The God of False Things : How Arundhati Roy creates fake news and gets away with it

Arundhati Roy is a very lucky person. Right before her book release, it just so happens that somebody starts planting fake news stories about her, putting Ms. Roy at the heart of controversy. Everybody knows there is no such thing as bad publicity.


So what’s fake news? How to create it, sustain it and how to actually use it to further advantage even when caught?

I’ll illustrate this  by telling you how Arundhati Roy herself does it. You kids take notes. Watch and learn from the legend herself.

(1) It happened to a friend of a friend …

The year was 2002. A fiery Arundhati Roy was determined to shake the conscience of the nation like she always does. Here she is, writing in the Outlook.



Shocking beyond words, no?

Soon after, Balbir Punj (then a BJP MP) decided to follow up on this horrific incident to try and get justice for Sayeeda. Only to find out this.


Not only was Sayeeda brutally murdered, the friends of her friends didn’t even want to help with identifying her or her killers.

Key takeaways :

a. Never take direct responsibility for a claim. Always refer to a “friend from Baroda”.

b. When pressed for details, exercise your legal right to remain silent.

(2) Use the fact that foreign audiences don’t know a lot about India 

Are you facing a foreign audience that knows little about our internal political affairs? Excellent! Here is your chance to retell India’s history any way you want by moving events around freely in all dimensions of time and space. There’s no fear of getting caught.

So here is Arundhati Roy unplugged at Northwestern Law School in Chicago (see here for full speech)

She goes: “A train full of pilgrims coming back from the destruction of this Ayodhya mosque which was disputed. The train caught fire; nobody knows who set fire to the train…

Yes, why not slide the Babri demolition along the time dimension from 1992 to 2002 so that the karsevaks who died in Godhra can be accused of destroying it? The American audience probably won’t realize this. So, lie away…

Not to mention that she shoved in another lie into that quote. Nobody knows who set fire to the train? Really? A court of law has actually sentenced the accused, many of them to death.

But then, liberal media is such that I suspect most Indians don’t know about the conviction of the perpetrators of Godhra. This is likely because the sentencing in the Godhra carnage was not followed by screaming headlines of “Justice for Godhra victims”. How would Americans know?

(3) Genuine Errors do not alter the substance of what is being said

In the same Outlook article that I mentioned above, Arundhati Roy speaks thus on the Gulberg Society case.


Stripped his daughters and burned them alive? It turns out that Ehsan Jaffri had only one daughter (not daughters) and that she is very much alive. In fact, she was actually in the US (and thank god that she is safe and sound) on the day this attack happened. As Ehsan Jaffri’s son pointed out in an interview to The Asian Age on May 2:

Among my brothers and sisters, I am the only one living in India. And I am the eldest in the family. My sister and brother live in the US. I am 40 years old“.

This time Arundhati Roy had broken her own standard operating procedure and forgotten to blame a “friend from Baroda”. And so it happened that she actually had to publish an apology in which her justification achieves the gold standard of hypocrisy.

In a situation like the one that prevails in Gujarat, when the police are reluctant to register firs, when the administration is openly hostile to those trying to gather facts, and when the killings go on unabated—then panic, fear and rumour play a pivotal role. People who have disappeared are presumed dead, people who have been dismembered and burnt cannot be identified, and people who are distraught and traumatised are incoherent…. This and other genuine errors in recounting the details of the violence in Gujarat in no way alters the substance of what journalists, fact-finding missions, or writers like myself are saying.

Did you catch that? When you are caught peddling fake news, don’t retreat. Instead blame the other side for creating a situation which led you to fall for the rumors! So what if rumors are playing a “pivotal role” in Arundhati Roy’s reporting? It is actually the fault of the Gujarat government that Arundhati Roy did not check her facts. And then there is the amazing assertion that “genuine errors in recounting details” in no way alter the substance of what is being said!

The errors in recounting details (i.e., the facts) don’t matter. Only the substance of what is being said (i.e., the narrative) matters. 

Has anyone ever expressed the motto of fake news so crisply and clearly? 

You kids take notes. Learn from Arundhati Roy how fake news is done right.



15 thoughts on “The God of False Things : How Arundhati Roy creates fake news and gets away with it

    1. What happened to the Sedition case filed on her in 2010. Why Modi Government is not pursuing it to logical end. Why these people are allowed to create hatred amongst people. Is it not duty of the government to book them under the provisions of current law and make them face consequences. If you don’t do this even to such small characters where is the chance of taking any action against the big fish.


