The map the left will never show you : Who collaborated with Hitler in World War – 2?

This morning I expected to be writing about Kejriwal and MCD and BJP Delhi. By afternoon, a little voice spoke to me in my head. I should be ashamed of spending so much time talking about a tiny municipal poll. No really, aren’t there bigger things to talk about than one attention seeking impostor finally getting his comeuppance in Delhi?

Let’s talk about something more of more than just fleeting interest. It’s a standard liberal smear used against the Hindu right. You’ll find it everywhere, from NDTV to the New York Times. The smear about the RSS being “inspired”  by Hitler and the Nazis. Through endless repetition, these handful of quotes from Golwalkar have become the weapons of last resort of the liberal left. It’s used to turn around an argument whenever the left is totally outwitted. An example can be found here with ABVP’s Saket Bahuguna facing AAP’s footmat Abhinandan Sekhri.

Once Saket Bahuguna begins to press Abhinandan Sekhri on Naxalism, Sekhri begins to get hot under the collar and extremely defensive. Finally, when he is totally cornered, an outwitted Sekhri pulls out the smear of last resort against RSS: “Have you read the part where Golwalkar praises the Nazis?”

But you know what really bothers me? That liberals have made so much hay out of some remarks praising Nazis, but the right wing has been unable to respond in kind despite having all the cards. No seriously… have you ever seen the right wing corner the left over its active collaboration with Hitler in WW2?

Let me tell you a story that has been hidden in plain sight. Last fall, I happened to have one day to visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The weather was absolutely terrible, but I managed to wade through the tearing cold rain to pay a visit to the “Museum of Genocide Victims”. It is located inside the former KGB headquarters in Lithuania. The Museum is a witness to the genocide of Lithuanians under 50 years of Soviet occupation.

Soviet occupation? When did it happen? In 1945, after the World War? NO! It happened in 1940, when Hitler was very much alive and the Nazis were at their peak. And it happened with Hitler’s active connivance and blessing. 

What the left usually won’t tell you is that the Second World War didn’t just start with Nazi invasion of Poland on Sept 1, 1939.  There was another power that invaded Poland on Sept 17, 1939. Who were they? 

They were the Commies. One week before Hitler invaded Poland, Nazi Germany signed a treaty with the Commies to occupy Europe and share the spoils. This infamous treaty was the Molotov – Ribbentrop pact, named after the Stalin’s foreign minister Molotov and Hitler’s foreign minister Ribbentrop (Trivia : Ribbentrop was the first among the Nazi leaders to be tried and executed after the Nuremberg trial in 1945).


Yes, this is a map of how they planned to carve up Europe, decided by the Commies in the pleasant company of their Nazi friends. This is the map that the left will never show you.

Through 1939 and 1940, the Commies and the Nazis collaborated like brothers. The Nazis were grabbing Western Europe, while the Commies were gobbling up the Eastern European states such as Latvia, Lithuania and of course, parts of Poland. It was all according to the friendly treaty between Molotov and Ribbentrop.

Here, you can see the Soviet postal stamps commemorating the successful invasion of Poland on Sept 17, 1939 (from Wikipedia, obviously)


Ah! Look how proud the Commies are of their successful joint operation with Hitler. But the lefties won’t tell you about this. They would rather ask why Golwalkar said certain things about Nazis. They will never ask why the Commies actively joined the Nazis in battle! Amazing amazing hypocrisy!


The Nazis had invaded Poland from the West. Their Communist friends had invaded Poland from the East. The two friendly armies finally met up at the town of Brest (now in Belarus). It was realized that in the heat of war, both armies had been slightly overzealous and caused minor violations of the line agreed upon by Hitler and his Communist friend Stalin. As a confidence building measure and to show the world that all was well between the Nazis and their Communist brothers, the two armies decided to hold a joint parade in the town of Brest.

You’ll never see a liberal showing you this beautiful parade of Nazi tanks accompanied by Communist motorcyclists.


Look at those smiles as the generals of the glorious Red Army meet their Nazi friends, both sides fresh with the glory of crushing Poland.


And don’t miss this heartwarming picture of Nazi troops seeking shade under the watchful benevolent eye of the Communist dictator.


And yes, having captured Poland with their Nazi collaborators, the Commies showed they were no less when it came to massacre of Polish citizens. At least 22,000 Polish citizens were rounded up and massacred by Communists in April and May 1940 alone (see Katyn massacre)


These killings were carried out by the Communist special police NKVD, which organized regular meetings with the Nazi Gestapo to properly coordinate the oppression of Europe. You’ll absolutely love the emblem of the NKVD.


The political party whose election symbol appears at the heart of this emblem is the No. 1 free speech supporter in India. Always remember that, folks…

But alas! I’ve NEVER seen a right winger stand up and question a liberal about Communist-Nazi collaboration in WW2. All I have seen is Hindu right wingers helplessly trying to duck questions about Golwalkar and Nazis. I suspect most Hindu right wingers don’t even know the story of the Nazis and Commies collaborating. They the lefties pursue the Hindu right wing relentlessly for making some remarks. The Hindu right fails to hold the left accountable for actually joining forces with Hitler and collaborating with his massacres. Amazing, isn’t it?

That’s the power of narrative. And it’s not just about elections. It’s about controlling the discourse.


12 thoughts on “The map the left will never show you : Who collaborated with Hitler in World War – 2?

  1. just 2 replay’s, that’s also one liners.this shows our (RW) interest in history.that’s why we lost so many things.


  2. Nazis and commies entered into pact for 10 years, which lasted for 2 years and divided most part of eastern europe into German and USSR ” spheres of influence”, and then atrocities followed. Robbentrop told stalin that anti-comintern pact was not against communist and he gleefully joined hands to start unbelievable era of human atrocities by nazis and his army. Nazis broke Anti-comintern pact with japan that “recognized the aim of the Communist International, known as the Comintern, is to disintegrate and subdue existing States by all the means at its command; convinced that the toleration of interference by the Communist International in the internal affairs of the nations not only endangers their internal peace and social well‑being, but is also a menace to the peace of the world desirous of co‑operating in the defense against Communist subversive activities.” Left/communists/anarchists had sold their souls to spread defunct ideology by joining hands with tyrants in the past and they still interfere in internal affairs of nations like Bharat by funding through international run cartels/nexus propagands like naxalism, maoism, bharat ki barbadi movements , political parties etc….only unity/pride for own culture can unite us. As krishna said Gandiv utha arjun, jo samney khadey hai unko tu nahin toh koi aur maarega. Unko marna hai. So even against your own so called people (though i think they are terrorist idelogically brain washed by commies) government/army will have to raise arms because their time has come.


  3. I remember my uncles were admiring Hitler. At that time at least in India, nobody knew about what Hitler was doing to Jews. Only thing that Indians admire about Hitler was that he was pounding Britishers, that he was pounding London. That was a time around Jaliawala Baug incidence.


    1. Basically, because Indians were themselves slaves during WW-2, Indians have always had a more complicated view of Hitler than the Europeans and Americans. It is totally understandable. But lefties have leveraged this to slam Hindus even 70 years after independence.


  4. Dear CW,
    A brilliant post as usual.
    Imp. There’s an urgent need for you to link your posts to Whatsapp since that is how your readers can most easily share your analysis and insights with their friends and opponents.
    Pl consider.


  5. Good article, enlightening. Hindus have been fed with the Nehruvian history by paid twistorions for a long which we believed as fact. We need to dig out the truth and slam these liars.


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