India has won, Bharat ki Vijay!

I don’t really believe in luck. But I like to party when I have a chance. And… well.. it seems that the 3rd anniversary of the 2014 Election results has come bearing gifts for the nation. The other day I wrote about the triple bonanza on May 16 : what with raids on Chidambaram and Lalu followed by the announcement that CRPF had sent 20 Naxals to whatever version of jannat that Commies subscribe to…

Now, this is even more real. What a crushing humiliation for Pakistan in front of the whole world! Of course there were some glum faces in Lutyens Delhi.


These allegedly Indian outlets are going through denial, which is, classically the first stage of grief. But if you want to have fun, go watch Pakistani media.

They know how badly they lost despite anything that The “Indian” Express might say. They have not been defeated as much as they have been shamed on an international forum.

You guys should have seen Mani Shankar Aiyar’s face on NDTV yesterday. He looked like a man who had just lost his entire life’s savings. Somebody in the NDTV studio, possibly a retired Army man called Pakistan a barbaric state. At this Mani Shankar Aiyar winced as if he was in physical pain. Technically his point was that we need to be somewhat nice to Pakistan right now because they have our man… but it was easy to see where his real sense of hurt was coming from…

There is a lot of credit to go around. There’s Harish Salve, the man of the moment. The fact that he won his case for Re 1 appears to have become a buzz in Pakistan. From what I am hearing, the cartoonish loser from the Pakistani side charged their government something of the order of Rs 5 lakh to embarrass their country internationally 🙂

Sweet 🙂

Pakistan has not been walloped like this in a long time.

I know that it’s a long road to freeing Kulbhushan Jadhav (honestly, we don’t even know if he is alive), but sometimes it is good just to make merry.

What is particularly special is to see the Indian government move mountains to save the life of an Indian citizen.

The one key difference that I have observed between India and developed Western countries is that we generally do not value the lives our citizens that much. The Sukma attack was exceptional in that we talked about it for a whole week, perhaps because the death toll had crossed 20. Typically, Maoists can kill a dozen or so jawans and it will barely get reported. We don’t value the lives of our own.

But yesterday was different. We showed the world that we will go to any length to save a citizen. That India does not give up on its own.

Modi’s strategy of going to the ICJ is fraught with risks. On the ICJ floor, we basically disavowed bilateral treaties with Pakistan over treatment of prisoners and demanded that everything be done as per the Vienna convention. Certainly this makes our position vulnerable in the sense that Pakistan could now demand international meddling in Kashmir.

As you can see, this opportunity for Pakistan did not go unnoticed in the tweets of ringleader Shekhar Gupta:

But so what? We took a risk. And we took it for good reason. Because we wanted to save one of our own.

We have shown the world that we will deal with our rogue neighbor on a “case by case basis”. Last year, they attacked us in Uri. We replied with surgical strikes. Now, we have gone to the ICJ. We will use whatever means is necessary at that moment without thinking very much about future implications.

For a very long time, Pakistan essentially always had the upper hand. Because India was always too predictable in its response. That’s why Pakistan never had to worry about pushing us.

Well we have a new Modi doctrine now  and it’s called “By any means necessary“.

Pakistan can no longer anticipate our response. They don’t know how far we could go. They don’t know what is in Modi’s mind. The next time we just might decide to go bomb Lahore.

So, I am not going to sweat over the “internationalization” of what India’s foreign policy establishment has always treated as “bilateral issue” as a matter of faith.

Confident nations are flexible in such matters. From now onwards, when it suits us, we’ll treat Indo-Pak disputes as a bilateral issue. When it suits us, we’ll treat it as an international issue. Isn’t that what big powers do? They use international law when it suits them and say a big “F*ck you” to international law when it doesn’t suit them. And it’s about time we started thinking big.

11 thoughts on “India has won, Bharat ki Vijay!

  1. Cheers as India confidence is start showing at International level.. Its sign of getting strength of country to become a Major Power at world level.. It was well said that Nation power flies from Top to down level. if TOP Leader of Nation have guts confidence have courage then nobody to going to stop that Nation to become Super Power.. Its all about intensions of its Leaders which defies Nation Strength to the World and now we start looking these from India…Cheers and Hope JADAV will back to India… I am very surprised why did not Lutyens Delhi journalists did not find out caste of Jadav as they have habit to do so to find out caste of any Dalit man to frame Anti Dalit agenda against Govt and why did not they do a propaganda that.Dalit Man from Maharasthra was not saved by PM MODI to show PM Modi is ANTI dAlit….. M waiting to see this propaganda to be happen on JADAV caste later or sooner by any of the Lutyens Delhi journalists


    1. Excellent point about Yadav and Dalit. In fact, we RW should bring this up and start saying Modi government treats every one equally. Look how far Modi government has gone for a Dalit?


  2. When I was an adolescent, I read a piece from Vir Sanghvi on the psyche of Pakistan. Then, I was gullible and didn’t have the critical thought to see the covert agenda. Mr Sanghvi described Pakistan as a mad state which regularly blackmails us (and we comply) because there is threat of ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ (see: Then, I couldn’t help but agree!

