The far left is destroying the Congress party

When I was a kid, my parents greatest desire in life (like every other Indian parent) was to push me to do better and better in school.

Me : But Mom, I already studied so much. Why study more?

Mom: You have to son, otherwise you will amount to nothing in life.

Me: But Mom, those friends of mine are having fun right now. Why not me?

Mom: They are destroying their future. Either their parents are already rich and they don’t need to work. Or they will grow up to be street thugs. You don’t worry about them and study hard.

Most Indian kids have been part of some version of this conversation. Study hard and don’t worry about those jocks who are ruining their lives. Don’t get in with the wrong crowd of friends. They will destroy your life.

Right now, that is exactly what is happening to the Indian National Congress.

Post its disastrous 2014 defeat, the depressed Congress has found itself in the wrong company. Now I may not be a Congress supporter, but I do realize that the Congress is the most successful party in Indian history. It has won more elections than anyone can even count. They are still the main opposition in several states. And they still have what it takes to revive themselves.

Except, they are in the wrong company.

I am talking about the newfound friends of the Congress like Kanhaiyya Kumar and Shehla Rashid and the entire far left gang of nutcases.


Remember the kids mom warned me about? The kids who have no future? In the political context, that is what the far left is today. The participation of left parties in electoral politics is only ornamental. The Kanhaiyas and Arundhatis of the world are the most unpopular people in the entire country. They’ll never win an election. In fact, the likes of Medha Patkar and Aruna Roy will actively repel votes.

But the Congress under Rahul Gandhi is hanging out with this wrong crowd. And it is picking up their ways. Unlike the Left, the Congress is a real political force. But it is ruining its prospects by picking up the ways of the Left parties who have no stake in politics.

Just like the jocks who smoked and drank in school, the Left throws beef parties. The Left can afford to throw beef parties because it does not need to care about public opinion. They wouldn’t win elections anyway.

The Congress fell in with this crowd. And just like smoking and drinking in school, it felt cool at first. When Rahul baba shared the stage with those who raise slogans of Bharat ke tukde and Bharat ki barbadi, it was a high for him. The far left intellectuals from the crevices of academia applauded him. The journalists with arts degrees from Stephens’ and Jamia Milia applauded him. It felt awesome.

Then the Congress went ahead and weakened India’s position after surgical strikes on Pakistan. Again, the intellectuals were delighted.

Dissent! Yay!

And now it came to this. The Youth Congress carries tortures and kills a cow in broad daylight.

This had to happen. The downward spiral began with JNU. It has come to its logical conclusion.

Gau hatya!

Oh Congress what have you done!

A simple comparison of the coverage on English news channels vs Hindi news channels should bring the point home.

The weight of the crime cannot even be expressed in English. It makes sense only in an Indian language.

Do you know what the words “Gau hatya” mean to hundreds of millions of Hindus who don’t live in Lutyens Delhi?

But the Congress fell for the lies of its far left intellectual friends. They convinced themselves that the cow is sacred to only a handful of Brahmin males living in the Hindi heartland. They were convinced that most Hindus out there are all either eating beef or craving it : Dalits, tribals, OBCs, Bengalis, Tamils, Keralites, Kanadigas, etc…

The Congress came to believe this because it had made too many friends at Lutyens and too few workers at the grassroots. This entire ecosystem had been carved out by the Congress itself for its own benefit, but it is now the ecosystem that is choking the Congress.

I had made this point before when 8 SIMI activists were shot by Madhya Pradesh Police. Then also the Congress erred because it listened to the chorus of its flatterers. Simply put, no one out there gives a damn for the lives of SIMI terrorists. People want these terrorists to be eliminated one way or the other. And similarly, the vast majority of Indians does not give a damn about the well being of stone pelters. If an Army major ties one of these lowlife scum to a jeep, the country will back the major, not the stone pelter.

But behind those far left glasses, the Congress cannot see the masses. Bharat ki barbaadi, questioning surgical strikes, standing with stone pelters and now Gau hatya! The road from 44 to 4 seems clear.


