Cheap, absurd criticism actually makes Modi stronger

What is Narendra Modi’s greatest strength?

I’ll say that it is his critics.

There is something about Narendra Modi that drives them mad. Towards something I like to call “Modi derangement syndrome” (I did not invent that term… see also the related term Bush Derangement Syndrome from the early 2000s)

So the government completed 3 years in power on May 26. To celebrate this occasion, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Dhola Sadiya bridge in Assam. It’s India’s longest bridge, nearly 10 km long.

It’s concrete development for the people of the neglected North East who have often received stepmotherly treatment from out Delhi centered discourse.  It cuts down the travel time between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by some 5 hours. It sends a message to China that we will be assertive and forward in defending Arunachal Pradesh.

Who could possibly have heartburn about this? Only some poor miserable creatures in the media who suffer from Modi Derangement Syndrome (MDS). Like this from Timesgroup.


Cheap, absurd and jealous reporting.

But above all Mr. Prabin Kalita, let me tell you this. Your “reporting” is self-defeating. Through your absurd criticism, you have actually made people sympathize with Modi. Any rational person who reads this headline, even if not a Modi supporter, will agree that you are victimizing the man for doing something that is clearly in national interest.

Your MDS is helping Modi. Take that.

Now, this was not an isolated example. India Today’s DailyO also came out with this absurd piece.


Yes, the bridge has robbed boatmen of their jobs and helped out corporates. How much further will MDS victims go in their insanity?

Wait until you hear how this bridge is supposed to help corporates. Apparently, it will let them get their heavy machinery across to build hydel power plants in Arunachal Pradesh!

Now, the “independent journalist” who wrote this article probably did not realize that what she listed as a criticism is actually considered by most people to be an advantage.

Here is what this mediaperson thinks people are saying after reading her article:

Damn you Modi for helping corporates build power plants.

Here is what people are actually thinking :

Thank you Modi for helping to build hydel power plants. 

Sometimes I wonder if Modi and the BJP themselves are paying for such absurdly negative coverage. Because such negative coverage actually helps Narendra Modi create an image of being the underdog despite being India’s most powerful Prime Minister in 30 years.

For the nation, the real danger of such negative reporting is not that it will help the secular establishment come back to power. That’s not happening at all. The danger actually lies in the cloud of public sympathy around Modi created by this negative reporting. This cloud of public sympathy is actually protecting the Modi government from real criticism over real failures.

Here is another recent example from The Wire which has recently started a new Youtube series with Vinod Dua bashing Modi non-stop for 8 minutes or so at a time.

In this episode, Vinod Dua makes the breathtaking claim that he does not remember any politician using the 1971 war for internal political advantage!!


You know Indira Gandhi imposed emergency when war began in December 1971 (which makes sense). The war ended in less than 3 weeks. But Indira Gandhi kept extending the emergency …not 3 weeks… not 4 weeks… the Emergency lasted all the way till March 1977.

(Remark : It is a lesser known fact that the Emergency Period did not actually begin in 1975. The “External Emergency” imposed during the Indo-Pak war began from December 1971 stayed in force until June 1975, even though the war was long over.  In June 1975, Indira Gandhi merely added “internal Emergency” to the already existing “External Emergency”.)

So, Indira Gandhi used the 3 week Indo-Pak war to impose a 4 year Emergency and then added an internal Emergency in which Lok Sabha elections were canceled! But no, Mr. Vinod Dua cannot remember an example of any politician using the 1971 war for political benefit!


Modi’s detractors in the media are going so far overboard in their criticism that people are simply beginning to tune them out. When a genuine criticism comes along, the public no longer wants to listen. It becomes easy for BJP to dismiss all criticism as motivated and malafide because so much of it really is.

For instance, here is a genuine criticism. Why has the CBI under the current government given Manmohan Singh a clean chit in the coal scam? In fact, the former coal secretary H C Gupta who was recently convicted has repeatedly said that he did everything with full permission from Dr. Singh.


Instead of using Gupta’s confessions for indicting the former Prime Minister, it was actually the CBI that insisted in the court that Dr. Singh had been kept “in the dark”.

Why? This is for the people to ask and for Narendra Modi to answer.

Yes, there is no escaping the fact that Narendra Modi has saved Manmohan Singh in the coal scam.

There’s a genuine criticism right there. But it is all too easy for BJP to dismiss this uncomfortable fact along with the bundle of unfair criticism that Modi receives everyday. And therein lies the real danger to democracy.


8 thoughts on “Cheap, absurd criticism actually makes Modi stronger

  1. The criticism is neither cheap nor absurd. Articles like the one written by Prabin Kalita are targeted at people with low levels of education, income and patriotism (which is the communist target segment to use marketing lingo).

    Educated people see this kind of crap and question the IQ of the writer and leave it at that. We all know that a farmer or a cobbler or even a boatman who makes a living by labour is far superior to the Leftist who feeds off the taxes paid by the labourers and is still ungrateful.

    But for each educated person in India who recognizes and dismisses the leftist crap, there may be a few unschooled ones who fall for it. There are people who even believe that someone who knows English is educated. This is also what missionaries feed off.

