I’m back!

Hi Folks,

I owe you an apology, because I was back a day ago, but didn’t come here to update like I told you folks I would 😦 No, it wasn’t because some kind of dictatorial regime picked me up and threw me into one of those secret underground prisons from which there is no returning πŸ™‚

On the contrary, I have just been sick. But today I just had to come here, because I was already as many as two days late.

Well, on the other hand, there hasn’t been much to write about the current political scenario. After Uttar Pradesh, the opposition and its spokespersons in the media have grown eerily quiet. There’s a sudden new calm in the country that I do not remember feeling for a day since May 16, 2014. Perhaps it has dawned on Modi’s detractors that their obsessive outrage has backfired..

To be fair, there aren’t any big elections coming, either.

Yes, I know πŸ™‚ Yes, I know that there are MCD polls in Delhi a week or so from now. But come on… it’s a municipal poll. We got used to worrying about giant Uttar Pradesh… and it’s tough to get the enthusiasm up for a mere municipal poll.

Especially since this is a poll in which BJP has done almost everything it can to lose. Trying to get AAP thrown out of its office was only the latest blunder. The BJP had a good thing going with the Jethmalani fees issue, but now they have given Kejriwal a simple chance to play victim over his office. The people know well that every party abuses the system of allotment of sarkari bungalows. Trying to single out and punish Kejriwal is terrible strategy.

Folks, this might be the first time I am running out of topics to discuss on this blog. Which means I need your help. Please let me know in the comments what you would like to see me talk about. I should be completely fine by tomorrow to post my first full blog since I returned and I need it to be something nice, don’t you think?




23 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Regarding topics,you could talk about Satyendar Jain or AAP’s so called feedback unit or the fact that Arvind Kejriwal used Delhi taxpayer’s money to pay Jethmalani’s bills or you could talk about BJPs growth in Odisha.


  2. Welcome back! Missed your blog these past few days. There’s no dearth of Dynasty Crooks, I am sure you will have your hands full!


  3. Welcome back. I realized that your posts have become a compulsive habit as much as morning paper or maybe more. One place which has plenty of burning issues both in governance as well as media coverage is Mamta Di’s Bengal. Hope you write something on it soon.


  4. Welcome back!

    To be frank,i find it strange that you are finding a shortage of topics.The month after march 11 has been full of political developments.In Odisha the BJD is experiencing in-fighting with reports of naveen patnaik’s position weakened after the Zila parishad performance of BJP,In Bengal RSS/VHP and all Hindu forces celebrated Ram Navami with full pomp and splenduer!Even Didi was forced to give a greeting for Hanuman jayanti!of course the other side retaliated and there were clashes the next day or around that,and Mamata put frivolous charges on RSS and BJP people.But just looking at the pictures is glorius,It was a full saffron wave!Didi is rattled very hard.In Karnataka too,there are murmurs of a massive exodus to BJP,with SM Krishna acting as the catalyst

    and finally,in Tamil Nadu The Centre has struck hard at the Sasikala camp,raiding the health minster and some others and making serious investigations on the distribution of money in the by-election,and EC has rescinded the by-poll.There are murmurs of more ministers being arrested and even the symbol of the party is under doubt. Centre is fully backing OPS,and Sasikala camp’s influence is only vanishing.

    Also,along with TN Govt,Centre is really cracking down on black money holders and the corrupt,with many seizures and arrests being made,and investigations into political opponents being started or being boosted,including Chidambaram,Daamad,Hooda and Virbhadra Singh

    Especial mention should go to the the beating AAP has received,with the Shunglu committe,Jethamalini issue,the mysterious feedback unit and the wastage of money on ADs all coming to hit AAP in the face and making sure they lose all 3 municipalities.Kejriwal and AAP are continuing to cry over EVM’s,and i really really doubt that AAP will survive the MCD elections.And the Congress’s pathetic state is only going more and more low,with them parroting kejriwal on the EVM suddenly.

    all in all,lots has been going on CW than you seem to think

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  5. Welcome back CW. Being a Hindu u were more safe in China than in Bengal!!. Hehe, joking. I don’t follow media much now, but if you are aware, then presstitues made hue and cry from tarun Vijay’s statement and almost divided south and north Indians.

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  6. CW the issue which requires your attention is the deafning silence of the Dynasty slaves when a non bail able warrant was issued against Madhu Kishawar by the peaceful state of Kashmir.

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  7. Well CW, yesterday media published a wrong story about tharoor helping government to make a draft for Kulbhushan. Well, media wanted to show that, BJP doesn’t have any intellectual power, and congresss is always ready to help modi government for foreign policy issues. However, Sushma swaraj has rubbished this today. Last week, media tried to spread news that, t was MMS who helped BJP to pass GST bill in RS. However, reality was that, MMS didn’t had any option, as it was a money bill. They literally gave credit to MMS for GST instead of Modi.

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  8. Welcome back, CW ji, but come on, there are certainly major issues around us. One at the moment is the Obdullah family openly batting for separatists and pakis. There is also a pack of intellectuals who relentlessly campaigned for yakob memon’s mercy, but now eerily silent on Kulbhushan Jadav’s murder plan by pakis.

    pray get well soon.

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  9. Welcome back, CW – missed your blog badly. Meanwhile, Sickulars are getting wiser – having realized that throwing muck at Modi and even Yogi is useless and even counter-productive, they have finally managed to find someone to hit out at who would not be able to retaliate ! 16 of our Sickular Phorsej united to savagely attack this new found enemy – EVMs πŸ€“

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  10. Welcome BACK CW.. We would be happy to see any post on Chinese threat to India and EVM tempering accusation by opposition after drubbing in Election..

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  11. Hi Rana ayub got a person sacked and deported for telling her and is preening like a queen about it can discuss on this nobody sud lose there job for trolling otherwise all lutyens journalist will be unemployed


  12. Welcome back, CW. I think the people who beat me to the comments section have given you enough ammo for the next few days in terms of topics. Cheers!


  13. Welcome back! Wanted to know your take on North Korea and its regime. Somehow, the indoctrination that goes on over there reminds me of peacefuls and their ways.


  14. How about the double standards of handling student suicide by commies? – Kerala – Jishnu’s mother being beaten and dragged away by police when she went to protest against the slow pace of investigation of her son’s alleged suicide in mysterious circumstances.. Irony being that Jishnu was a hardcore fan of Pinarayi Vijayan, the most hopeless commie chief minister ever… Contrast this with the picture of Mr Vijayan and other commies with the late Rohit vemula’s mother ..


  15. Hi CW, Welcome back. Hope you had a good trip.
    How about a write up on Chiddu, the Lungi , and his activities with his family amassing wealth all over the world. He needs to be shamed apart from the legal action that will follow.


  16. Congratulations CW!30% voteshare(up from 9% in 2016) for BJP in the Kanthi Dakshin by elections.Bengalis finally seem to be waking up.


    1. After that huge Ram Navami celebrations,it was only guaranteed.

      And this will only increase because The BJP unit in WB needs to be cleaned up,which is slowly happening.(many reports on BJP leaders in WB getting arrested since a while).

      Once the RS numbers shift and BJP does not need to fear mamata,the attack by BJP will increase and it will be a proper fight once again


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