Welcome back, Arnab!

They have been obsessively trolling a channel that wasn’t even born until 5 minutes ago. I can say with confidence that I have never seen right wingers freak out like this over anything on NDTV, no matter how anti-national.

Left wing websites have been pissing in their pants, vomiting in their pages in long rants exposing the “bias” of Republic TV.  Again, the channel did not actually exist until 7 minutes ago.


Welcome back Arnab! Hope you make Republic into a right wing NDTV.

I guess this is what happens when you have become so used to 70 years of dominating the narrative that the prospect of a challenger drives you over the edge. You start obsessively trolling the web, looking to “expose” the challenger…digging up his past, present and future.

Again, all this against a channel that did not air until 9 minutes ago.

Hey liberals, it’s gonna be OK! Take a deep breath! We live with NDTV. You can live with Republic TV!

I look forward to a welcome role reversal. For a long time, right wingers used to point out that wives and girlfriends of sitting ministers in the UPA government should not pose as “journalists” in the cable news. We were called trolls then.

It’s your turn now, liberals. Let me welcome you to the Opposition benches. Now, yours will be a sad life of finding out how those in power get to make the rules. Yours will be a painful existence of watching the power cabal get away with brazen violations of basic ethics. And I look forward to calling you “trolls”!

There was a time I used to believe in genuine journalism. Not any more. Remember liberals, you did this to yourselves. If “journalism” is going to be about agenda pushing, it’s gotta be a two way street.

11 thoughts on “Welcome back, Arnab!

  1. WELCOME ARNAB.. Its good sign that RW start coming in the MSM to fight back liberals MSM agenda.. We all RW should stand by these RW channels to expose these dominated liberals MSM agenda…We hope its just start with ARNAB.. some more RW from among us will follow path of ARNAB…Its started fight back to Left liberals MSM agenda..cheers..


    1. Apparently that story was a plant and a fake. I must admit that I too got taken in at first. Not that Fadnavis is exactly the next Einstein — I am not much impressed by him.


      1. There is an update to the OpIndia article that the clause in question was removed on May 7. So NOC no longer required. Stunningly stupid law to begin with.

        Ref: Fadnavis – I still believe he has long term potential. Admittedly, he has had his share of hits and misses but the problem with being a BJP CM right now is every “hit” either never makes it to the news waves or is downplayed and every “miss” gets magnified and bloated out of sight, especially in the social media. Net-net, he is honest and not corrupt and while there are edges to smoothen and street-smarts to gain, I am not yet giving up on him.

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        1. Got that update this morning. They probably changed it because of extreme criticism from all sides.

          Instead of taking such suggestions from his bureaucrats, he should simply read newspapers and understand about the crippling law and order situation in various parts of the state. Even judge’s daughter is not safe in cities like Pune. It’s Maharashtra’s misfortune that we don’t have anyone like Yogi to handle the state.



  2. The most interesting thing about Arnab’s opening news item was exposing Lalu who as per desire of a peaceful Mafia, tried to remove police during a Ram Navami celebration so that the peaceful can start riots ! To prevent this broadcast, Lalu tried to make ‘Aksh-Patal Ek’.


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