was both a corrupt politician and a buffoon. So what does it say about the presstitutes during the UPA-I that they sang the praises of Laloo as Railway Minister? And what does it say about the Harvard Business School that they would invite this buffoon to address them? (And what does it say about Wharton School of Business at U Penn that they would bar NaMo from speaking?) Ultimately ALL of them, INCLUDING Harvard Business School, are just so many prostitutes, it appears.


  2. I distinctly remember that our Presstitute media was constantly salivating in praising Laloo when he was a Railway minister. Perhaps our Presstitute media’s coverage of Laloo fooled Harvard Business School and got that invitation. What is worse about that is, he represented India to give chance for Americans of extrapolating India’s intellectual level. As is, Americans want to see India as a country of snake charmers anyway and then Laloo represents India.


  3. Presstitute media used to make King people like Laalu ji and Villon people like Modi ji in 2004 to 2014 due to there Presstitute media dominance but now they Presstitute media itself struggling to survive because of Social Media.. Social Media shown aukaat to Presstitute media..Cheers


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