    But even today, the dominant rhetoric used by main-stream media (MSM) to scare the gullible mass is the same: Pakistan has F-16s, Nuke-armed Shaheen-3 and an all weather ally called China. While I agree that all of this is largely true, it is also true that India is a formidable military power with friendly population on its international borders (some areas of Kashmir excluded). The constant, rehashed reruns of this rhetoric has influenced most of us deeply in many ways (e.g. labelling all Muslims as Pakistan sympathizers).

    What am I trying to say here (and I am sure, many of you already know it): MSM consumes/dominates the popular discourse by aggressively presenting Pakistan as a lunatic war-monger (in reality, which may very well be true) and influences the rational decision making of an elected government (e.g. the Kandhar episode, India’s docile response after 26/11).


  3. We may have started living normally. Now, populate Kashmir with all Indians including expelled Kashmir, like all super powers do and catch up with loss of last 70 years living abnormally.


  4. Speaking of populating Kashmir, the other day I found out that almost all the construction work done in Israeli settlements in the West Bank is done by palestinian labourers. Apparently they are unemployed and they can make double their usual salary by working in settlements.


  5. CWji, for once we have Modi who cares and protects us Indians, not to forget Sushmaji who is as much a patriot. And I gloat with joy to think how Azadi pig brigade and Sudheendra Kulkarni ( Indian ambassador to Pakistan in Liberals India) like traitors, anti-India liberals are undergoing convulsions whenever Pakistan knee buckles and Indian side swells proudly with every win. And not to mention that your article is more detailed than others.


  6. As far as going internationally about Kashmir, I believe we have in writing from a Pakistani leader when he wanted India to release 92000 Pakistani POW after the Bangladesh war, that we will solve Kashmir only mutually without bringing in third party. Even without that the international community cannot do anything until Pakistan is ready to remove all its military from POK, which it will never do. Also India can demand that all POK land allotted to rich Punjabi and retired Punjabi military officers be reverted back to POK population, which also Pakistan will never do. So I don’t worry about Kashmir problem going to the international court. We may have a weak hand with Indus River issue.


  7. This is great news and definitely something to celebrate.
    It has sent the message to the world that we are not going to take nonsense and slights lying down.
    But to be honest I am not sure if Pakistan will really feel that slighted by this,they will probably see it as “The world full of Kafirs is against us but Allah is with us!!”.
    That is their mentality.They,on an average,seem to revel in their bad image.


  8. I am sorry to be a party-pooper, but we have NOT won! We can claim to have won the day that Mr. Kulbhushan Jadhav rejoins his family — not until then. All that we got on Thursday is a small victory, and we belittle ourselves as a nation by going gaga over it.

    After the verdict I was hoping that at least some “news” channel would call some experts in international law and explore the actual (as opposed to imagined) possible outcomes. Surely Pakistan is NOT going to give India consular access. In fact it is not even clear whether Mr. Jadhav is still alive. So it would have been a good idea for some people to discuss the potential consequences to Pakistan if they simply defy the ICJ. Instead of this, all the news channels gave us was an unseemly display of chest-thumping. That just left me cold.

    This is NOT to say that I disagree with the contents of the column by Sujoy. The contrast between MMS who made some wimpy appeals to his Pakistani counterpart to save Sarabjit, and NaMo who went all out, is quite glaring. That signals to the Pakistanis that we are ready to do whatever it takes. Even if Mr. Harish Salve had not charged a token one Rupee fee, I am sure that the government would have paid his fee without a murmur. (It is another matter that Mr. Salve has shown that he too is a true patriot.)

    I agree also with the comment that advanced nations care about their citizens, while third-world nations don’t. However, I can’t resist pointing out that when India evacuated 5,600 people from Yemen, this included 1,000 non-Indians, including about 50 Americans. The US Embassy shut shop and all its staff cleared out pretty early, and told its citizens to contact the Indian Embassy if they wish to be evacuated! And Gen. V. K. Singh personally took part in the evacuation — that is called “leading from the front” and that is why he was Chief of the Army Staff!

    Two last points: First, I seriously doubt that Pakistanis are capable of feeling any shame. The behaviour of ordinary Pakistanis including students in the USA reinforces this belief. Second, we can begin by making use of what the Indus River Treaty allows us, which we haven’t done until now. Then we can quietly abrogate the treaty at the ground level, without making any public declaration, by building more and more dams. Let the Pakistanis go to the ICJ if they wish to. So all the presstitutes like Shekhar Gupta are engaging in wishful thinking if they think that India is constrained in its actions regarding the Indus River Treaty.

    As always, I would appreciate readers’ comments.


  9. I hope the Indian government is actively using its intelligence apparatus in Pakistan to trace Jadhav’s whereabouts. There are multiple possibilities and in each of those the Indian government has a positive payoff.

    1. If Mr. Jadhav is already dead, Pakistan will be exposed as liars again. Not that they care but if severe consequences are imposed on Pakistan, they will not get much sympathy from anywhere.Specifically the chief of Pakistani army can be tried for pre-meditated murder and an Indian court can pass a suitable sentence on him for murdering an Indian citizen in a planned manner. The Pakistani army chief might have security now but one day will retire at which time the sentence can be carried out.
    2. If Jadhav is alive and is executed inspite of an ICJ ruling it will establish that rule of law does not apply to Pakistan and in Pakistan. The international community (okay, really India) will be free to take other steps including trial of their army chief for pre-meditated murder.
    3. If Jadhav is alive and the sentence is not carried out, it would be trivial to exchange him for some Pakistani spy.


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