Does it make sense to become social media Gandhis?

This post is not against anyone at all. Just because I am a person with a quick temper does not mean I have to be attacking someone all the time 🙂

Rather I just want to discuss something using a specific person only as an example. I have a lot of respect for this person and all that he has done to break the liberal dominance in media.

I am talking about Rahul Raj. We all know him as @bhak_sala. I think most of us are fans. I have written posts in support of him when he was defamed in the Rajya Sabha.

But recently, Rahul Raj (Bhak_sala) has been raising certain issues about the Right Wing on social media. It is all too easy to dismiss him as a maverick or worse… as some kind of “defector”… LOL!

I think the Right Wing should discuss what Rahul Raj is talking about. And I want to give my personal strategic view on this. Yours may well be different (and more clever).

I think this is a fairly representative example of what Rahul Raj has been talking about recently.


Is this true? No, I am not talking about the gangrape story he mentions. I’ll trust him fully on that.

I am talking about the latter part of his post. Has social media evolved to become a reflection of the mainstream media? Too absorbed with its own agenda to actually care about anything else?

My answer : maybe!

But, my counter question is : so what?

You know Gandhiji essentially felt that we as a nation were “fallen” and being ruled by foreigners a sort of punishment for our sins. In order to stand up and be free, we would have to earn that liberty by purifying our “fallen” society.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong in Mahatma Gandhi’s observation that Indian society in the early 1900s was beset with numerous ills. Of course Mahatma Gandhi fought against these social evils.

But the question is how did the British ruling class perceive Gandhi’s effort to “purify” Indian society? And this is not just limited to Gandhi  or his time. How did the British perceive “social reform” movements in India?

As an opportunity, nothing else. For them, social reform movements in India were an admission of the inherent inferiority of the Indian people. It provided an intellectual basis for keeping the “natives” under the boot of the “civilized” British.

Take this quote from a prominent Brit of that era:

“Liberty will not descend to a people. A people must raise themselves to liberty. It is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed.”

Do you know that these words were engraved by the British at the entrance to North Block where they remain to this day?

The heart of Lutyens’ Delhi. The British ruled from there. The Sonia establishment still rules from there. And both of them have the exact same message for the masses of India : you are not good enough for liberty. Go out and raise yourselves up and then we’ll see if we can give you some liberty.

The strategy is the exact same : here is how the exchange goes between the masses and the establishment.

Masses : We want liberty! Give us liberty.

Establishment : That’s awesome. We in the establishment would love to give you liberty right now.

Masses : Yay! Then, give it to us.

Establishment : We would love to. BUT …

Masses: But what?

Establishment : But we just have these tiny concerns about how you guys treat <insert group>. We are just worried that if we give you liberty < group > may face some injustices. 

This is the crucial part of the conversation between the masses and the establishment. The masses are still thinking, because they know there is truth in the criticism they just got from the establishment. Finally, a “Gandhi” emerges from the crowd.

Gandhi : (to the masses) The establishment is right, my friends. How can we ask for liberty when we don’t deserve it? We have to lift ourselves up by reform. 

Masses : That Gandhi is right. We are so impure. We have to go back and reform ourselves first.

Establishment : Excellent. Glad we agree. Can we keep the seat of power safe for you while you are busy reforming yourself?

Gandhi : Sure…why not. 

Establishment : Bingo!

And that, folks, is how the establishment keeps ruling us. Each time we go back they point out another flaw in us. And while we get busy reforming the new flaw, they keep the power.

Think about how the establishment keeps political assertion of Hindus at bay. What about caste atrocities? What about treatment of women? Yes, there’s been a lot of reform, but we should always be busy with more. Go ahead and drive out the sexism inherent in the Rakhi celebration. How can you be so cruel to animals on Jallikattu? Have you no mercy for the environment on Diwali?

Go ahead and reform yourself. Meanwhile, the establishment will keep all the power. They are just waiting for you to become “perfect” so that they can hand you liberty.

The establishment takes on social media challengers in exactly the same way. You want to democratize the discourse? You want to pull it out of the hands of a few compromised journalists and intellectuals based in and around Lutyens Delhi? Sure… the establishment wants the same… but they just have some “concerns”.

