Three gifts on the third anniversary

No Indian liberal will ever forget May 16. But I had forgotten about it. For me it was just another day. And they call me a “Bhakt”.

Until Modi reminded me.


I think the reaction in the media was one of disbelief. It took them a while to digest that the most evil of all the dark lords of the UPA regime had been raided.

I have always believed that Chidambaram was the most shady character in the Congress regime. Like Shashi Tharoor, he always got a pass for his excellent connections in dark places and skills of smooth talking.

Now, I am confident that one raid will not expose this many hooded cobra, but it sure was a gift for Modi’s most ardent supporters. More importantly, it raises expectations regarding May 16 of 2018. What do we get on that day? A raid on the properties of the evil Queen herself? Don’t keep us waiting Modi ji…

Barely had the media picked its jaw up from the floor that there was a second punch.


Mr. Fodder Thief responded with his usual smoke and fire routine, his own version of Kejriwal’s “Eent se eent baja denge” :


Ha! Yes, Lalua I have heard enough of your empty boast for over 10 years now. Since 2004 and even before that, you would talk of becoming India’s Prime Minister. What happened, loser?

I remember Lalu ji in a moving campaign vehicle, waving to the crowd and repeating “Bhajpa hatao” (Remove BJP)

What happened loser? Who got removed? BJP or you? Since then BJP has given the country 2 Prime Ministers. BJP has 13 Chief Ministers right now.

How have you fared in the meanwhile, loser Lalu Yadav? Your party has been rendered so helpless that it cannot even claim the CM post in Bihar despite being the largest party.

Shut up now Lalu ji! We have seen your comedy for decades. You have become old now. In Bihar, we would say that you have become like “baasi bhaat” (yesterday’s cooked rice). You belong in the gutter. Mumbling vague threats against RSS/BJP won’t work.

But I think the best moment of the day came a little before midnight. That’s when this news item caught my attention.

My first reaction? Only 20! We need 2000 minimum. Make sure you shoot and shoot straight. There shouldn’t be a single Naxal left alive. Go to Bastar, go to Jharkhand, go to Odisha and wherever necessary and hunt these Naxals down and kill them.

You know, this is one of my favorite exchanges from the American sitcom “That 70’s Show

Doctor: What you need to do is focus on things that make you happy
Eric: Okay, . . . But . . .  I don’t know where we’re gonna find a boat load of dead commies 

A boat load of dead Commies! Nothing makes me happier! Well done CRPF! This is just the kind of gift that would make the day for this “bhakt”.

6 thoughts on “Three gifts on the third anniversary

  1. Dear Sujoy,

    It appears that I had foreseen your blog for today. Please see my comment on yesterday’s blog where I talked about how Modi & Co. waited for the right time to launch so many raids on the same day. I would appreciate your thoughts.


  2. Perhaps, Chaiwala you missed the news item which says in last few days, 72 Naxals are either captured or surrendered.

    In facts, in last few days, there had been quite a few movements in our direction: Gandhi family slap by SC, Musa’s honest exposure of Kashmir Separatists’ hypocrisy, Some other previously anti-national TV channels’ desire to compete with Arnab, in today’s news that Fatwa king Imam dethroned by the Wakaf Board to name a few items.

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  3. I think the question is answered several times through demonetization, surgical strikes and instances you have mentioned and people now know that modi is ” Man of action”, “Man on mission”. People like us might enjoy pleasure in seeing worms termites eating our country, getting HIT one by one. Modi considers it as natural step towards the biggest goal in india “Mindset change” of every indian towards idea of akhand bharat and honest citizens living in it. One bharat can only exist if people believe in it collectively or atleast majority relates to it. There will be many more you will see and we can rejoice as we move towards idea of akhand bharat but for modi and his government its removal of roadblocks christened as anti- nationals. Ultimate victory will be when every indian is proud to live in honest united bharat. The challenge bharat has faced over his long ancient history several times. For modi to send his horse to unite every nook and corner of bharat and bharat’s neighbour is still long way to go. For this to happen Indians need to believe in themselves and create that future bharat. They have today the leader, Our PM Modi, who is ready to guide them to realize that dream. Lets rejoice these victories and take them to conclusion but not forget bigger goal “Mindset Change” even of those enemies (especially enemy also need to believe that Modi is invincible).


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