Sukma attack : Why is the left liberal complex being so soft on BJP?

Sometime back in June 2014, when Narendra Modi was completing merely 30 days in power, he pointed out that his government never got to enjoy a “honeymoon period”. Because relentless critics, stung by the Modi wave, began to hurl every kind of allegation within 100 hours . The barrage that begun on May 26, 2014 has showed no signs of abating even 3 years later.

Did someone throw a stone at a church in Navi Mumbai? What is Maharashtra CM doing, chilling inside Mantralaya? Why doesn’t he hit the streets and investigate, bringing the guilty to book?

Did a few thousand rupees get stolen from a missionary school in Delhi? India’s Home Minister needs to get out right now and address the issue. It is too serious a matter to be left to the beat constable.

Did a junior minister in the Modi government use an abusive word for the Opposition? The nation must come to a standstill unless the Prime Minister personally apologizes in both houses of Parliament.

And I have not even mentioned the whole other set of “issues” on which Modi has been cornered, from the price of his suit to his child marriage and whether his father had a proper license for selling tea on the railway platform in the 1950s.

Credit must go to the liberal establishment for standing up to Modi like a rock. Every single step of his government has been challenged to extraordinary lengths. Even the hidden fascist agenda behind an effort to end open defecation was exposed by the conscience keepers of our nation.

The left liberal complex doesn’t go soft on Modi. We know that. They stand up for freedom, even for the freedom of open defecation as long as it means opposing Modi.

But here is a mystery : how come the left liberal complex has been so soft on Narendra Modi regarding left wing terrorism in India?

There was a massacre of 25 CRPF jawans only this week. Just last month, there was another massacre of 12 CRPF jawans in the same BJP ruled Chhattisgarh.

If a stone thrown at a church could raise such a storm, you would think the liberals would have turned the world upside down with their outrage over such massive failures of the government in Chhattisgarh. We hear that the CRPF has been without a full time DG for 50 days now, our men in uniform keep losing their lives cheaply every other week and always in the same fashion. The BJP government in Delhi and Raipur are failing in their most basic duty towards the citizens of India.

But the liberals have produced a surprisingly timid reaction. True, there have been taunts from liberals against Modi over the Sukma massacre, but these are just fleeting reactions. It’s already half blown over by the news of the MCD results today.

Liberals haven’t given up so easily on other issues. In the heat of Bihar election, they didn’t give up on Dadri. They didn’t give up on Rohith Vemula after a couple of days. It was editorial after editorial after editorial in both “Indian” and foreign publications. They can’t stop talking about Modi’s “failure” to control Gau-Rakshaks.

Yet, the Govt of India headed by Narendra Modi has been outwitted day after day after day in tribal Chhattisgarh with one massacre after another.

Why don’t the liberals come out and organize an Award Wapsi to shame the government over its failures? At least spill out on the streets of Delhi and hold a protest march. If I remember correctly, last month Delhi’s streets were flush with liberals protesting certain unverified threats to one DU student who posted something on Facebook. The temperature certainly has soared in Delhi since then, but surely liberals can get at least 50% of that enthusiasm to spill out on the streets over Sukma. You can do it in the evening after the heat subsides a little. They will look even more fashionable by candlelight.

We have enough celebrity patrakars and celebrity historians in this country. Every day these people get invited to deliver some memorial lecture or another. Now would be a great time to humiliate the Modi government in one of these lectures over its failure to save CRPF lives in the last 3 years.  Every word that could have been said on Dadri and Rohith Vemula has already been said. For a change, why not try talking about Modi’s failure to tackle left wing terrorists?

Except it won’t happen and I’ll tell you why. The left wing outrage over left wing terrorism usually lasts a day. Maybe a week if the casualties are over 20. But it’s always some quick taunts  on twitter to embarrass Modi and then they are in a hurry to “move on”.

Why do they move on?  They are scared. Because they know that they are on thin ice themselves. If they really go after Modi and challenge him on left wing terrorism, it is a sure thing that “Modi bhakts” will come after them. They will start digging into the intellectual activities of those who are suddenly claim to be bothered about left wing terror. Worse, the government might actually start digging into their background. “Intellectuals” at multiple levels have been caught in actual Naxal conspiracies. Even if a liberal isn’t actually conspiring with Naxals, he is clever enough to know that some people in their professional circle certainly are. They might not be sure of the identities of these sinister beings… but some are surely lurking within the circle of people they regularly associate and deal with. And a vindictive government can get them into all sorts of trouble over this.

They won’t dare to raise a hue and cry over left wing terrorism, when they know there’s a good chance that their close colleagues might be among the actual terrorists. They would rather talk about Modi’s suit or his wife or his mother. When the ruling government actually is found to be asleep at the wheel and we genuinely need the critics, they go into hiding. They have to watch their backs  and their wallets.

4 thoughts on “Sukma attack : Why is the left liberal complex being so soft on BJP?

  1. Good post!…..CW…..let the noose tighten on these left wing!

    Who are these naxals?

    Traitors holding foreign guns against Bharathmata ,funded by outsiders!

    Our constitution does not protect such traitors!

    GOI should incarcerate naxal thinkers and supporters…..from media,collegium judiciary,NCW,NCM,NHRAC,Rajya sabha, foregin funded NGOs,commie professors in JNU/JU/DU/TISS/FTII etc.


  2. CW, you have rightly pointed why these left liberal pigs are soft nowadays. These ‘Naxal Rakshaks’ as coined by Dr. Sambit Patra are really scared of public retaliation. Every day they are exposed on TV channels and are easily identified too. Now they are well aware that they will not be protected since their congie/commie masters are out of power eternally. They are Lilliput before one billion ‘Modi Bhakts’. When they speak up in debates, they smell like shit and nothing less.


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