13 thoughts on “The far left is destroying the Congress party

  1. But… This is the nature of the beast. Congress has no other option than to do anything and everything against BJP/Modi’s desire. Oppose all their action. Although Congress political philosophy is much closer to Communist political philosophy, but even if it was not, Congress, Communist and so many other opposition parties are joining hands is like in nature when there is a forest fire, bhalu and bhedia are going to run together and Modi forest fire is going to burn a long long time.

    I have read couple of interesting points; one the Congress Youth leaders who participated in the brutal killing of calf are saying that they had blessings of higher ups in the party and two, Fidel Castro, the Commi role model, had banned killing of cows in Cuba (of course, no such thing as cow worshiping there).


  2. The parents of the far leftists taught their kids three things – how to lie, how to speak English and how to hate the country. This sufficed to give them careers in the media and the press where they could get NGO money and harm national interests.
    Those who were still incapable of finding a media career become permanent students at the JNU humanities department. This in a nutshell is the career graph of the far leftists exemplified by Kanhaiya Kumar and Shehla Rashid.

    After the kick they received in Bengal, the leftists were drowning. They looked around for someone they could drown with. And guess who they found.


  3. Chaiwallahji, why are you giving brotherly advise to congressi like Munna don’t eat beef all your teeth will fall out? Keep it reserved when we would have a nationalist Muslim party in a true nationalist line up.


  4. Hi CW!…Happy second anniversary of your blog…..Keep up the good work!!

    We join to thank you for the wonderful blog of yours and appreciate all the hard work put in!!….Happy blogging!


    1. Dear Chaiwallah,

      Congratulations on the second anniversary of your Dynastycrooks blog.

      I have been following your blog ever since you announced it one fine day in May 2 years ago on Mediacrooks and join all the other followers of your blog in wishing many more years of powerful blogging.

      On a personal note, too, I wish to thank you for this wonderful gift since on this May 31 I complete 71 years of (b)logging in to this world and look forward to a few more years before I have to (b)log out!


  5. There is yet another absurd article by Jagannathan, who thinks that the beef ban will cost the BJP the 2019 election. He apparently can’t let go of his craving for approval by his Lutyens mates. As “Moksha” says in the Comments section: “Jaggi had predicted disaster for BJP and Modi after demonetisation. He had predicted loss for BJP in UP. Getting egg on his face in both these instances doesn’t seem to have improved his prediction abilities.” Dr. Praveen Patil of 5Forty3 says that the beef ban has massive support in the society at large.

    Here is the Jagannathan.


    1. Agreed one hundred percent Professor. In facts, there was a much more sensible article on the same subject in News Laundry which says, there is no ban on beef eating or slaughter of cows, just the animal abusing middlemen are removed. That is the only change. Is Jaggi still suffering from FP syndrome?


    2. Yeah agreed.Although i think he has valid arguments to make against the strict cattle sale rules(not a beef ban),from both an economical and libertarian principle,he is completely wrong about the political consequences of this.In fact,he is always wrong about politics,he said before Up elections that Akhilesh has a good “image” and could very well win LOL!I don’t take anything he says about politics seriously.


  6. I’ll be a little critical here.

    1. It is no news that much of Kerala loves beef. It is no news that Indian travellers and workers do not outrage (by quoting cultural sensitivities) when they see beefsteak (or just ‘steak’) being sold/served anywhere outside India. It is also no news that we have thousands of stray cows on Indian roads.

    2. This event, in particular, has given a trump card to everybody who despises congress and can purport to be a Hindu lover. Loyal congressies who are, coincidentally, devout Hindus also, are finding it hard to digest what their colleagues have done for vote-bank.

    3. BJP (and the likes) are finding it hard to sell that “all animals aren’t equal”. They perhaps can’t go all-out on this as they’ve to play well in the north-east as well. The left knows this and is playing it hard.


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