EVMs : Is AAP finally baring its urban Naxal teeth?

A day before the results of the Delhi MCD election, Kejriwal held a small meeting with his party members to assess the situation. The exit polls had come in and by all accounts the AAP was headed for a humiliating defeat.

A time perhaps to reflect on everything that had gone so sour so quickly for the party that had won 67 seats out of 70 just two years ago.

Kejriwal’s response? A passionate threat : “If we don’t win tomorrow, if the exit poll results are true, we will take them apart brick by brick“.

The real imagery of what he said comes out in the original Hindi : “Eent se eent baja denge“.

At that time, this was taken by politics watchers to be a joke, more of the same bluff and bluster that the AAP supremo is famous for.

But what if it wasn’t? What if Kejriwal meant exactly what he said?

Anarchy has always been part of AAP’s DNA. The Delhi Chief Minister, during his 49 day government, had made headlines for proclaiming himself an “anarchist”.


Back then, the Delhi Chief Minister duly received heavy criticism for his “anarchist” remark. But, little attention was paid back then to the ominous subtext of what he was really doing at that time, a week before Republic Day.


While most people would remember Kejriwal’s dharna of January 2014, it has mostly been forgotten that his original plan was to stop India’s Republic Day celebrations, by flooding Rajpath with lakhs of supporters.

It was never really about corruption. They always had ideas of challenging the authority of the Indian state and visions of overthrowing it. Listen to Rajdeep Sardesai relate how he discussed with Kejriwal about a “Tahrir Square” like event in India.


Tahrir Square. Arab Spring. Regime change. Can you hear it now?

Back in January 2014, Kejriwal did not go through with his Republic Day disruption plans. Because at that time, he was convinced that he could actually seize power at the Center within a few short months.

But that didn’t happen.

Kejriwal changed his strategy after 2014. He apologized for resigning; went to the voters with a highly organized ground campaign, promising everyone the moon and requesting one more chance. He swore not to leave Delhi for at least 5 years. Paanch saal Kejriwal! It worked!

Enthused by his huge comeback in Delhi, Kejriwal’s ambition again got the better of him. Delhi was effectively put under Manish Sisodia as Kejriwal began implementing his grand strategy for national domination. Punjab, Goa and Gujarat were named as prime targets. As usual, collaboration was begun with enemies of the Indian state.


Of course.

Not to mention that Kejriwal could not curb his natural anti-India instincts and sided with those raising slogans of Bharat ki barbaadi. Worse, he tried to undermine the Army after surgical strikes in September 2016 which made him a hero in Pakistan!


By now, Kejriwal must know that the people are angry with him. He has been handed humiliating defeats in Punjab, in Goa and in his home base of Delhi. In Rajouri Garden, the AAP candidate could not even save his deposit.

A canny politician would have chosen to lie low, much like Kejriwal himself did after 2014. Right now, Narendra Modi overshadows everyone else in the public imagination. It’s time to consolidate for a long conflict rather than challenge him in open battle.

Then, why isn’t Kejriwal lying low? Why has he become even more aggressive?

Perhaps because he realizes that the gig is up. It’s all over. The people have figured him out. Arvind Kejriwal and his crew has already milked democracy for everything they could have. He’s never going to win an election again. Unlike 2014, it is useless to try. He will not bark up that tree any more.

For Kejriwal, it’s time to bare his fangs. 

And what better way to undermine the Indian state than to spread mistrust in our voting machines? Delegitimizing our elected governments is the critical justification that Kejriwal needs to call openly for the overthrow of the Indian state.

Now that AAP’s official line is that EVMs are hacked, they have given themselves the intellectual room to demand anything at all. The Constitution and the Indian state don’t matter, because their claim is that all constitutional authorities have been elected illegitimately.  They have given themselves the intellectual room to make the laws by force of sheer intimidation on the street.

Didn’t Kejriwal say “Eent se eent baja denge” ? Perhaps he meant every word of it. Why are we assuming otherwise?

History, of course, provides a warning in the “March on Rome” and we would be smart to read about this event carefully and draw comparisons. In the Italian General Elections of 1921, Benito Mussolini’s party had failed miserably. They had won a mere 35 seats out of 535. This massive defeat caused Mussolini, who had already failed in the 1919 elections, to give up on democratic means to capture power.

Instead Mussolini decided to capture power through sheer force on the street. Some 30,000 fascists were dispatched to a long march on Rome in October 1922. The Italian state simply folded in face of such ferocity and within a week, Mussolini became the Prime Minister of Italy.

Do you hear echoes of the man who wanted to flood Rajpath with lakhs of supporters?


6 thoughts on “EVMs : Is AAP finally baring its urban Naxal teeth?

  1. LOL…..this AK is a big joke……Imagine a municipality leader having ‘ambition’ to conquer all the states of India at national level!!

    Right now he is behaving more like a cornered rat!….which he is!

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  2. You are right in that AK’s time is up and people have seen through him. While I do think the comparison with Mussolini is a bit far-fetched, I am not entirely dissing him either.

    Here is a guy who, with ZERO political background in 2012 when he formed AAP rises to not only become CM of Delhi but had at one point, realistic chances of forming the govt in a couple more states (and all the time backed by a media that has no doubt been paid to cover him). In the “mai-baap” cesspool of Indian politics, it takes years and mountains of money to do in decades (just look at BJP) what he was able to do in 5 years. Just look at the other regional satraps – even with popular leaders like Jaya, Mayawati, et al, leading their states and being demi-gods in public perception in their states, they could not dream of growing bigger outside their state and this guy does it in 5 years!! It does raise a very logical question – who is funding the anarchy? Who (rather I should say which country) stands to gain from people like these in charge of prominent city-states and high offices? I have a gut feeling I know the answer and it is a formidable opponent.

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  3. Dear Dallas,

    The late N. T. Rama Rao won the 1983 Assembly elections in AP without any prior political experience, just a few months after forming the Telugu Desam party. And that party has remained an AP powerhouse ever since. So AAP is not unique, as some people claim.

    I doubt that AAP would have won anywhere other than Delhi, which is a peculiar mixture of sarkari babus with an entitlement mentality and media headquarters. AAP presented itself as an anti-graft plus freebies party. In the first Assembly election was propped up by the Congress as a way to split the anti-incumbency votes. In the second 2015 Assembly elections, Congress transferred its votes to the AAP in order to defeat the BJP.

    But now AAP is not getting any support from Congress. As you have rightly asked: Who is funding the anarchist? However, where I disagree with you is that even that backer is “a formidable opponent,” it is not possible to sell a donkey as a race horse, in these days of social media.

    What do you think?

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    1. All fair points. But 1980s different from this era in terms of how rampant, widespread, and institutional corruption had become in India, at least in the pre-Modi days. Given that context, the rise of AAP was nothing short of spectacular. And there is too much smoke (of Ford Foundation and other such donors) around AAP – I can’t shake off the feeling that there is a money trail to be followed and it leads to the Big Apple.


  4. Kejriwal knows that he is going to taste big humiliation tomorrow when EC is going to meet all parties to discuss about EVMs and their reliability. Kejriwal knows he will not be able to hack that ‘real’ EVM. So he is agitating in front of EC office a day in advance and making a demand which EC will surely reject. So Kejriwal will take this rejection as an excuse to not attend EC meeting on 12th.

    What is surprising is, no body in media is saying that the EVMs used in 2017 election are the same EVMs used when he won 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi and who is making a claim of able to hack EVMs?

    Technically, even if a voting machine can be hacked, the electronics works on “All or None” or “On or Off” that is, all votes would go to one party and no vote for other parties.

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