Uttar Pradesh: how seculars jumped down the rabbit hole

Phew! That was quite a bromance between two of India’s most admired Shehzadas. But you know, at the end of the day, UP ko anti-Romeo squad pasand hai.

The result from Uttar Pradesh had not been in doubt at least since March 3. That’s when Amit Shah, instead of ducking questions and hedging his bets, began to openly dare the media to make the UP elections a referendum not only on demonetization, but on the performance of the Modi government itself.


Then, the exit polls came to light, followed by Akhilesh Yadav’s clearly defeatist comments and Mayawati’s absurd charges of EVM tampering. The election results were written in large letters on the faces of the BJP’s two main opponents. Nevertheless, it was amusing to see some alleged journalists fanning the flames of hope until the bitter end. I shall not name them of course. Stories about “Jat anger” and “BSP surge” and “desperate Modi in Varanasi” being already past their sell by date, one can only assume that these Extra Terrestrial (ET) reporters were working for tips.

In the end, it came down to a nailbiting contest for the 4th position in Uttar Pradesh between the RLD, the Congress and two small BJP allies : the Apna Dal and the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP). This, despite  Honorable Priyanka Gandhiji  who did “more than just physical campaigning”.


Such a tremendous blow to a feminist icon so close on the heels of International Women’s Day is one symptom of a society still neck deep in patriarchy.


Another symptom of patriarchy is the fact that I had to fish out this enlightened article from the Google Web cache here. Because much like the Congress disappearing from the map of India, the original article has disappeared from the website of The Indian Express. This shaming of news traders has to stop.

Anyways, the contest for 4th place got hotter when it seemed for a while that Mayawati was also throwing her hat into the ring. But just in case you are feeling a bit sorry for the BSP, please don’t. If you can find it in your heart, better feel sorry for those suckers who had to pay several crores. That too probably in notes of Rs 100 (or less) at the peak of notebandi.

There is a lesson here for everyone and I’ll start with the lesson for the BJP and its supporters (or at least its online sympathizers). Stop worrying about a tiny regional party that I do not care to name over here. No matter whether the Congress is unconscious, in the ICU or high on mood altering substances, they will continue to be the BJP’s principal challenger for at least a decade and likely more. Stop falling for the media trick of sending the BJP to chase a tiny mosquito through the jungle while it is being stalked for prey by the expert carnivores in the wild.

The bigger lessons, of course, are for the losers in this election. The reason Akhilesh Yadav boarded the media train to nowhere is because he drew exactly the wrong lessons from Modi’s career. Akhilesh Yadav saw that Modi had a fantastic PR campaign in 2014. He convinced himself that only if he could get one of those for himself, he would win as well.

But what Akhilesh didn’t realize is that he was only looking at the tip of the iceberg. He did not realize that Modi’s showmanship was buttressed by 12 years of working hard at the nuts and bolts in Gujarat. Akhilesh made the same mistake when he expected a repeat of Bihar 2015 in Uttar Pradesh. He saw that Nitish had great arithmetic and the PR skills of Prashant Kishore. What he didn’t see was that Nitish had spent 10 years pulling Bihar out of the trash the hard way.


Akhilesh Yadav was like the beaming kid who gets his photograph taken with his new bat that has a sticker of Sachin Tendulkar. No hairstyle, no tone of voice and no sticker can make a kid into Sachin Tendulkar. It takes talent, luck and more hard work than you can even imagine.

Of course, Akhilesh’s retinue of flattering patrakars were happy to tell him that the Yadav Shehzada was on his way to making history. He was paying them to enhance his illusion. Frankly, Akhilesh would have been better off listening to his veteran dad and battle hardened uncle.

The best thing about this election is that Mayawati’s ponzi scheme with caste / religious groups has finally come to an end. First Dalits, then Brahmins and now Muslims … her modus operandi of pretending to be advocate of one group in each election, then collecting her winnings and moving on had to end somewhere. She had a good run though and our society has only itself to blame for that.

