Why could Congress not act fast enough in Goa and Manipur?

First of all the fun news. It is not just the Share market on Dalal Street that is up ever since BJP’s spectacular win in Uttar Pradesh. My last post on this blog, which I also published in Opindia went viral, garnering over 10,000 FB shares and counting.


For ease of comparison, Ms. Gurmehar Kaur’s crappy FB post had only 3000 shares or so after almost 5 days of relentless promotion by every media outlet in the country.

Overall, I am glad I finally got to tell this thrilling story. You see Jharkhand is essentially as much of a forgotten state of India as the North East. When you start telling about the dark deeds of UPA in this forgotten state, people do listen!


And I do hope that someone in Bollywood listens to all the tweets about this story and makes a movie about it.

For me the question of the day is why the Congress could not get its act together in Goa and Manipur fast enough. Barring something totally unforeseen (and that could well happen), it seems the BJP has already locked up both states.

But how did this come to pass? In Goa, the Congress had 17 seats out of 40, needing just 4 for a majority. There were enough free floaters around like MGP (3 seats) and Goa Forward (3 seats) for Congress to form a government. In Manipur, the Congress was even closer, just 3 short of a majority.

So, what happened?

The consensus on media and social media seems to be that the Congress was in a state of shock after UP results, its leadership too lethargic and perhaps arrogant to act quickly. Meanwhile the BJP moved nimbly and had locked up both states before the Congress got wind of what was happening.

However, I just want to specify that I disagree heavily. Politicians are just not like that. When they see power in front of them, they gobble it up, pure and simple. And I believe that politicians are made of sterner stuff than to just give up and lose in Panaji or Imphal just because their enemy won in faraway Uttar Pradesh. You or I may have experienced this election on social media, looking at the “big picture” : the totality of all 5 states that went to polls. But for party leaders in the actual contest, the election is much more local. They were focused on their own specific state and their own specific seats.

Just because we spent 80% of our time thinking about UP and only 5% each for the other 4 states doesn’t mean a Congress leader in Goa or Manipur did the same. No, they probably spent 90% of their time thinking about their own state.

So, I do not buy the “shock theory”. I do not believe for a moment that a Congress worker leader who has spent months  toiling in Goa will suddenly give up just because he saw disappointing results on TV from Uttar Pradesh.

I think the explanation is a lot simpler. The Congress simply did not have enough money to form the government in Goa or Manipur. Let’s keep it real.

The events in Goa and Manipur show that the cash crunch in Congress is for real. As the Congress has vanished from the map of India, it has ceased to be an attractive investment. It is simply now unable to raise the money for political wheeling and dealing.

This is terrible news for the people of Karnataka, because a drying and desperate Congress will now squeeze this cash cow to the max. But the worst possible choice has been made by the people of Punjab. Because the Congress is scheduled to lose Karnataka in May 2018, a full year before the General Elections. This will leave them with only Punjab, which will now have to bear the entire weight of the Congress 2019 campaign. Humongous corruption is on the way….

I will go on record one more time to express my reservations about what the BJP is doing in Goa. The image of Manohar Parrikar is a massive political asset. And the BJP is putting it all on the line. Suffice to say that a government like this in Goa can only last as long as the BJP is in power at the Central level. Fortunately, 2019 is likely to be a win and so the government in Goa is likely safe.

Here, I must note with some irony, that the very purpose for the existence of this blog is now under threat. This blog was started to fight the propaganda of dynastycrooks. And surely you have all noticed the odd silence ever since the results of Uttar Pradesh came out. Have you seen how much peace there is in the country since March 11?

Folks, the dynastycrooks are falling silent. They are all convinced that 2019 is a gone case. Which is silly, because it definitely isn’t. The Congress has several “mahagathbandhan” tricks up its sleeve. It would be foolish to take it easy for 2019.

But the dynastycrooks, having thrown in their lot aggressively with the Dynasty for the last 3 years, are suddenly in panic mode. They have realized that the incessant screaming and crying wolf for 3 years hasn’t helped their cause one bit. If anything, it might have made Modi even bigger than he actually is.

And that’s why the BJP’s machinations in Goa, instead of getting criticism, are suddenly being praised as examples of being “nimble”. These are the perks of being in power 🙂 Have you seen NDTV these days? There’s “Bhakt” written all over it.

And the sudden, self-interested Bhakti of dynastycrooks will always be more servile than anything a genuine Bhakt can offer.

The real challenge for BJP will be to keep its head above this rising tide of flatterers and listen to the voices of the real supporters and genuine well-wishers. Today, there are pathological BJP haters who are suddenly praising every move of the party to high heaven. The BJP needs to insulate itself from this false praise.