    There is a strong need for courses in schools and colleges that dissect the dangerous Leftist pattern of thinking, point out its many lies and falsefhoods and alert people to such articles.

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  2. My take is that these are the truly MDS .Don’t we have useful and useless idiots in India brokering for any invader pimps? Though how I wish we had micro strategies in place like in Ram, Maurya, Gupta, Bharat and advanced Jan Rajya.


  3. These vile articles are the reason why people had rejected MSM. These people think they decide general opinion. No you don’t. Your sycophants failed to save Namazwadi in UP and you are again going to fail in 2019 because the opposition is a headless chicken filled with scamsters and jihadist. Good luck parading them as a credible option against NaMo. He gets more and more powerful everyday a stupid article criticizing him surfaces.
    As far as Manmohan is concerned, my take is Modi have him saved for 2019. Then it would be politically possible to further aggravate conditions for Congress and their allies.


  4. I sincerely doubt that these Modi haters are not aware that their absurd criticism and berating Narendra Modi on each and every issue is making Mr. Modi more and more popular and they look more and more ridiculous. But just as persons who smoke two packs of cigarettes a day know how harmful the habit is, but keep taking consolation in statistics and continue to smoke, these Modi haters cannot stop themselves. On this longest bridge, I also read a comment that MMS started this bridge but Modi is taking credits.

    Besides these Modi haters, the opposition is doing so many things that help Mr. Modi. Case in point, Mani Shankar Aieyar embracing Separatist, Youth Congress openly slaughtering calf to name a few.

    I also believe Mr. Modi has uncanny ability to perform ‘Cost Vs benefit’ analysis. Perhaps that could explain not putting MMS in jail. Just imagine, if God forbids MMS dies in jail, what would happen to Congress? Forty four will turn to three hundred and forty four in 2019. Same with Sonia Gandhi and she is ill to start with.


  5. Dear Sujoy,

    On the third anniversary of the NaMo sarkar, perhaps those of us on this forum can do our own “best and worst” analysis. I will start off with my own list.

    Best of NaMo Sarkar:

    => Growing clout of India across the world. While those afflicted by MDS won’t admit it, NaMo is now a rock star around the world. We are now the only country that is truly growing, after discounting for China’s bloated statistics.

    => A truly caring MEA. I can’t recall any time in history when NRIs actually felt that the Indian government cared for them and was there to help. Kudos to Sushmaji for her outstanding efforts.

    => Good handle on internal security. Too many people confuse the ritualistic statements that Rajnath Singh is forced to make for his actions. Have we already forgotten the regular bomb blasts during the UPA era followed by Doggy’s comment that “Iss mey RSS ka haath hai!”

    => Enormous strides in infrastructure, specifically energy, railways, and surface transport. Everyone knows of and appreciates Piyush Goel and Suresh Prabhu because these guys can speak English and are good-looking, but no one appreciates Nitin Gadkari because he is fat and can’t speak English. But I think that in his own quiet way he has been doing an outstanding job. For instance, that long bridge between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh didn’t build itself, right?

    And now the worst of the NaMo Sarkar:

    => ZERO action on low-hanging fruit such as releasing Hindu temples from the clutches of the government, repealing RTE, and trifurcating J&K (followed by repealing Article 370). Rahul Roushan says that OpIndia will carry an interview with Prakash Javedekar in which he (J) says that repealing RTE would be a “radical” step and he needs to proceed carefully. Actually, it was *passing* RTE that was radical. But this only confirms that J is useless (more such useless ministers in the list below).

    => Unimaginative approach of appeasing Kashmiris and at the same time starving the loyal folks of Jammu. In fact Sonam Mahajan keeps writing about this. By separating Jammu from Kashmir and repealing Article 370 there (with the full consent of the Jammu Assembly), the government could showcase what that part of India is capable of, not just to the sensible Kashmiris (assuming there are some) but also to the rest of the world.

    => Retention of too many duds in the cabinet, starting with the great man himself (Jai-Italy), but also including Ravishankar Prasad, Prakash Javedekar, Maneka Gandhi, … Any half-way intelligent first-time BJP MP would do a far better job than any of these jokers. Dr. Kalam has the knack of spotting talented people and would entrust them with massive responsibilities at a young age. Why can’t Modi and Shah do the same? How else can one build “depth”? Jai-Italy can’t be moved from Finance due to his ego. He knows zilch about finance but wants all top industrialists to dance around him. He has neither time nor interest in the Defence Ministry, and it is suffering again. Right now all the Defence Ministry needs is a full-time minister who is supportive. The Armed Forces will take care of the rest.

    I would love to hear from others.

    P.S. Thanks to Mr. Santoryuu’s earlier comment, I have left off “no corrupts behind bars” from my list of negatives! 🙂


  6. They are doing their job for the payments received. I hold the publishers responsible for this lowly ethics. Many publishing houses established to serve Gandhis and commies are suffocated with Modi and BJP, and hence relieving their frustration through filthy articles, which also pleases their masters who are battered by Indian public. It is not for nothing that Gen. VK Singh termed them presstitutes!


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