Did Catch Team outsource its take on 3 years of Modi sarkar to the Congress social media team?

We get it. The good folks at Catch do not think highly of Prime Minister Modi.  It’s no surprise then that Catch would carry an article titled  “Dear Mr. Modi, the only growth you have achieved is in propaganda“.


But there is something curious (sinister?) going on with this article. First, I want you to take a look at the article as it is advertised on Catchnews main page.


As you can see clearly in the screenshot, the article has been written by “Catch Team”.

At this point, you might ask. So what? What’s the big deal about a news website posting its take on 3 years of the Modi government?

Give me a moment then to click on the article and see what comes up. Here’s the screenshot.


Well, no surprises here. The expanded view only tells us that this article was posted by “Catch Team”, last updated at 18:42 IST on May 20, 2017.

Now the fun begins. Scroll down to the bottom of the article. Here’s what you get.


It now says that the writer is the social media in charge of the Indian National Congress and also says that the opinions are the personal views of the author. Even the times mentioned at the top and at the bottom of the post are identical : May 20, 2017 at 18:42 IST.

Only the author has changed from “Catch Team” at the top to “social media in charge of the Congress” at the bottom.

So who really wrote this? Did the Congress social media in charge write the official take of “Catch Team” on 3 years of Modi government? Or was it the other way around?

Or maybe they wrote it together? Did “Catch Team” sit down with the social media cell of the Congress party and prepare a joint statement on 3 years of Modi government?

We might have stumbled on to something here … and it seems to be very interesting.

I am sure a reputed and honest organization like Catchnews will have a simple and satisfactory explanation for this. I am sure they will clear all our doubts. And we can go back to treating Catch as a trustworthy news source. Like always…

Pro Tip : You can’t delete stuff from the Google webcache.


11 thoughts on “Did Catch Team outsource its take on 3 years of Modi sarkar to the Congress social media team?

  1. Was not even aware of Catch News before I read this article. But it seems to be yet another same, old, boring, lying, Modi hating, Leftist news website that have littered the Indian internet over the past few years. These days it is best to discount all these websites unless otherwise proven. Just empty propaganda for a party that could not achieve anything in its seventy years of ruling India.

    Surprisingly none of these leftist news articles appears on other channels (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp). It is as if the Indian people have collectively erased the memory of these Leftist websites.


    1. Catch news is the unofficial mouthpiece of AAP. That’s the only thing differentiating It from all the other left propaganda sites like wire,scroll or quint

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I thought that was JanatakaReporter (the AAP mouthpiece). In any case, I actually had not heard of Catch News before this CW article so you just made it “in”-famous, CW…LOL.

        In general though, the practice of politicos, cricketers, etc. writing an opinion piece on mainstream publications is not that uncommon, is it? Not justifying this trash on Catch News, just asking as a general query.


  2. Well Said there are flood of leftist news articles written by 100 of writters to just to lying, Modi hating…Do not know how govt will deal with these…


    1. Now they have changed it to Divya spandana and not to the more popular name of Ramya another attempt at hiding the truth


  3. It’s too funny!! Hahaha
    Typical Congi bungling.
    Never knew or heard of catch news. Some insignificant website like some English news channels.


    1. They’ve gone back and changed it now to admit that the author was Ramya. Curiously, they chose to use the name “Divya Spandana” which people hardly know…lol.


  4. Modi sarkar’s achievement I cherish most is trample Congress and their bootlickers at every level, drive them mad to write articles you mentioned, hehehe, I am enjoying their frustration.


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