Draupadi Murmu has everything going for her, except one!

At the outset, I would say that I rather like the Shiv Sena suggestion of Mohan Bhagwat for President. Just to make the liberals mad. Yes, I know that the Sena came up with the idea just to embarrass the BJP…knowing that Mohan Bhagwat would never get to 50% in the electoral college. But, it’s still fun to think about.

Wait… hasn’t Mohan Bhagwat been trying to trip up Modi for a while now? Remember how much damage his comments did in Bihar. But still fun to think about as President 🙂

So, it seems everything is going well for Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu. She is a woman, she is a tribal.

Modi is a politician who works at many many levels. Gujarat goes to polls in December and that’s one state with a large tribal population. This fact won’t be missed by Modi-Shah. Yes, they are probably supremely confident about Gujarat… but the good thing about Modi is that he leaves nothing to chance.

They knew they were winning Uttar Pradesh, but the PM spent 3 days in Varanasi… just to be sure.

In this trait, he is different from Vajpayee… and shall we say poor Theresa May…lol!

Modi never leaves anything to chance. Numerous electoral victories have not made him even a bit overconfident : if anything Modi-Shah team seems to prepare longer and harder with every election.

The other thing that makes a lot of sense is that Draupadi Murmu is from Odisha. The BJP has been banging down the door in Odisha for the last several months. Appointing a President from Odisha will be another adrenaline rush for an already deeply enthused BJP worker. Now is perhaps the time to prepare for a final assault on Coastal Odisha, where Naveen Patnaik has his bastion.

Ironically for Naveen Patnaik, if Draupadi Murmu is chosen as the BJP candidate for President, he will have to smile as he contributes to his own political ruin. Odisha is definitely in the category of “neglected states”… an Odiya President will be a big thing for the people of the state. It leaves Naveen babu with no option but to vote with the BJP.

At the moment, the BJD has 28 MPs (LS+RS) and 117 MLAs in Odisha. That is a LOT of electoral votes.

Wait…we are still not done! Draupadi Murmu brings still more advantages to the table. As Governor of Jharkhand and as a tribal, she is in some sense “from Jharkhand”  as well. What this means is that the JMM will have no option but to vote for her as well…

I haven’t done the math explicitly, but I believe that the NDA (minus Shiv Sena…which is certain to throw a tantrum) plus BJD plus JMM will easily cross the halfway mark in the electoral college.

But there’s ONE thing that is clearly going against Draupadi Murmu. Modi and Shah like to keep their cards close to their chest and they don’t tell. Murmu’s name has been in the media for months …  if Modi-Shah indeed pick Murmu, this might be the one rare case where the media has been able to know in advance what is in the mind of BJP’s ruling duo.

By the way, I also wanted to express my unhappiness with this kind of defeatist thinking:


No, seriously, what’s wrong with you Jaggi?

A while ago, The Jaggi wrote in Swarajya asking BJP to pick its battles wisely, the case in point being the rather unnecessary rumble over some Gurmehar something…

I mocked him for saying that… but later I changed my mind and mocked myself for mocking Jaggi 🙂

But, this time… come on…

I am all for picking battles wisely but this seems to be a situation in which BJP should not stoop under any circumstances. Picking the President is a basic privilege of the ruling Party … like every ruling party in history of the Republic of India.

What is out of the ordinary this time?

The thinking of Jaggi seems to be that anything Modi does will become a controversy, so it is better not to assert the authority of the ruling party at all.

A concession to the Opposition on the post of President is basically like telling the Opposition that the BJP is scared to breathe. It will undermine the authority of the Prime Minister and give a signal to the Opposition that the BJP is terrified.

And no… a tactical concession to the Opposition won’t prevent Opposition unity. That’s going to happen anyway in 2019. Even if Modi were to propose Sonia ji for President of India…. lol

If anything, the BJP providing a President that is “acceptable”  to all will make the Opposition feel like they have got the upper hand in the battle of nerves. They have NEVER beaten Modi … they will take the slightest success as a great victory.

We have to remember that in 2019 the arithmetic will be against the BJP. The only thing that can carry Modi through the 2019 election is the morale of the BJP worker.

