Fake news alert! Liberals spin Sikh man into Muslim to safeguard “narrative”

Now that Europeans seem reconciled to the reality of terrorist attacks, liberals in the West can breathe easier. Just a few years ago, when such happenings in Europe were still a novelty, the left would be thrown off its game each time there was a terror attack. After all, how do you defend the ruthless massacre of innocents? How do you prove that those of slaughter people day in and day out are actually following a religion of peace?

Obviously you can’t.

Instead, you do you what you can and wait for Europeans to get used to terrorism. Well, it seems Achche Din have arrived for European liberals. Because people on the continent have stopped complaining. Terror attack happens in Manchester; Europeans just shrug it off and get on with their lives. They are reconciled to the fact that their continent is committing civilizational suicide. Why bother stopping the inevitable?


No wonder, liberals are now going on the offensive. After terrorist attacks, the spotlight is now put firmly on the *real victims*. In case you are wondering, the *real victims* are NOT those who got their insides blown to bits. No, the *real victims* are definitely NOT those whose relatives and friends perished in the blast.

Who is the *real victim* then? Well, the real victim is the Muslim living in Europe, who might get dirty looks and rude comments from the “racist” Europeans!  They came in droves because they had burned their own countries to the ground. Which obviously entitles them to enter Europe and spend a lifetime on taxpayer funded welfare.

Then, they said that Europe wasn’t doing “enough” to accommodate their valuable guests. Why, for instance, can’t Europe be ruled by Sharia law so that those who fled Muslim lands can feel more at home?

Alas! Europe hasn’t accepted Sharia law yet. Which makes Muslims living in Europe the *real victims* of terrorism.

Confident European liberals will now go all out to fight for the *real victims*. If that means creating fake news, why not?

This collage prepared by “The Frustrated Indian”  says it all


See how brazen? They see a tweet that mentions a Sikh taxi driver along with a photo. They ask the person for permission to use the pic. And lo and behold… the picture is published with the Sikh man now labelled as a Muslim!

If you can’t find Muslims doing good things, nothing to worry. Just take brown looking people from another religion who are actually doing good things and label them as Muslims! Problem solved!

Now, Twitter as we know, is full of “abusive trolls”. Which is why Cosmopolitan’s trick got found out in no time! The Tweet had to be deleted.

Victory, you might think! After all, they got caught with their pants down  … Tweet deleted… battle won, Right?


If you believe this is a battle won, then you have not learned anything from the way terrorists and liberals have shown themselves to think.

You caught this one… will you really be able to stop every single fake news missile that is fired by the liberals? Some of them will reach their targets nevertheless. Just the way terrorists think. Some terrorists will always get caught and some plots foiled, but there is no foolproof way to stop *every* single terror attack.

Just look at the Twitter timeline of the “reporter” who began the operation.


0% regret. 0% apology. 100% brazen.

She just deleted the tweet and forgot all about it. No consequences for her career. If anything, she is probably going to be applauded for the bold new stream of fake news she has created. In order to show Muslims doing good things, just take photos of Sikhs and label them as Muslims.

This is a goldmine really. Sikhs are a community that is spread the world over, especially in big cities where terror attacks generally happen. And Sikhs seem to have this amazing spirit that they are always the first ones to come to help and always the last ones to leave.

Every Indian knows this. You can count on Sikhs to help out the community whenever a disaster happens.

Honestly, how did no liberal think of this before? Just take pictures of Sikhs doing community service and package them as photos of Muslims. This is going to be really easy for them.

Here, for instance, is a picture of “Muslims” coming to help Nepal during its terrible earthquake.


You see that, Westerners? See how big hearted folks from the religion of peace came to help in Nepal? Some internet Hindus must have spread the rumor that Muslim nations airdropped beef masala packets over Nepal to mock their religion in their hour of need…

4 thoughts on “Fake news alert! Liberals spin Sikh man into Muslim to safeguard “narrative”

  1. ROFL – Fake news being identified by the liberals – I think best way to get back at them

    “The nation needs to know what to read and believe. But that won’t happen until the media realise it needs to verify the news before whipping up hysteria around it.”

    It has hurt them really badly. They want to give sermons.

    Getting paid back in the same coin is not acceptable to the liberals.


  2. Excellent take on fibrils. Agenda based reporting and fake news has become so much aggressive and brazen that we need many more ‘CWs’ and ‘Mediacrooks’ to expose and counter.


  3. Like urban naxals identification for the network behind naxalits, urban terrorists will be proper labeling of network supporting terrorists like so called liberals.


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