Kashmir : The land stays with us

So, I hear that there were parliamentary bypolls in Srinagar. The turnout was a dismal 7% or something. There are bypolls coming up in Anantnag as well and there is no reason to assume the turnout would be any higher over there. No wonder then that the intellectuals have been celebrating. Articles by Sankarshan Thakur and Pratap Bhanu Mehta to name a few, cheering at what they see as the failure of the Indian state in Kashmir. One of these two scumbags went so far as to joyfully proclaim that “Kashmir has been lost under Modi’s watch.”

Except, dear intellectual fools, you are not speaking to the India of old. You know that India where your presstitution was rewarded with milk and honey by the Congress establishment. You are talking to a new India that knows its enemies and understands how they think.

They tell us that we have lost the battle for the “hearts and minds” of Kashmiris. They try to fool us by giving us nonsense about “Kashmiriyat”. Yeah, if only the Indian state had offered chicken biryani to Burhan Wani instead of a mouthful of bullets, the Kashmiris would have loved us more.

Dear Barkha, dear Sankarshan, dear Pratap Bhanu Mehta, go get into a time machine and tell these fairy tales to the India of 3 decades ago. Because this new India isn’t so easily fooled by these lies.

Yes, we know well that Kashmiris don’t like us. But Kashmiris don’t hate us because of what the Indian state did in Kashmir, they simply hate us because of who we are. And maybe Kashmiri anger has gone over the edge “on Modi’s watch”. So what? I will not for a moment fault Modi for this. Because I know well that the only reason Kashmiri anger has reached boiling point now is because India has a Prime Minister who proudly proclaims his Hindu side. And because they are having to share the resources of the state with their fellow citizens of Jammu.

So, there’s little room for compromise here. Kashmiris will not stop hating us till there is a single Hindu alive in India. What room does that leave for negotiation? I refuse to convert to Islam. There you have it straight. And if Kashmiris hate me for not being a Muslim, well… they will just have to gnash their teeth and tolerate it.

We have heard enough of these fantastic stories of how the Indian state “mistreated” the people of Kashmir. Nonsense! Take a map of the Indian subcontinent. First the Muslim majority chased the Hindus out of Pakistan. Then, in the Indian Republic, there was one major state where Muslims were a majority. Again, the Hindus had to pack up and leave. And I am supposed to believe that all this has nothing to do with Islamic expansion and intolerance. If only the Indian Army were to become “nice enough” to the Kashmiri people, they would magically become the only Muslim majority society in the whole world who are capable of living peacefully with people of another faith. Ha!

I don’t believe in magic. I believe in reality.

Ha! Kashmir doesn’t hate us because of our Army. Kashmir hates us simply because we are kafirs.

I am always in favor of moments of clarity. And of letting the inevitable happen. Modi becoming Prime Minister and BJP taking power in Jammu and Kashmir is one such moment of clarity.

The gauntlet has been thrown before Kashmiris. The chapter of Islamic conquest in India has come to an end. Thus far and no further. In names like “Srinagar” and “Anantnag”, we can clearly hear the sounds of the ancient languages of Bharat. And this land is ours forever to keep. You can’t have it.

So, Kashmiris can come out and vote 100% or 0%. Couldn’t care less. It is totally your choice. But this new Bharat will not give you one more extra square inch of land. If you hate Bharat, you can leave. The land stays with us. The chapter of Islamic conquest on the Indian subcontinent is now closed forever. 

8 thoughts on “Kashmir : The land stays with us

    1. Dear mmsrinivas. Thanks for sharing. Really good article. I am not sure whether current government has any guts to take any single action as he has mentioned.


      1. Lol, but we can still continue with our Modi Slavery.
        May be if this year he does another shawl exchange with Bhai Nawaz Sharief things will solve itself


  1. Thank you CW for such a brave and bold writing… We are sure this Land with stay with us no matter Kashmiri Live with us or not…


  2. Well put forth facts. Radical Muslims learn only when paid in the same coin. I cherished the photograph of a stone pelting pig being tied to army vehicle as self defense. In any other country, his dead body would have been tied as a warning to other crawlers.


  3. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Nice article on the whole. Kashmir belongs to us. Kashmiris can go wherever the hell they want to go — including to hell.

    But I disagree strongly with this sentence: “And because they are having to share the resources of the state with their fellow citizens of Jammu.” WHAT? The NaMo Sarkar has done ZILCH for Jammu! ALL of the aid to so-called “J&K” in reality winds up only in “K” with nothing going to “J”! If NaMo had any imagination, he would trifurcate J&K with Ladakh as a UT, and Jammu and Kashmir as separate states, and then lift Article 370 in Jammu. Then Jammu would become very prosperous instead of being totally impoverished as it is now. Just another action item that NaMo hasn’t got to yet, like repealing RTE, bringing in a UCC etc. Let us hope that he wakes up at least now.


  4. Yes CW, you are right. Kashmiris do not want to integrate with India at all. Why cant current government show these pigs their place? Its almost 3 years, and to be honest I have not seen any big outcome for kashmir. Modiji has to understand development agenda will never work for these morons. Home ministry still advises army and CRPF to use restraint. How much restrain against these pigs ? Now home ministry wants that, army should use “plastic bullets” against these “misguided youths”. Dont know why we have to follow SC every time. SC should go to hell and once whole kashmir should be handed over to army. We have enough reasons. I dont want development for sometime but just to show the whole world that we have self respect. Yes, if you target my country, our soldiers, we can show you your place. We indians are also human beings and we have self respect. Its a shame on us that our soldiers are humiliated daily by these street dogs and still soldiers are told to use plastic bullets. Who knows tomorrow our soldiers will be asked to use toy guns against these dogs. There is some limit of losing self respect. I dont want that, moral of our soldiers go down to such a lower limit. Modi should understand that, moral of soldiers is more important that guiding misguided youths. Enough of development talks for kashmir.


  5. After 9-11, the last thing world needs is one more radical Islamic state. Hence the frustration among the Separatists and militants. They have completely lost world’s sympathy which they enjoyed some twenty years ago.


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