JNU prof who wants kids shut out of campus complains of rising “anti-intellectualism”

First of all, do we really need to talk about the exit polls? Yes, I have eaten the first batch of laddoos and I have to go buy more of them tomorrow. Hope you are doing the same 🙂

The Indian Express has recently become the go to destination for every intellectual hypocrite who finds him/herself unable to cope with the fact that a man from a humble background made it to the top. And he and his followers (at least his online followers) generally cock a snook at the class of self-styled intellectuals who have been fattened on the loaves and fishes of power by successive secular regimes.

The latest to join the whining party is Prof. Janaki Nair of the history department at JNU (no points for guessing that).


In her rage, Prof. Nair goes on to excoriate current  Indian society and our government for harboring mistrust towards the “intellectuals”.


Incidentally, Prof. Nair herself wrote an article some months ago in Scroll demanding that eager school kids not be allowed into her delicate ivory tower at JNU. Here’s an extract :


Yes, allowing eager school kids to come into her campus with their fresh young minds has degraded her to the status of an animal. In a country where literally tens of millions of kids never get a shot at a quality education, it can be a “vice” for an elite, well funded university in the capital to let children in for just ONE day during the whole year! It takes a special kind of hypocrite to demand a wall for keeping kids out of the campus intellectual space and then to complain that people have become “anti-intellectual”.

What are the people supposed to do, Prof. Nair? Sing praises of JNU intellectuals while standing at a respectable distance looking at your campus wall? If the common people or even their kids come any closer and you have to set your eyes on them, it will make you feel like a lowly animal.

To echo the words of Prof. Janaki Nair, what kind of “nervous and insecure”  intellectual gets so panicked by the presence of school kids?

Narendra Modi began his life as a tea seller on a railway platform. He worked his way up to become Chief Minister of Gujarat and delivered economic growth for 12 long years. But he is not fit to be PM.  But, guess who got a recommendation from Harvard to become PM?


Yes, Rahul Gandhi is impressive and talented and selflessly committed to the welfare of the Indian people. How does Amartya Sen know all this? Because he met Rahul Gandhi for a day at Trinity College in Cambridge.

Let’s put it all together. Kids of ordinary people are not to be let into campus even for one day because they might bother the delicate genius of intellectuals. But the son of Rajiv and Sonia gets to personally meet a Harvard intellectual and in the space of just one day… he comes back with a letter of recommendation to become Prime Minister of India! Eh, Prof. Nair?

And who can forget how Modi was derided for his humble beginning as a Chaiwallah by an intellectual who went to Wellham Boys’, Doon School, St. Stephens and Trinity College, Cambridge? Can you really complain now about Modi not being a fan of the intellectual class that has sneered at his humble background every step of the way?

The “nervous and insecure” Prof. Janaki Nair doesn’t stop here. The JNU prof moves into really dangerous territory, starting a bout of fearmongering about science and technology!


And they talk of freedom on campus! What kind of nervous and insecure intellectual sees the presence of scientists and technologists as a threat to an educational institution? So far, this eminent intellectual has essentially declared school kids, scientists and technologists as undesirables on campus! The upside down world of what happens inside the walls of JNU finally has an explanation.

Now, if I were an intellectual, I would go on to write a long article about how distrust of scientists has a dangerous and frankly embarrassing history, from Galileo to Darwin and much more.

PS: Let’s each buy 250 laddoos tomorrow, at least…  🙂

16 thoughts on “JNU prof who wants kids shut out of campus complains of rising “anti-intellectualism”

  1. You need 38 seats to win 1 RS seat from UP.228 seats will give us 18-19/31 RS seats and 266 will give us 21-22/31 RS seats.I really hope BJP gets 266.


      1. Okay,I did some research:
        2017(10 RS seats up for grabs)
        Goa-1(held by INC)
        Gujarat-3(2 held by BJP and 1 by INC)
        WB-6(4 held by TMC,1 by INC and 1 by CPI(M)
        2018(69 RS seats up for grabs)
        AP-3(2 held by INC and 1 by TDP)
        Bihar-6(4 held by JD(U) and 2 by BJP)
        Chhattisgarh-1(held by BJP)
        Gujarat-4(all held by BJP)
        Haryana-1(held by INC)
        HP-1(held by BJP)
        Jharkhand-2(1 held by INC and 1 by JMM)
        Karnataka-4(2 heldb y BJP,1 held by Independent and 1 by INC)
        Kerala-3(1 held by CPI(M),1 held by INC and 1 by KC(M)
        MP-5(4 held by BJP and 1 by INC)
        Maharashtra-6(2 held by INC,2 by NCP,1 by SS and 1 by BJP)
        Delhi-3(all held by INC)
        Odisha-3(2 held by BJD and 1 by Independent)
        Rajasthan-3(2 held by INC and 1 by BJP)
        Sikkim-1(held by SDF)
        Telangana-3(1 held by TDP and 2 by INC)
        UP-10(6 held by SP,2 by BSP,1 by INC and 1 by BJP)
        Uttarakhand-1(held by INC)
        WB-5(4 held by TMC and 1 by CPI(M)).


      2. The next round of elections where any considerable change is gonna happen in RS is next year.This year Goa(1 seat),West Bengal and Gujarat are gonna have some RS elections,but there isn’t gonna be much change in Goa and WB,except maybe Commies can lose their seat depending on how mamata plays it.Only Goa can add 1 seat.

        Next year we are gonna add a net of 9 seats from various states,as Enigma’s calculation will show.