By the way, the exact point where I knew that BJP had won Uttar Pradesh was when the Lutyens consensus shifted to a “BSP surge” from the narrative of an Akhilesh wave. You see, BSP is like a “safe space” where snowflake liberals go when they get “triggered” by the bitterness of reality. This is because Mayawati’s vision of India as a chaos of numerous social factions, all at perennial war with each other, holds a primal fascination for the Indian liberal. You know, the type that romances JNU. The liberals tried to insult voter intelligence by spreading the rumor that Jats in Western UP were wasting their votes on a tiny vote katwa party with no hope of crossing 20 seats. It didn’t work. When their machinations failed in the Yadav heartland, the liberals changed horses midway and gravitated towards their “safe space” in the BSP tent. No wonder then that the “idea of India” fell between two stools.

The final lesson in this election is for the pollsters, especially the elite ones at CSDS-Lokniti. How did they manage to dig themselves into a hole like this?


I do not for a moment doubt the sincerity and veracity of this next claim:


And yet they missed a historic wave in Uttar Pradesh. I can bet it’s because they let their own pet theory of the “vocal BJP voter” interfere with their conclusions. When you mix faith with science, the result is always havoc. Perhaps next time CSDS-Lokniti should be loyal to their own data rather than their own prejudices from the 90s. Come out of the Yogendra Yadav frame of mind.  But them, you can’t teach an old Commie new tricks.


23 thoughts on “Uttar Pradesh: how seculars jumped down the rabbit hole

  1. Thanks to this amazing win,BJP will win 24-25/31 RS seats from UP.10 RS seats from UP will go to election next year and BJP will win 8 of them(since it has 304+).BJP’s numbers in RS will really increase.


  2. BJP looks likely to form the Govt in Manipur because all the smaller parties(except TMC) are with BJP.And if it does,as an added bonus,it will win the RS seat from Manipur since the Congress RS MP from Manipur died a few days ago.


    1. Stunning results from the heartland – undoubtedly BJP’s greatest triumph since 2014. Winning Manipur would be the icing on the cake. Little surprised at Goa results though- while I never remotely expected a sweep, thought they would huff and puff their way to 20-odd. Guess Parekar’s move to center did hurt them.


  3. If the pseudo seculars consisting of Congress and their illegitimate clones are still acting dumb to figure out their total thrashing, the writing on the wall is that natural Hindu consolidation, thanks to unnatural Yadav-Dalit-Muslim appeasement was the obvious reason for wiping them out. The next battle ground is where trauma Hindus scattered like in Manipur, Goa, Kerala, Punjab etc. are to be awakened, and anti nationals history of last thousand years will be buried for ever. By trauma Hindus I mean lost Hindus as Christians, communists, Muslims, Hindu and Sikh from Pakistan, Bengal. For Lucky consolidated Hindus enjoy the fruits of prosperity and development by local administration in synch with greater united India, which is Bharat.


  4. BJP does seem to be in a precarious position in Goa but it can form the Govt if it gets the support of MGP,GFP and 2 out of the 3 independents.


  5. Regarding Punjab,I did want a Cong mukt Punjab since they are our #1 enemy but at least,Khalistani elements will be kept in check and AAP’s rise has been halted.


  6. Gujarat and HP are going to hold their state elections in November-December.I am quite sure that BJP will win in Gujarat.Hoping that they win in HP as well.


  7. This is not a wave it is a tsunami of epic proportions that will reset the whole political scenario for years to come. It’s the proverbial knock out punch for pseudosecs and lunatic left. They will see before them a Himalayan size mountain to climb to become a credible political threat because they have a difficult choice to make. Keep doing some things and dig a deeper hole for themselves or get out of their mindset and embrace a positive nationalistic outlook which as far as I can se is beyond them in the short to medium term.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This is not a wave it is a tsunami of epic proportions that will reset the whole political scenario for years to come. It’s the proverbial knock out punch for pseudosecs and lunatic left pretend-liberals. They will see before them a Himalayan size mountain to climb to become a credible political threat because they have a difficult choice to make. Keep doing some things and dig a deeper hole for themselves or get out of their mindset and embrace a positive nationalistic outlook which as far as I can se is beyond them in the short to medium term.


  9. My God, I was tired of reading headline after headline when Narendra Modi was campaigning, ‘desperation?’ ‘desperation?’ Will these secular learn lesson from this election, that false church attacks, intolerance, awards vapsi or Gurmeher dogs ain’t going to hunt no more, no how? Will they realize that totally unfair attacks on Hindus will only make then join hands? Will they tone down their attack on demonetisation? Will they stop demanding proofs about our military retaliation or ISIS activity of the hunted terrorists?

