Madhya Pradesh tribals offer to fight stone pelters in Kashmir

Statutory warning : This story is going to irritate the hell out of the liberals.


The Bhil tribal youth of Madhya Pradesh are not happy. They have been looking at social media and they are infuriated by Kashmiri stone pelters brutally harassing our security forces. They realize that the hands of the Army are tied by a maze of service rules and the one-eyed eagle of human rights organizations.

They think they have a solution. They are ready to go to Kashmir and reply to the stone pelters in kind.

And so it happens that a group of 100 Bhil youth are practising their skills with their traditional “gophan” slingshot that can launch a stone with terrifying velocity and accuracy. The other day they met the District Collector of MP’s Jhabua and handed over a memorandum in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking to be sent to Kashmir.

Listen to what one youth had to say.


There is a reason this story will bug the hell out of the liberals and not just because of the patriotism (although that is often reason enough). The problem is not just the patriotism, but who it’s coming from.

The Bhil youth of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh. As the HT article itself points out, this is one of the poorest districts of Madhya Pradesh and indeed of the country. The Bhil tribals make a living as “marginal farmers and laborers”. They are the ones most left behind by India’s new capitalism and economic growth.

The liberals have always seen these tribal youth as prime candidates for recruitment in the army of “Azaadi”. What a humiliating let down for India’s liberals : far be it from seeking “Bharat ki barbaadi” and “Bharat ke tukde“, the tribal youths are itching to fight for Bharat.

Alas! The hopes of “Azaadi” still rest on the shoulders of the upper caste Communists of JNU. It’s almost like 70 years of liberal scholarship (read propaganda) has had no effect at all on the Dalits and tribals. No takers for Bharat ke tukde

The other day, I argued that the liberal strategy of trying to break India by pretending to care about “marginalized sections”  was always going to blow up in their faces. Because the so called “lower” castes, who never collaborated with the Empire and were never socialized into colonial modes of thought, embrace a very simple, uncomplicated form of patriotism. I am happy to share today another exhibit of this spectacularly failed liberal strategy.

Will the Prime Minister of India accede to the request and raise a “gophan” battalion to take on the stone pelters of Kashmir? I have no idea. But what I do know is that the Bhil youth of Madhya Pradesh, armed with their traditional slingshots, have managed to hit India’s liberals exactly where it hurts them the most.  Splat!



11 thoughts on “Madhya Pradesh tribals offer to fight stone pelters in Kashmir

  1. ‘Because the so called “lower” castes, who never collaborated with the Empire and were never socialized into colonial modes of thought, embrace a very simple, uncomplicated form of patriotism.’…….CW……so true!!

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  2. The liberals will just ignore this and go on with trying to execute their self hating agenda.
    I think the best way to get rid of liberals is to let them open their mouths.Let them scream their opinions out to their hearts content.The public will take care of them.
    Now I can’t speak for Peacefuls and Christians,but the remaining Bharatiyas consider this land sacred and refuse to see it mutilated any further


  3. Off topic: Why is Central Govt not talking with TN Farmers protesting for a month? This is the hot news in TN & the whole state is against BJP now. Of course, there were not much support earlier too. But now, BJP is demonized in TN.

    CW: Can you please write post on this issue?


    1. I have been reading about this bizarre story. Obviously, it is difficult for me to follow any Tamil media. Is the state really talking about this? The 100 guys or so at Jantar Mantar seem more like professional protesters. They are doing the most disgusting things: skulls, fake suicides, rats in mouth…now they are threatening to eat feces and drink urine. Even Scroll said that their leader is a “veteran campaigner for farmers rights”. In my experience, leftists have brought small groups of farmers to protest from various other parts of the country before … and generally they haven’t caught anyone’s imagination. Most recently, Yogendra Yadav tried to bring some farmers march from Haryana. It amounted to nothing.

      Can you confirm that Tamil Nadu is really talking about this issue? Honestly, I am really surprised.