        Up’s 10 seats will be up for vote next year.As Enigma said,we need 266 for 7 seats,228 for 6 seats.Let’s see how much we will get


        1. Just a FYI,the 9 seats i mentioned was aside from the Nominated seats,4 more of which will be up for grabs.

          BJP will be quite stronger in RS,but that will happen next year.But still the opposition will be pressured by the UP win more than anything else


          1. Cheers….Now if BJP win UP with 200 + then BJP can have its nominated President and Vice President. Total 10,98 lakh votes in an electoral college, the majority mark would be 5.49 lakh votes.At present, the BJP is short by 0.17 million votes and it is impossible to elect its own candidate without any support.
            The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), on the other hand, will need almost 75,000 more votes to win the prestigious election.

            So if we win all 4 State with Majority then we can get additional 35K votes and rest of votes NDA can get like AIDMK or BJD or AAP based on candidates…
            BJP does not want to give second term to Hamid Ansari at any cost and can agree on Pranav Da based on situation. But they will try for there Candidates First..


  2. As per India Today Axis, BJP will sweep I phase where Jats had deserted BJP in the last minute. This really looks to me fishy. I hope the Axis exit poll does not turn out to be a conspiracy by Rajdeep.


    1. You should know that polling agencies are only hired by the channels,they don’t really control them beyond that.Polling agencies change channels frequently,so Rajdeep doesn’t actually control them.

      Plus, about Jats there have been conflicting and varying reports from everyone. Some say that majority of Jats deserted BJP,while others claim that the “Jat anger” issue is overplayed by a lot of people and that Jats still favour BJP. So Axis giving 50 to BJP is not really that suspicious,many were predicting similar things.Phase 1 and Jat vote will only be clear tomorrow


    2. The key is that every single exit poll has identified BJP as the No.1 party. It would be highly surprising if all of them are wrong. Consensus among exit polls is rarely ever wrong.


  3. So Enemy Property Bill is finally passed now after being an ordinance for almost a year.Congress morons staged a drama of a walkout as they didn’t want to be seen opposing the bill.Effect of the elections already visible,even before the results


  4. Friends,

    Somehow we have lost sight of the original message, which was about how this dolt called Janaki Nair thinks that she alone is an intellectual, while scientists and engineers (including the VC of JNU who used to be a prof. at IITD) are not intellectuals.

    As things stand now, the Humanities and Social Sciences worldwide are full of garbage professors teaching garbage subjects to unsuspecting students. Some of these brainwashed zombies turn into the likes of Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid, and pretty much all of them unemployable.

    These Humanities and Social Sciences professors have led a nice parasitic existence because until recently they have managed to get away with peddling the li(n)e that studying these subjects broadens one’s mind. Perhaps a hundred years ago it was true, and it still appears to be true in places like Italy. (For instance, some of the best theoretical researchers I know from Italy went to “classical” High Schools before switching over to engineering.) But in India and USA, these people have been exposed badly.

    We as taxpayers should demand to know: (i) why these parasites get the same salaries as professors of science and engineering, which is NOT the case in the USA for example, and (ii) why the students in these good for nothing places, who will never contribute to the GDP of India, pay only a few hundred Rupees per year, whereas IIT students who have put India on the world’s technology map and will continue to generate GDP have to pay lakhs or Rupees per year in fees.


  5. First, lets not call Janaki Nair and other JNU Arts and Humanities teachers as professors because they seem to only profess hatred for India. A person who only professes hatred for the country is an anti-national, not a professor.

    India has never been against real intellectuals. This is the country that produced the Vedas and Upanishads when the West still lived in caves. This is the country that gave Yoga and concepts of Dharma and Moksha to the world.

    India has now seen through the false intellectuals such as Janaki Nair who hate their fellow Indians just because of their religious or political affliation and therefore teach their students secessionist ideas. This country is bound by a culture, history and tradition of thousands of years. So when a Maoist comes along and tries to destroy this cultural unity and advocates secession, people in their right minds protest and ask what the heck is going on in Arts and Humanities departments.


    1. Kannan…..Excellent point!

      ‘India has never been against real intellectuals. This is the country that produced the Vedas and Upanishads when the West still lived in caves. This is the country that gave Yoga and concepts of Dharma and Moksha to the world.’

      Especially this point which is so true…..’This is the country that produced the Vedas and Upanishads when the West still lived in caves.’


      1. Thanks Srinivas. Yes, India has been the most intellectual country in the history of mankind. Perhaps, too intellectual – which is why the Islamic invasions and colonialism took place.

        We had an entire intellectual class – the Brahmins. They are much maligned now but they have sustained and nourished the culture of India for ages. They are the intellectuals if any – not the JNU arts and humanities professors.


  6. Give this lady, Janki some credit. At least she used the phrase….Church like piety….At least she agrees that is what going on in churches. There would have been a Fatva on her head if she had said something like this about the peacefuls (peacefools).

    As I was reading the blog, I was thinking about commenting on California’s Silicon Valley’s IT experts, engineers and scientists going crazy in welcoming Narendra Modi must not be among intellectuals, but then I read that Janki believes exactly that. I bet, the record breaking achievement by ISRO scientists means nothing to her.

    Even more amusing is, Amratya Sen’s belief that Rahul Gandhi could dazzle the world by making lots of money ! But he like Manmohan Singh wants to bring change about the deprivation !! As if, they never got that chance ! Rahul Gandhi had been elected from one tiny constituency for many many years, what kind of positive change he brought- in in that small region of the country? And Mr. Sen is among the giants in the eyes of Janki and her elk.


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