Uncaging the Army : Building a new normal


Ultimately, it is the “normal” that dominates our lives. Have you seen the terrorist attack in Manchester? Europeans were definitely sad, but they didn’t really stop… they just went on with their lives.

Increasingly, all over Europe, there is a realization that losing a certain number of innocent people each year to Islamic terrorism is a given. Sure, Europeans will regret it. Any rational human being will regret  the loss of innocent human life. But the problem is that Europeans will not “really” care enough about it.

The same logic of the normal applies to the perpetual “war” between India and Pakistan. Does any of us really expect peace to come in our lifetime or in the lifetime of the next generation or the generation after that?

In a vexed war like this, the only positive outcome can be to change the normal. Or if you like technologically slanted language, to change the default setting.

So far, the default setting has been for Pakistan to keep striking India and India maintaining a forever defensive posture. Even in the face of an extreme provocation like Kargil, the Indian military including the Air Force were under strict instructions not to cross the Line of Control (LoC).

It is not that people of India don’t understand. We know there will never be peace. We were just fed up of the normal. They pick their time and their spot and all we get to do is pick up the pieces.

This is what the Modi government has changed forever.

We will now carry out surgical strikes across the LoC when we want and wherever we want. We will destroy their fortifications with large artillery guns and announce it triumphantly to the world.

It is noteworthy that while the surgical strikes of September were against “terrorists”, the operation that the Army publicized yesterday did not try to put up any such facade. The Army was very open about showing the action against official Pakistani army fortifications.

THIS is the new normal. At one time, we were scared to touch our nuclear armed rogue neighbor for fear of an extreme reaction. Now we know that the nuclear bravado was just a bluff.

One only hopes we can keep pushing the normal. Air strikes the next time perhaps? You know like the way Americans do. They don’t put up any appearances.. they bomb Pakistan as and when they want. Sometime they inform Pakistan … sometimes they don’t.

A very similar thing has happened in the jeep “incident” with the dude tied to the front as a human shield. Major Gogoi, the army man who took the controversial decision has received a medal from the Army. On paper, the medal is for his services in general and not this incident in particular, but we all know how well Modi government understands the power of timing.

The timing and the message is clear. The Army has a free hand in Kashmir to fight the war. And human rights activists never won anybody a war. Worse, we are fairly confident that the human rights activists are on Pakistani payroll, selling out their country for literally pennies.

The ultimate beauty of a “new normal” is that it doesn’t matter who holds the power in Delhi. If tomorrow the BJP were to lose power, the “normal” would still be available for the next Prime Minister to use. A new normal has been established and Pakistan has to live with it. Jai Hind!




11 thoughts on “Uncaging the Army : Building a new normal

  1. Dear Sujoy,

    I agree with almost everything you said about NaMo sarkar creating a new normal. However, I disagree completely with your last paragraph. If the BJP does not come back to power in 2019, do you really believe that the “new normal” would survive that? In fact it is the other way around: The Congress had created an eco-system wherein it did not matter who won the 2014 election. This is why dismantling ithe eco-system by NaMo is taking so long.

    It would take at least another fifteen years of rule by nationalists, including NaMo and his successor, to really put in place a permanent “new normal.” Some small beginnings have been made of course. The media has flipped over after the launch or Republic TV. Love him or hate him (and I lean towards disliking him), Arnab has tipped the balance of power completely. The Army is now saying OPENLY that it destroyed Pakistani posts because they were aiding terrorists. The government is showing a middle finger to human rights groups and standing behind the Army. In turn the Army is standing behind their man when he does something innovative. But this is only a start. We still have JNU idiots running around completely unchecked, we still have not put a single corrupt behind bars, we still have not managed to break the self-perpetuating judiciary (which may be the last domino to fall). Well, you get the idea.

    One small correction: I believe that Major Gogoi received a letter of commendation and not an award. Still, it is a slap in the face of the fiberals. My big worry now is that some urban naxal judge will permit a petition against Major Gogoi, or the Army, or whatever.

    As a side comment, my respect for Capt. Amarinder Singh went to the sky after his comments on this matter.


    1. If (God forbid), pseudo-secular, pro-jihadi, mafia syndicate manages to come back to power, first of all they will organize a genocide of nationalistic Hindus and then set the eternal servitude to Islam project on fast track.

      Modi and co. should understand that their role is not only to ensure BJP’s electoral victory, but to resurrect the collective psyche of Hindus from dhimmis to courageous. Sadly, I do not see any action towards this larger goal so far.


    2. Prof,good write up but i have to disagree on 1 point:please don’t say “not a single corrupt is behind bars”.Everyday if you see the news you will some or other crook who has been caught.And these are not isolated incident,these are sustained and heavy action by the Govt.

      If then you will say that”not a single politician has been caught” and again i will say that is completely wrong. Politicans in TN,Karnataka have been caught redhanded. In fact even a minister was caught in Karnataka.
      PC has had raids on him and his son,Lalu is the victim of raids,National herald etc.

      saying “not a single corrupt is behind bars” is disengenius and false.And that is the perception in general public as well.

      It is just that online RW already have a list,and if the people in that list are not caught then they say not a single corrupt is caught

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      1. Dear Mr. Santoryuu,

        “It is just that online RW already have a list,and if the people in that list are not caught then they say not a single corrupt is caught.”

        Very good observation. Thank you for making it. I will be more careful not to say “not a single corrupt is behind bars:” (and also try to persuade my wife not to say it! 🙂 )


  2. To tell you the truth, removal of A.K. Antony from the Defense Minister post became a major morale booster for our army and that was the beginning of change from ‘normal’. Just as Narendra Modi is changing normal, our Presstitute media and political opposition are forced to change their normal and more they go away from their normal, more they are forced to take anti-national stand. In the past their anti-national thoughts were not out in open this much.

    Under such atmosphere, what would be better for BJP (and us RWs) keep the simmering investigation of their past corruption continue perpetually (at least until 2019 election) or finish the investigation and put them in jail? Considering our mentality of being suckers for the ‘under dogs’, I believe Sonia, Rahul etc. will become more powerful from jail than from outside.


  3. Unless we figure out servitude mentalities of still vast majority of people who support anti national, anti Hindu, anti majority leaders, presstitutes, so called scholars, foreign powers etc., we will have to expose and then jail to prevent resurrection of such cancerous residuals of planted cells. But we do not have time. What do we do? We have to populate mind and land with Hindus, which include umbrella Hindus which means nationalists, vast majority of people except anti nationals and pseudo nationalists like OwasI, congressi, opportunists like kejris.


  4. The new normal is a great moral booster for ordinary people like us. Hope the boundaries of the normal be pushed frequently.


  5. When it comes to dealing with Pakistan, our new ‘normal’ will become even better when we get all new guns from America (and start producing the same guns in India). These guns are supposed to be the best in the world.


  6. This is not the new normal. Things are going to get very very worse for Pakistan. They will have to live under perpetual fear as to when and where Modi will strike next. And the strike could be from anywhere.

    It could be Cold start racing from Amritsar to Kabul cleaving Pakistan into atleast two (maybe more) pieces. It could be raids across the LOC into Indian territory illegally occupied by Pakistan. We dont need nobody’s permission to cross the LOC into Indian territory. It could be from a nuclear sub sitting in the Arabian sea. The strike could come from anywhere.

    I feel that Modi has made up his mind that Pakistan has to go one way or the other. We are just seeing the beginning of the end of Pakistan.


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