Some animals are more equal than others

As if we needed further evidence of the Congress trampling over Hindu sentiments.

If they want to make a point about freedom to eat beef, fine. I am willing to listen. That’s one of the reasons I don’t support Indira Gandhi.

But such barbarism and ritual slaughter of a poor calf just so they can raise slogans against Narendra Modi? Some videos on TV channels show the poor creature being chased into an open vehicle, Congress workers sharpening their knives and then proceeding to torture and kill it.

Who is the animal here? The meek gentle one being tortured to death or the bloodthirsty ones attacking it?

Of course, now would be the time when fashionable NGOs and animal rights activists go on vacation.

Where are the people who protested against the so called cruelty of traditional Jallikattu? Also on vacation I suppose.

Where are the celebrities who post cute pictures just before Diwali telling us not to use crackers for the sake of poor animals, reminding us to #BePawsitive ?

Remember the political party that cried copious tears for the police horse Shaktiman? This even came from their official handle.

What now?

I read this somewhere : “Hindus have no human rights and cows have no animal rights“.

Or as George Orwell famously put it: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


5 thoughts on “Some animals are more equal than others

  1. There are five type of people in this world,

    One, who don’t care about the way animals are slaughtered, they just want their meat.

    Second, who want their animals to be slaughtered in a painless way, they too just want their meat.

    Third, who don’t want a particular animal to be slaughtered for religious or sentimental reasons but are okay with other animals being slaughtered, they too just want their meat.

    Fourth, who don’t eat meat themselves but they support other people’s right of slaughtering animals.

    Fifth, who don’t want animals to be slaughtered at all for food.

    What you see in the video happens everyday and even more cruelly all over Bharat you know “doctrine of necessity” you are just cringing because today you were made to watch it.

    there are no two ways about it either you support killing of animals for food & accessories or you don’t. same goes for capital punishment.

    humans can change habits but don’t want to.

    stop killing animals & feeding on their corpses won’t impinge on the quality of life but still the debilitating debate over right to food, right to choice.

    humans refuse to change their ways until it threatens their life, the argument is that since killing animals for food doesn’t threatens existence why stop it ?

    humans have to grow out of this.


  2. Gau hatyari Congress full stop. However, this reminds how much we gau bhakts used our feelings art and imagination to romantized cute little calves, cows and powerful Bulls similar to successful and interesting hundreds of Hollywood movies like Dalmatians, Homeward, Lion king? 70 years of gau hatyari congress and its illegitimate clone rules somewhere always have robbed us of our artistic sensibility which is permanent damage.


  3. Poor Paul McCartney, he must not know about the heartless cruel Youth Congress workers when he said, “If the slaughter houses had glass walls, entire world would be vegetarian”.

    Even though, in the pictures it is very clear that the calf that these cruel people killed in broad day light was a cow calf, still our Presstitute Pseudo Liberals repeatedly wrote that a buffalo calf was butchered. Of course, even that would be just as bad, but why the wrong information?


  4. Sickening as the act of killing a calf to just prove a point is, more sickening is the fact that PETA chose to keep silent. These NGO’s have selective love for selective animals. Hypocrites.


  5. This form of anti Modi tirade is despicable. Congis are trying to remain relevant. Consequences be damned.
    It’s not about cow slaughter. Its about Modi!!


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