I’ve said before that the only clever thing Rahul Gandhi said in his life is that “Power is actually a poison“.  Never get carried away by what the flatterers tell you, but the temptation is always tremendous. Having seen the worst of the media, I think Modi understand this. We will know in 2019.

11 thoughts on “Why could Congress not act fast enough in Goa and Manipur?

  1. States remaining with Cong-1)HP,2)Karnataka,3)Meghalaya,4)Mizoram,5)Punjab and the half state called Puducherry.It seems as though Cong will lose HP and Karnataka and maybe even Meghalaya.They could very well become a 2 and a half state party(basically on par with Commies) in 2019 provided BJP defends Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.


  2. “the very purpose for the existence of this blog is now under threat”

    I hope you are not rooting for the Congress to come back to power to keep this blog alive ☺

    Glad to see your posts in OpIndia going viral. Look forward to your posts every day.


  3. I have to disagree.Ascribing money as the reason is very simplistic

    What happened in Goa was more about no unity in the party, poor negotiation with GFP and idiocity of Digvijay Singh rather than simply about money. OpIndia has written a good piece on it.If it was simply about money,then it’s own MLA’s wouldn’t have turned against it.

    Money may have been a factor in Manipur,but i would think it is Ibobi’s fault for alienating the Naga community and creating a mess like the economic blockade.Plus since Manipur as a state is highly dependent on Centre,that would have certainly helped the BJP.

    The initial news about Congress MLA’s defecting was IMO a ploy by Himanta Sharma to negotiate with The Naga’s and others.


    1. here:http://www.opindia.com/2017/03/the-real-reason-why-congress-failed-to-form-a-government-in-goa/

      Yesterday DIgvijay questioned a Congi MLA for having tea with Parrikar. There are reports of some Congi MLA’s writing a letter to Rahul Gandhi demanding to meet him.There are many Congi people abusing Digvijay. Even in the trust vote,one Congress MLA,Vishwajit Rane abstained,and is now quitting the party.

      It is a sign of the implosion of Congress organisation rather than simple money power imo

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  4. I am still having some doubt that the smaller parties are completely without any moral and like prostitutes will go to anybody which offers more money. I read some of the smaller parties in Manipur declared that they will join hands with anybody other than Congress party. And in Goa, I read that Congress wasted a lots of time trying to decide who should be the CM instead of rounding up enough support from other parties. The Congress party in Goa is so divided that even after several tries, it could not come up with one name for CM post.

    As far as CW’s claim that yesterday’s severe critics of BJP/Modi have turned Bhaktas, I agree hundred percent. We all were thinking tat after BJP wins elections in some states, we will only read and hear reports about Punjab. That has not happened. Perhaps they have seen the writings on the wall.

    Bet CW fans can rest assured that in due time the Dynastycrooks will be as active as before these elections with their Bhaktas in tow and prevent CWs of India from going into depression.


  5. Congi’s were short of money ? So what happened to the thousands of crores that 4 generations of the GANDI family have plundered ? OK, OK … it belongs to them and not to the party, but can’t they invest back even a miniscule percentage of their loot in this country ?


  6. From now on our mission should be not to take 2019 election for granted in any circumstances. It will be hard given our history of likes of Prithviraj Chapman. While keeping our high spirit, we must prepare fully for 2019. The enemy has already started lulling us into false safety of victory.
    Dynastycrooks will never disappear. They are the products of thousand years Stockholm syndrome. Dynasty itself and its founder are the products of internalized defeat, which is Stockholm syndrome. And then there are dynasty clones. They may change the color and be known as mediacrooks, aaptards, anti nationals, distractions, but they will be there. Vardrajan of Wire is a new crook, who has tried to take Indian people as fool. The othere day he suggested that journos would ta.ke up the role of opposition. As long as we have such samples in India, we are required.


  7. I would not believe that Congress did not try to lure MLAs in Goa and Manipur. There is no party in India Congress did not took support to form kichdi governments in the past. But the Aura of Modiji is so strong that the migratory birds had to think twice to allay with sinking ship of Congress. Their future lies in the decision to join hands with BJP. As far you articles, no surprise that we have become virtual addicts.


  8. I think u r getting carried away…msm presstitute is just praising bjp or modi to get them overconfident like ABV..n bjp has history of getting carried away n ditch its core supporter…also i think its just a propoganda that muslim voted for bjp actually bjp won as hindu consolidated…so bjp will now try to become sickular…n for parrikar ya bjp has done mistake of keeping its bjg asset parrikar for goa a rather small state…it may gice power dealers free run..if not able to get right person..
    Many point in one…n may be different


  9. So u agree that the so called no corruption bullshit is a facade?
    Now let’s continue with Modi Bhakti.
    The missionaries in Goa will have the last laugh.


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