They are concerned about “trolling” and “online misogyny”. They in the establishment are worried about social media pushing its own bias and agenda. Please go make social media perfect. Meanwhile, the old media will keep all the power while the social media challengers leave on a quest to become perfect human beings.

Does it make sense then to become a “social media Gandhi” like Bhak_sala wants us all to be? Should we all set off on a quest for perfection leaving the mainstream media to enjoy its power indefinitely?

I think not.

Bhak_Sala’s stance reminds me of Balaram who arrives just at the end of the Mahabharata war to see Bhim hitting Duryodhana below the waist. Balaram charges at Bhim with his plough, ready to slay the Pandava for violating the code of honor. But Krishna intervenes.

The era of Kali has begun and the laws of a previous age cannot apply.

Don’t be Balaram. Be a Krishna.


11 thoughts on “Does it make sense to become social media Gandhis?

  1. Wow,your tendency to clearly shift the entire narrative is stunning.I really like how you bring up Gandhi as a means to “fool the people” by the British,even thought that may not be what Gandhi himself wanted


  2. i am daily searching to your website by 12 noon. today you posted lately but i am glad you posted at least. you should train some more peoples like yourself. i hope bjp sponsors some tv channel or website for you and future peoples like you , but i doubted it. they are too busy sucking upto ndtv and lutyen goon-media like bajpai days. hope good times comes soon. i can only wished you best of luck. keep it up, you are the lone warrior, who deserved good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Here’s what the great Tamil poet Mahakavi Bharathi wrote in a slightly different context, when writing during the freedom struggle:
    ஆயிரம் உண்டிங்கு சாதி, எனில்
    அன்னியர் வந்து புகல் என்ன நீதி ?
    Roughly, it says,
    “what if we had a thousand castes,
    where’s the justice in foreigners’ entry?”

    That sentiment, the one that says – whatever may be my faults, they don’t give you the right to meddle in my affairs – is universal, and fair.

    It is not the job of SM, as a collective, to replace the MSM. The goal of SM is to simply be a watchdog. Witness the birth of RepublicTV and the slow transformation of a few other channels – the incessant spotlight on the MSM’s lies by the social media resulted in a changing marketplace, and that resulted in a new (different) product.

    Besides, any quest for perfection is by definition a never ending quest ! Going down that path is to forget the main goal. Which, for social media in these times, should be to show the ugly MSM a mirror at all times and keep exposing their hypocrisies. Individuals crossing the line will happen, and each one will decide eventually where the line is for himself/herself.

    When writing about the wrongs from both sides in the Mahabharatha war, it is said that even a war fought by the best of men to establish Dharma pretty soon falls into a mess of wrong deeds. You simply can’t escape it.


  4. @ CW.. What is happing in Saffron ruled states just like yesterday happened in MP.. is it natural our burst or farmers or its some conspiracy in the name of farmers happing in all Saffron ruled states.. M concerned about firing and killing of farmers and massive outburst of farmers in MP.. its going to be very big issue now… First its started Jat Agitation in Hariyana , Patel Agitation in Gujarat, Gujjar Agitation in Rajasthan, Jat anger in UP and now Farmers agitation in MP and Maharashtra… All agitation is happing in saffron ruled states only..?… Its very strange..?


  5. Me tera hai re jabra hai re jabra fan ho gaya.

    Left liberal ecosystem sets the agenda and centre of right falls in trap, well articulated , superb


  6. The rise of social media was due to hypocrisy of MSM to show its place. That was thousand years of undefeated legendary Aryan spirit in play, as shown in building satellites and rockets to reach Mars, as well. But last thousand years including 67 years have also breed lethargy. That is in play allowing anti nationaL agenda to run a muck. That explains general apathy to crimes committed in the society and selective orchestrated breast beating by anti nationals or useless idiots.


  7. CW, been following your posts for quite some time. With each passing day your pen is turning to be sharper and analysis way deeper. Congrats.
    Meanwhile, this post on Social Media Gandhi is just SUPERB.


  8. The mainstream media is entirely negative. If social media also started highlighting lots of negative things, it would put off people. It is not true that only jokes are circulated in social media. Social media is taking the role of educating Indians about their great culture while mainstream media is busy trashing it.

    Incidents like these are unfortunate and highlight the Adharma that has inflicted our society since independence. The movement towards a Dharmic society has started but it will take time.


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