The Left tries to divide India with every breath it takes

Politics is about rhetoric. Much of what politicians say is all rhetoric, their promises, their agenda and their actions. We the people are used to this. Even when we are wildly cheering someone along, mentally we are always toning it down a bit because we know that politicians tend to exaggerate.

We recognize rhetoric. We generally filter it out even as we listen to a politician speak. It keeps us sane.

BUT, filtering out what we think is rhetoric is also fraught with danger. Because sometimes the threat may be staring us right in the face and we refuse to recognize it because we think it’s just rhetoric.

So, I was browsing through the madness on Twitter ever since the Modi government came up with the notification on cattle markets. Here is Shoaib Daniyal, the chief intellectual goon at


The left today is in a dark place. In this deep dark place, even High Court judgements are broken down by region.  They see this verdict as some kind of revolt by a Southern state against alleged oppression coming from the North.

Why such absurdity? What the hell does this have to do with “Dravida Nadu”? And what is Dravida Nadu?

Because today, the left lives and breathes hatred for the Indian nation. They said it very clearly : Bharat ke tukde. Don’t dismiss it as pure rhetoric. They mean every word.

This poisonous agenda has been coming out of every pore.



With every breath, the left struggles for its dream of tearing India apart. North vs South, East vs West, veg vs non-veg, upper caste vs lower caste.

Okay, so, what happens now:


So what do the leftist intellectuals of India do with the Kerala HC order now? Is Kerala going to get kicked out of Dravida Nadu then? But … wait… Kerala with its large support base for Commies is supposed to be ground zero of Dravida Nadu. Ah…what a betrayal!

I know how to proceed. Why don’t leftists dig up the name of the Kerala HC judge in this case? Is he from an “upper” caste? Bingo! Here is the chance to tear India apart on yet another level. Begin a struggle for Dravida Nadu that is free from upper castes. If the judge is not from an upper caste, accuse that specific subcaste of being a “chamcha” of “upper castes”.

You say Dravida Nadu 1, Cow Belt 0.

I say India 1 Leftists 0

I don’t just like that last sentence, I even like the sound of it.



12 thoughts on “The Left tries to divide India with every breath it takes

  1. Now it should be clear to every Indian that shelter provided under the canopy of hateful anti nationals is the main reason for the misery of the terrorists and their
    Victims.Nip ìn bud the supporters first and the reSt will fall IIN PLACE.


  2. There can never be a DravidaNadu. People in India are bound by a culture of 1000’s of years and the cultural bonds are extremely strong.

    There is a LoonyNadu though. This LoonyNadu consists of adults who have not done a real days work in their life. Their parents taught them to lie, speak English and hate India. Most of LoonyNadu citizens are writing articles that no one reads. The few who could not be journalists are permanent students at JNU.

    This LoonyNadu used to operate in Delhi(mainly JNU), West Bengal and Kerala. Currently, it has some roots only in Kerala. In rest of the places, members of LoonyNadu have kicked out or are in the process of getting kicked out.

    So the score line should read

    People of India 1 LoonyNadu 0


    1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

      “Loony Nadu” as you put it exists only in some enclaves of Delhi, Kerala, and in Waste Bengal. Your description of these people is quite accurate.

      Unfortunately, Dravida Nadu has plenty of takers within TN. I have met allegedly “educated” people who will say in all sincerity that there are no Sanskrit words in Tamil (so Jaya + Lalitha and Karuna + Nidhi are all pure Tamil words, I suppose!), that all Brahmins are “Aryans” and thus should be kicked out of TN, etc. This is the outcome of decades of brainwashing by the likes of E. V. Ramaswamy, Annadurai, and their followers, plus the Church which is quite active in TN, but out of sight and behind the scenes. The anti-Hindi agitations are another manifestations of this Dravida Nadu mindset. If a Hindi speaker were to come to AP and try to communicate in Hindi, the locals would do their best to talk back; not so in TN.


  3. Tamil Nadu has had its problems and bad politicians who have made a career out of North India bashing. While there may be some dreaming for Dravida Nadu there, on the whole the anti-North and anti-Hindi sentiment has considerably waned over the years. This is partly the result of religious tourism to Tamil Nadu from the North and other parts of India. Another reason is that many from Tamil Nadu are in the civil services and other Government jobs where they get posted to different parts of India.

    There is currently a political vacuum in Tamil Nadu. People are tired of the DMK and its corrupt ways. After Jayalalitha’s death, the AIADMK is still finding its feet. On the ground, there is significant support for Narendra Modi and his actions. If it can get the right kind of leaders there, the BJP could make inroads there.


    1. Welcome to commenting my friend. I am showing to you quotes from top notch news websites like Firstpost and Scroll. If you cannot accept that the mainstream left today is vocally anti-national, that’s your problem.


      1. If the mainstream left today is vocally anti-national, then I think a fair case can be made for the mainstream right as well: encouraging thugs to beat up and harm innocent civilians, attempting mass conversions of Christians, and finally attempting to censor a fair and impartial news outlet.


        1. Loads of respect to you if you think it is Hindu right that is leading in attempts of mass conversions. What are you smoking?

          If you start talking about the right wing fringe, I will start talking about the much larger, heavily armed left wing fringe.

          The left wing fringe is not a few guys with sticks. It has guns and grenades. And it carries out systematic massacre of our security forces. That you can’t be bothered to comment on that shows how anti-national you are.


          1. Oh, so you’ve forgotten the marches through villages led by the RSS to convert Christians away from Christianity toward their brand of Hinduism?

            And yes there are segments of the left that have killed soldiers, and there are soldiers who have raped and pillaged through Kashmir and brought nothing but disgrace to the badge they wear.


            1. Chrisitans launched the WORST INQUISITION in History against Hindus, and you complain about RSS marching and trying to convince dhimmi to shed their chains.


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