  1. As long as she was criticizing India and ridiculing India, the western media and academic institutions treated her as a queen of reform. They rushed to get her autograph. As any drunk (with alcohol or power) she thought she was invincible in west and in that drunkenness she made a mistake of criticizing George Bush’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Overnight she got transformed from a Hero to a fascist bitch in the eyes of the western world. She learnt her lesson and ever since she has pretty much decided to concentrate on India. She wouldn’t dare say any bad words about Israel either. She knows what Israel could do pretty much in any country.


  2. She should be dealt severally for lying, fake news and inciting violence deliberately and for anti national activities. There is no law justifying lies, bad intent, incitement to violence for the sake of any claim of substance. It is time new India catch up with her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, Arundhati Roy lies through her teeth. But so do all leftists.
    To modify an example from Aristotle

    1. All leftists lie
    2. Arundhati Roy is a leftist
    3. Hence Arundhati Roy lies


    The entire left liberal media in India is built on a foundation of irresponsible, lying journalists who can be caught lying every day. Take any leftist written article – in the Hindu newspaper for example – and you can find atleast ten lies.

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  4. More info on the witch of false things!!

    Arundhati Roy’s mother was a Keralite Christian . Her name was Mary.
    She was working in Metal Box , Calcutta as Secretary and met Mr. Roy, a Bengali Hindu who was also with Metal Box, Calcutta. They married and Arundhati was born to them.

    Mr. Roy’s elder brother, Mr. P .L Roy, is the father of Prannoy Roy of NDTV. 
    P L Roy too married a christian woman who was wicked enough to make him convert . Or should we say P L Roy was fool enough not to see her hidden agenda. 
    That’s how Suzanna Arundhati Roy and Prannoy James Roy were born and are first cousins. 

    It is interesting to note how both Prannoy (James) Roy and (Suzanna) Arundhati Roy have kept their christian names hidden from public and work on a Anti Hindu propaganda and agenda together under their alias Hindu names to deceive Hindus !

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    1. Wow !! Some information ! All the time I was wondering how and why a Hindu lady was so much against India? Normally the Pseudo Liberals are not that much against Congress, but this lady has been anti-national even when Congress was in power.


  5. ‘ God of Filth’ would have been better, however you had striped her mask like nobody did. We have many of them who are struggling to survive after Modi arrived. There was a recent event which is quite interesting. A jobless politician called AK Subbaih authored a book titled ‘RSS Antaranga” and know who were all present to grace? Teesta Shetalwad of Godra cottage Industry and girish Karnad, the only heir to Tipu Sultan, the Butcher. These leftie garbage are not getting much coverage these days. After living five star lives during Congress rule, these hypocrites are ignored like used tissue paper.

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  6. While it is certainly necessary to expose these skunks time to time, I find it painful to imagine that our dear CW Ji works very hard to dig up the dirt and sift through it to publish such coherent and cogent pieces. These termites are simply not worth CW Ji’s time.


  7. This Arundhati is a serial liar. 20 years on someone may even write a thick thesis on her lies and get a Ph.D. Just yesterday someone had posted a video of hers on Twitter where she accuses the Indian Army of all manner of things – making war on its own people etc. Then saying the Pakis never did such a thing.

    Too bad the formation of Bangladesh is documented pretty thoroughly in history books, even the Pakis acknowledge Operation Searchlight (“Oh, but we didn’t kill all that many Bengalis! No sir!”); and the atrocities on the Baloch people are slowly slowly coming out into the sunlight.

    I think Kejriwal and Arundhati took tuitions from the same teacher. Star students they turned out too.


  8. As a teenager i bought her book when she won a booker’s prize. Any international recognition and we indians feel on top of the world. We think its the best thing to happen to us. I read i think half of it and had never touched it since. I think i got lost while reading it or maybe didnt find it interesting enough. Maybe what she had written wasnt simple enough to read. Over the years, i dont know if she worte anything but what i read in papers or watch on TV was every now and then she spits venom against India. Question is who is she? Booker winner , Good author , pure leftist and next question is why do media or we listen to her and get bothered when we know she lies? So lets try and answer both questions. She is Booker winner- so are we saying opinios of booker winner matters and we should start listening political views of booker winner’s. Nah, flimsy logic. Good author- debatable as I couldnt complete her book till date. Leftist – now we are talking. Yes we listen to them as we get to know shallow opinions of anti-nationals, sickulars etc and it helps us see the truth. So if she is leftist, lets answer second question. Sold out media makes us listen to these liberals so its forced on us and we cant avoid it. We are bothered because we dont love these anti-nationals. So point of the matter is only one thing is controllable here ” us getting bothered” and i think thats best can be done by ignoring her. Atleast that what i do in her case. AVOID


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