What Mahatma said about rape and why it’s important to control institutions

Ever since Narendra Modi came to power, some of the most bitter struggles have happened (at least in the media) over the control of institutions. The Nehruvians and Communists who have enjoyed political patronage for 70 years have been throwing tantrums ever since, suddenly discovering the importance of “dissent”.

The latest flashpoint of this war concerns the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in Delhi. Apparently, the leftists are ticked off because someone is holding a seminar on “Nationalistic Journalism”, which as we all know is totally morally inferior to the “Secularistic Journalism” that we all love and respect so much. Not only will the seminar begin with a yagya, but it will also feature S R P Kalluri, the ex-IG of Bastar.

This was nothing less than showing saffron to the red bull. And so it happened that on Saturday evening, a motley group of fire breathing leftists gathered outside the IIMC to show just how angry they were.

The holier than thou left wing website Newslaundry was also there to cover the show of “dissent”.



Some of India’s most privileged kids gathered at IIMC to show how much they care for tribals of Bastar. The celebrity dissenters were out there in full force : JNU student Anirban Bhattacharya, JNUSU President Mohit Pandey and many others that the media has made into household names.

But amid the sympathetic reporting, what also slipped out was what was left after the dissenters were done with their little Saturday party.


Pamphlets and signboards strewn on the roadside after the protesters were long gone? The photo above as also some of the videos posted of the event also appear to show the protesters tearing up pieces of paper to spread all over the place.

Of course it is now up to the sweepers who work for the municipality to clean up after the privileged kids have finished their party.  They came to speak for the downtrodden tribals of Bastar, remember? A lesson in class privilege that is rich in irony!

Why can’t JNUSU President Comrade Mohit Pandey pick up the trash left behind by their protest? Of course he can’t. A “Pandey” who has to hold a broom and sweep? Sacrilege! Does no one read the Manu Smriti any more?

One has to understand why the left is fighting so hard for control of institutions. Because institutions matter. Because institutions set the parameters for our day to day discourse.

Take, for instance, the following (absolutely absolutely shocking) quote on rape.

I have always held that it is physically impossible to violate a woman against her will. The outrage takes place only when she gives way to fear or does not realize her moral strength. If she cannot meet the assailant’s physical might, her purity will give her the strength to die before he succe­eds in violating her.

Would you believe that this is actually a quote from the Mahatma himself? Are you in shock? So was I when I came across this.

My intent is not in any way to insult the Father of the Nation. In case you didn’t know, that would actually be illegal as per the Honorable Supreme Court of India.


My intent is to show that history was written with a certain slant, deifying certain individuals and demonizing others as per the convenience of the ruling establishment in Delhi.

How many times have you seen pundits in media and academia go on and on about what Guru Golwalkar may or may not have said about Nazis almost a hundred years ago? No introduction to the RSS in a foreign newspaper article is complete without a mention of their so called Nazi sympathies. Why? Because academic liberals have pushed certain quotes  from Guru Golwalkar into the standard narrative on the RSS.

Now imagine if the Mahatma’s quotes on rape were in wider circulation while talking about his life and the roots of the Congress party. Can you imagine how different the popular discourse would have been?

Instead of talking about what RSS may have said about Nazis, what if popular discourse remembered the fact that Communists were actually military allies of the Nazis from 1939-1941? What if we remembered that WW-2 began with Communists and Nazis jointly invading Poland, one from the east and the other from the West as per the pact between Hitler and Stalin? The two brother armies even met up for a joint celebration and military parade after the occupation of Poland.

Can you imagine how differently the debates today about RSS affiliated ABVP vs Communist AISA would have been formulated if we remembered facts like these?

The same goes with Dr. Ambedkar. While the left is happy to promote his withering criticism of caste injustices, it conveniently leaves out Baba Saheb’s views on Islam. Because the aim of the left is to make the Hindus squirm in their own skin. But, the great man was no appeaser. Here, for instance, is what he said about Islam.

Islam speaks of brotherhood. Everybody infers that Islam must be free from slavery and caste. Regarding slavery nothing needs to be said. It stands abolished now by law. But while it existed much of its support was derived from Islam and Islamic countries… The existence of these evils among the Muslims is distressing enough. But far more distressing is the fact that there is no organized movement of social reform among the Musalmans of India on a scale sufficient to bring about their eradication. The Hindus have their social evils. But there is this relieving feature about them—namely, that some of them are conscious of their existence and a few of them are actively agitating for their removal. The Muslims, on the other hand, do not realize that they are evils and consequently do not agitate for their removal. Indeed, they oppose any change in their existing practices” 

But the left made sure that no one talks about this. In doing so, they reduced one of India’s most brilliant minds to the level of a common caste based politician.

These days, with the increasing influence of the internet, it has become harder to suppress such inconvenient quotes. Indeed, the left made some laughable attempts (see here for instance) to “explain away” these direct quotes from Dr. Ambedkar himself by quoting other random people who had written books on Ambedkar.

But now there are signs that the embarrassed left might be throwing in the towel. In what I believe is a first, a leftist propaganda blog like Scroll has actually published an article that is critical of Ambedkar, actually trying to smear him as an ally of the Muslim League and an “advocate for Pakistan”! (their words, not mine!)



The left has begun a retreat on Ambedkar. It is now for ascendant right wing forces to restore the greatness of Ambedkar, lifting him above the cheapness of the agenda of Indian pseudo-secularism.

As George Orwell wrote in Nineteen Eighty Four,

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past“.

It is now for those who control India’s present to make their power felt in institutions and take charge of the past.


8 thoughts on “What Mahatma said about rape and why it’s important to control institutions

  1. Fantastic an eye opening blog. I wish we could expose Dr. Ambedkar’s view on Muslims to the recent Bhim Sena which is threatening to convert to Islam if they don’t get their way. By the way, which sect of Islam they would convert to? Shia? Sunni? Ahmedia? Sufi? They have cut throat enmity among them.


    1. I just love the idea of beginning the program with a Yagna. In fact, all government functions should start with a yagna. The leaders have to rule with the attitude of devotion and sacrifice – not as self aggrandizing, self advertising like some of the AAP leaders. The invitation depicted at https://thewire.in/137405/iimc/ is absolutely beautiful. Kudos to the person who designed the invitation.

      Even in an Islamic country like Indonesia, we can see statues of Saraswati and other deities. In fact, Indonesia gifted USA a statue of Saraswati.

      Every country in the world is proud of its culture and takes every opportunity to remember and exhibit it. Leftists in India must be the only morons in the world who are not proud of their culture.


  2. To defeat looney and anti national forces poisonous lyrics raised in India for a long time, a permanent solution lies in unity of Hindus and umbrella Hindus which may include Muslims.


  3. No human is above assessment. There are many learned people who believe that Gandhi was partly responsible for unfinished partition the impact of which we are suffering today through Jihadis. He was guided by high morals but also myopic vision for sure.


  4. Honestly the left simply does not know how to engage in debate.If someone with an opposing or different ideology or stand dares to open their mouth they go beserk.The moderate form being name calling and the extreme being vandalism (Ex.UC Berkley).
    What they don’t understand is that if your opponenets ideas are so dangerous,you must let them speak.If the person really has such a dangerous ideology,he or she will be shunned by the public.
    The reason commies don’t do this though,is that they have no concept of a free market or competition,where inferior goods get thrown out of the market due to a lack of consumers.


  5. Looks like the government has vowed to eridicate nonsense (=irrationality of commies) from JNU and bring in scientific temper. They just appointed Dr. V K Sarswat (ex chief – DRDO) as JNU’s new VC.


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