      1. I have been seeing youtube to follow what is happening in TN. In internet, I see that there is good support to the Farmers strike. Most of the users are supporters of a new party called as Naam Tamilar founded by a cine director called Seeman. He is a fierce speaker and is against DMK, ADMK, Congress & mainly BJP. To be frank, I agree with Seeman almost 90%. He speaks against MNCs taking over agriculture, against killings of TN fishermen & supports going back to old agricultural practise without use of GMO seeds, fertilizers and improving farmers situaltion. He is the only politician who openly talks against illuminatis. These are all good. Bad points are he is against Hindus (youtube videos available in which he uses derogatory language against Hindu Gods). He considers himself as athesit but I heard that he is a Christian. He is for partitioning TN from India. But recently, there are more followers for him especially youth. Now along with Seeman, lots of people have taken this farmers agitation in their hands and are at guns against BJP Govt. Their arguments are:
        1. If you can waive of loans to Ambani, Adani & Mallya, why not for TN farmers. TN People consider this Modi Govt is more as broker to big industrialist than for poor.
        2. If BJP can waive off farmer loans in UP, why not for TN farmers.
        3. Very sensitive. Why Cauvery tirbunal has not yet been formed even after direction from Supreme Court.
        4. TN people are against Govt scheme to take Methane in a place called Neduvasal in TN. This project will kill agricultural land.

        To me:
        I am against GMO, Methane & hydro carbon projects being imposed in TN. I think BJP govt erred in this.
        I am for the old agricultural practise without chemical fertilizers.
        I am against converting agri land to factories.
        I am against Pepsi/cola taking over the sweetest waters of Siruvani river.
        I am against Honda/Ford in TN swallowing 1000s of gallons of water to manufacture cars when people have no water to drink.
        I am against TN (or any place in India) being used as as dumping yard for chemical & biological wastes from across the world.
        Also, I feel that BJP has handled the Cauvery dispute very badly.

        But, just like TN parties, I do not blame all these to the current BJP govt. This is how the Dravidian parties have spoiled TN for last 5 decades. They have not built any new dams. No catchment water storage. And for past 2 decades lots of agri land have been converted to real estate. Also, the sand mafia involving both DMK & ADMK have made the rivers of TN that they are unable to hold the water for long time.

        Unfortunately, most of the common man in TN will not analyze but react to the situation. Right now, they feel that Central Govt is not acting for TN farmers. Local politicians take advantage of this. On top of this was an immature interview given by BJP leader H Raja who accused every reporter asking unfavorable questions as anti-India and anti-Modi. Also, the support given to Sasikala by Subramanian Swamy irks people. He made a blunder by opposing Jallikattu.

        The reason I asked you to write an article on this is because, I have no idea whether the farmers are real farmers or just some leftists protesting as farmers. After Jayalaiitha’s demise, I heard that there are more Maoists in TN. Right now, I am confused.


    2. Oh please.The protestor is a rich idiot who has nothing to do with farmers.The entire protest is about pressuring the central Govt and is pretty much a sham.

      and many ministers have talked to those crazies,but they are just dramebaaz.


  4. Why not give these Bhil boys some chance to earn money? The stone pelters are getting paid, why not these Bhil boys? If our government is not willing to pay them, I am sure some private funds can be raised. I am willing to contribute.


    1. I like that idea. 🙂 I don’t know about these Bhil boys but have been to villages in the Kutch region of Gujarat and “gophan” is a sport in those villages. Those dudes are some marksmen and those stones can really hurt. Am all game to let these guys have a go at the stone pelters 🙂


  5. You’ve beautifully articulated what the gesture of Bhils really meant CW ji.


    Just a few thoughts –

    1. When main stream media (and many others on Social media), pitches Kashmir’s underdevelopment as the main cause for unrest, I know that it is plain non-sense. India has many states with large mountainous regions (e.g. HP, UK, Sikkim etc). All of these states have the same worry ‘Pahaad ka paani aur pahaad ki jawaani, dono hi pahaad ke kaam nahi aate’ (bad literal translation: youth and water of the mountains are useless for mountains -> as they go away, sooner or later). Adding to it, almost all of these states see a lot of corruption. Even after this, I don’t see anti-national sentiment. Rather, I see that these states actively contributing to the nation (read: soldiers’ recruitment).

    2. Thanks to many Social Media videos and rants of Mainstream media, people across India have now understood the polarisation of Islamist emotions in Kashmir (please note that I have not included Jammu and Laddakh). Perhaps, this popular sentiment (of rest of India) would pave the way for abrogation of article 370 (my wishful thinking). They were debating this on DD News a day ago.

    3. It is only in main stream media that people appear confused yet elaborate about what decision should the central government take when it comes to dealing with insurgency in Kashmir. People across the country (those who vote and care for nationalistic sentiment) are crystal clear – give our army a free hand (at least for a while).


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