In 2014, they all underestimated Modi. It was different. This time they are overestimating him. They will take all precautions and get every single Opposition vote together.

This is the time to keep the BJP worker enthused… in a state of confidence where they don’t believe they can lose. A bit like the Australian cricket team of old. Not the time to see concessions from the top.


9 thoughts on “Draupadi Murmu has everything going for her, except one!

  1. Excellent point. Lately I have a feeling that Jaggi is missing FP or he is a plant of FP to Swarajya Magazine or Arun Shourie has become his role model.

    It is wise for Modi-Shah to start thinking about life without Shiv Sena. Now Shiv Sena has given support to Congress when even NCP stayed away (Malegoan Corp.).

    My only optimistic feelings about the possibility of MahaTHAGBandhan is, they will fight like dogs when the ticket distribution time comes.

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  2. Jaggi’s article is very defeatist. Why stoop to conquer when you can roar and conquer ?

    UPA denied Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam a second term. He was probably the best president India ever had or will have. Why were there no articles in the media supporting a second term for Kalam ? Where were Jaggi and everybody else then ?


  3. Jaggi is just another Lutyens presstitute who occasionally sides with the BJP. To quote the English saying, he runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds. He still hankers after the approval of the Lutyens cabal. I don’t take him seriously at all, and his being Editor is one reason that I do not subscribe to Swarajya. I just read my seven free articles per week and am content with that, and I NEVER waste my free articles by reading one of his.

    The other day he was going ecstatic because the last quarter’s GDP growth was at an annualised rate of just 6.1%. Others I know wrote articles along the lines of “Raghuram Rajan has the last laugh,” also on Swarajya. In contrast Praveen Patil, who has spent a lot more time with his ear to the ground than any of our “journalists” (who mostly do not stir out of their a/c studios) thinks that demonetisation has had a salutary POSITIVE effect on the rural economy. It is not inconceivable that the “official” GDP growth rates are wildly different from the “real” GDP growth rates.

    The NDA has 48% of the electoral college in the President’s election, according to a web site I read. Since it is highly doubtful that the rest would on a common candidate, the NDA’s candidate will win — of that I am certain. I have never heard of this lady Draupadi Murmu, but it would be great to have a President named “Draupadi”! 🙂


    1. Exactly my feelings as well.

      I got sucked into subscribing for the print subscription of Swarajya because of Rajaji’s name. Big mistake. Three issues into it, and I couldn’t wait to get out.

      While most writers for Swarajya seem to be in a confusion about where exactly they stand, Jaggi seems to have no such qualms. He seems to fill in so much of their stories, at one point I wondered if it was in fact a personal blog masquerading as a magazine.

      Worst is the fact he hasn’t made any course corrections since his initial predictions/judgements misfired and always tends to preach from the pulpit on what the RW should and should not do.


      1. Right now Jaggi & co. are going into orgasms over the GDP growth rate. That allows them to forget all of their failed predictions about UP etc. Jaggi will be wrong about the Presidential election too. But since he is “knowledge-proof,” it won’t matter.


    2. While i agree with you about Jaggi,he is still influenced by the old Lutyen’s mindset and still wants to be seen as “neutral”.He even wrote an article for The WIre of all things!

      But i have to say the alarm bells around 6.1% figure were not uncalled for.It IS a steep fall in GDP.Of course though everyone knew that DeMo will cause quite a bit damage to Q4 GDP,we avoided a drop in Q3 because of black money being funneled into white.

      Plus Q4 of 15′ growth is now revised to a whopping 9.2%!!some people are reading too much into 1 quarter growth numbers


      1. Yes, with the “new methodology” adopted by the CSO, the numbers seem to be jumping around wildly. My complaint is that Jaggi and his ilk keep quiet about the 9.2% but “celebrate” the fall to 6.1%. I just hope the numbers bounce back next quarter.


  4. I have gut feeling that Draupadi Murmu will be President Of India and Hukum Dev Yadav could be Vice President of India…


  5. Slightly off-topic, but I am getting truly worried about the GST roll-out on July 1st. The rules are becoming ever more complicated day by day and will be a nightmare for small businesses. If Jaitley wants to sabotage the BJP’s prospects in 2019 (and is anyone in doubt about that?), this is the perfect weapon.


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