Chhattisgarh : Leftists take revenge for progress, take 12 innocent lives

Far away from the cream and strawberries world of celebrity patrakars and their political patrons in Lutyens Delhi, there is a forgotten vastness of the nation where people still struggle for their basic needs.

The people in this tribal patch of Eastern India were divided. No, not because of “Hindutva” or “intolerance”. But because the Sabari river flowed between Dornapal town in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh and Podia town in Odisha. Seven decades of the idea of India had failed to build a bridge between these two communities. As a result, despite being so close to each other, the people would have to travel as much as 120 km to make it to the other side.

Finally, Achche Din have arrived. The bridge has been built and a journey of 120 km has come down to a mere 3 km, as seen in this report from Navbharat Times:


For friends who might not be able to read Hindi, let me translate some of the most relevant lines:

The news of the opening of the bridge had spread like wildfire through dozens of villages and towns a day before. By evening thousands of people from Chhattisgarh and Odisha had gathered to see history being made. There was a smile on every face and a desire to see something new and special. Nearly a thousand people from the Chhattisgarh side crossed the bridge in two wheelers to meet people on the Odisha side and express their happiness.

This is exactly the kind of grassroots development that should bring tears of joy into the eyes of any genuine well wisher of the Indian people. Not to mention that this is exactly the kind of grassroots reporting that is losing out to celebrity patrakars who tweet out the rumblings in their own echo chambers in the form of “ground reports”.

Swarajya Magazine also picked up the story here from the same report in the Navbharat Times. They published it along with a prophecy


which came true almost immediately in the most morbid manner possible.

Of course, the enemies of India couldn’t bear to see the people of Odisha and Chhattisgarh take even one step forward. The whiff of progress sent a shiver down the spines of leftists. If India develops, they lose their narrative. They’ll go out of business.

The Left acted swiftly and vengefully.


That’s right! Leftists went to the same Sukma district of Chhattisgarh that had just been connected to Odisha with this new bridge. They just had to do it. By means of a spectacularly gruesome operation, they just had to show the people that every step towards progress will be met with swift and ruthless punishment.

India just lost another 12 fine young men as a punishment for progress.


What is worse is that the stranglehold of the Left on national discourse is such that these massacres are either forgotten instantly or don’t even get noticed in the first place. See if you can name even one of our brave men and women in uniform who have died fighting the intolerance of the militant Left. See if you can find even one mainstream website or primetime TV debate today on this massacre in Chhattisgarh. This story is not fashionable enough to go viral on the internet and electronic media.

Every time I see a leftist speaking with a straight face on tolerance and democracy at a televised event, I wonder if this person will burst into laughter the moment he/she goes behind the scenes.

My humble advice: take the “Bharat ki barbaadi” chants seriously. They are telling us exactly what they want. They are showing us what they are capable of doing by doing exactly what they said they would do. The only thing they are not showing is how much they are laughing at all of us.


8 thoughts on “Chhattisgarh : Leftists take revenge for progress, take 12 innocent lives

  1. Asking you the same questions that I asked in the previous thread.BSP lost the 2012 state elections,won 0 seats in the 2014 LS elections and won just 20 yesterday.Could this be the end of BSP.I have two questions:1)should Amit Shah go for the kill and try to induct Satish Mishra and RS Kushwaha and finish off what’s left of BSP(except Mayawati of course)?,2)do you think that Jatav Dalits will move towards the BJP now that BSP is declining?


  2. The Maoists are losing.I don’t think they will exist after 10 years.Speaking of Chhattisgarh,do you think BJP can defend it and Rajasthan next year?I am sure that BJP will defend Gujarat and MP but I’m not sure about Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.Hearing different views about Rajasthan.


  3. Dear Chaiwallah,

    I think the time has come to hunt down these Maoists like dogs. Use helicopter gun ships and flame throwers if necessary, and kill them by the hundreds if need be. Right now the GoI is too worried about all the “human rights” activists to treat Maoists as armed enemy soldiers. However the Assembly results have shown that the people of India don’t give two hoots about such persons (both Maoists as well as their defenders). The judiciary plays to foreign galleries and grants bail to the likes of Binayak Sen and Saibaba, but even they can’t grant bail to dead Maoists, can they?

    P.S. The same applies to “stone pelters” in Kashmir who interfere with anti-terrorist operations. If about 40 to 50 of these “stone pelters” are shot dead, I bet there won’t be any “stone pelters” hampering the next operation! Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s stern words must be followed up by even sterner actions.

    Your views please.

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  4. I agree with Prof. Vidyasagar.

    It is about time to use drones and attack helicopters and crush these naxals!

    Also action/imprison judges /NCM/NHRC member/JNU professor who fight on behalf of the naxals!

    Foreign armed traitors who point a foreign gun at Bharathmatha are not protected by the Indian constitution.

    Naxals have come this far and red corridor has become so huge only because of foreign payroll judges.

    Why is Noam Chomsky so much interested in Indian naxals?

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  5. Govt. must establish a separate army regiment for the sole purpose of these naxal rats and mercilessly kill them, even if some of them desire to surrender. Those fiberals who rake up human rights in favor of these naxal snakes must be shot dead too in staged encounters. This was how the dreaded Decoits of Chambal were put off. India is suffering not because of poverty, but commie pigs and their traitor stooges who hide behind toothless laws.


  6. At least use drones to pin point their hiding places and send in the ground troops to destroy them. Last time we even crossed borders into Myanmar. This time go even one step further.


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