    I have not read anywhere out of 105 seats allotted to Congress how many Congress won? Can somebody throw light on that? Because this should determine how many parties will try to avoid holding hands with Congress in the future. It is good in a way, that Kejriwal was put down to earth, sorry slammed down to earth.


  10. Congratulations CW and all right wingers. Lets enjoy for few says. Today’,s win is because of hard work of Modi, Am it Shah and our star campaigner Rahul baba.


  11. My only worry was that Jats will vote as Hindus or not. For which Motu Shah had done a secret deal with Jats (of promise of reservation and off course actual money).
    Rest was done by the 2 jokers and behenji by whoring around for Muslim votes.
    Now the sharia banker may continue with his nautanki, and ModiSlaves with their bhajan.


  12. This is right time to save Indian Muslims and not only from triple talaq. They have been played on by monsters big time. We know that we have good and great Muslims like Tarek Fatah, President and scientist Abdul Kalam, politicians like Shahnawaz and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi etc. But whom did Congress and Congress clones have made representatives of silent hard working Muslim brothers? Those, many of those who lost their deposits because they were not true representitives but were pawns of those politicians, who were using innocent masses, dividing them from their Hindu brothers, inciting them to raise and cry communalism, where there was none, depriving them to participate in contribution to development by remaining aloof from those who were trying to bring prosperity, pride and respect to their lives. They were used as a fodder in an unholy appeasement of not their own making needlessly provoking Hindu consolidation in place of gentle civilized assimilation of God’s different paths and distinct Bharati ya culture. That resulted in scarcity of representation in truly main stream political organization just to prove futility and dangers of isolation, lessons of injustice to their own sisters, resultant self deprivation in contribution to the yagna of development. There could be better and larger pool of Bharati ya Muslims as much as Bharati ya Hindus in a natural mosaic of governance in a planned way.


  13. Firstly, we have to thank our brothers and sisters in UP for this magnificent victory.
    The UP voter may have brought India back from chaos to a future as an even greater civilization. The UP voter has given the rest of the country a lesson in how to put aside minor and artificial differences and give a thumping mandate. This has been done in both 2014 and 2017 so it is now clear that the UP voter has at last woken up from the deep slumber of casteism and secularism and is thinking beyond narrow interests.

    A country may have a great leader like NaMo but it also needs equally great voters who can recognize the greatness in the leader. UP has done exactly that and has put itself now on the road to prosperity.

    As Amit Shah said yesterday, India cannot grow at 10% without UP growing at 10%. All stops will now be pulled and UP will soon race to become one of the fastest growing states in India. One of the cradle of Indian civilization is now returning to its cultural and civilizational roots and hopefully will be a beacon for the rest of the country. Let us celebrate, a culturally resurgent UP signals a culturally (and hence economically) resurgent India.


    1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

      I agree 100% with your observation. Somehow people are not giving enough credit to the true “aam aadmi” — the UP voter! That also includes those of us on this forum too, I would say (though perhaps it is not intentional on our parts).

      If the UP CM is even half-way competent, there is no reason why UP can’t grow at 10%, just because the base is so abysmal and the population is so huge. Plus I am sure that NaMo will pull out all stops to make UP a showcase in the remaining two years.

      My only worry is: Is there any CM contender who is actually capable of governing? Or are they all just orators? In this connection I wouldn’t mind Rajnath Singh as CM, because I have heard that he is an efficient administrator. Please don’t be fooled by all the placatory statements that he is forced to make as Home Minister; that is part of his deception game. But his efficiency can be seen in the improved domestic security situation. And no, ALL the credit for that doesn’t go to Ajit Doval. His role is mostly external, e.g. the surgical strike, not so much internal.

      Let us see what transpires. But for now let us enjoy all the squirming of the presstitutes.


      1. Dear Prof. Vidyasagar,

        Agreed, UP should easily be able to grow at 10% given its low base. But it needs an extremely capable administrator, someone almost as capable as NaMo. Rajnath has the experience but the new contenders also seem to be good strong leaders. UP is lucky that it has better bench strength for the BJP than the other states.Whoever the CM is, lets hope UP is shaken out of the mess it has found itself in after the rule of Behenji and Akhilesh.

        UP is literally the heart and centre of India. It has always been the spiritual fountain of India. Now it has to be the state that dominates economically and culturally for decades. NaMo has to make this happen whatever it takes. I am sure we will see a different NaMo from here on.


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