This Women’s Day, let’s remember that it’s NOT about Priyanka Gandhi

The campaign is over. It is up to the BJP’s booth workers to hit the ground today in the last and final phase of the Uttar Pradesh elections. And do not forget Manipur. I repeat : do not forget Manipur.

Over the course of this long election, the dynastycrooks have tried every single trick in their book. It began with the servile fawning over the so called “UP ke ladke”, a media campaign to project two dynasts as icons of youth in the new India. Honestly, what does Rahul Gandhi stand for? If I am one of the hundreds of millions of young Indians under the age of 35 (and I am), what does Rahul have to offer me? What vision? What inspiration?

Is it the message that if your dad has inherited an empire, you don’t have to actually work for a living? That’s the only message I can see coming out of the life and career of Rahul Gandhi.

As the election progressed and the BJP surge became evident, there was a sudden shift in the mood of journos who began to fall over themselves to predict a Modi win in Uttar Pradesh. If you are wondering why elite journos who hate the BJP are in an obscene hurry to predict a Modi wave, it is because they are scared. They know that a victory in Uttar Pradesh will make Modi powerful beyond any other politician since Indira Gandhi. A 2014 like fear is back. They are hoping desperately to get on the right side of Modi before it’s too late.

By the way. It already is. Modi is known to destroy his enemies completely. You might be skeptical and wonder why “nothing” has happened to the journalist scum since 2014. To understand how Modi works, you have to see Gujarat and how Modi’s enemies were slowly squeezed till they didn’t matter any more. This is a longer play. The Lutyens lobby knows it. They wouldn’t be scared without reason.

And so it happens that the best dynasty bootlicking articles from Lutyens media appeared more towards the beginning of the election in Uttar Pradesh. There are many candidates for best bootlicker award, but this one I believe is the most precious of all. I saved my comments on this one for International Women’s Day.


Seriously, WTF?

Vocal and Fierce Women’s Rights advocate? What did she do?


Yeah, she has come to campaign for her brother in the name of their mother, father, grandmother and grandfather. Yeah…these are the people who are supposed to become icons of women empowerment.

She addresses one rally in her family pocketborough and the dalal media comes out salivating to find excuses for giving her the mantle of greatness. Brother is “youth icon” and sister is “feminist icon”.  Yeah… see the women empowerment happening here:


FYI, Michelle Obama is a lawyer from Harvard Law School who used to make millions. This duffer called Rahul Gandhi sees little value in her except cooking for her husband. Women’s empowerment you see…

Remember folks: brother is youth icon and sister is feminist icon.

As I said, this Indian Express article is from the early days in the Uttar Pradesh election (Feb 20). It was a time of planted news items regarding how Priyanka Gandhi is “micromanaging” the Uttar Pradesh elections from the shadows. Just from the fact that such articles have disappeared, you can see who is winning the election.

What does media dalali look like? It looks like this:


No questions on Priyanka’s likeability? Charm and subtle wit? Where are you getting this stuff from, dear Indian Express? This article is not proving the likeability of Priyanka Gandhi, the only thing it is proving is that someone in the Congress (possibly AP) has used “subtle wit” in the backroom to make sure you don’t have the courage to ask any questions.

There is no greater insult to Indian women than telling them that Priyanka Gandhi could be an icon for them.

I’ll leave you with this touching message from a Church backed weekly in Kerala to a minor girl who was raped by a priest.



14 thoughts on “This Women’s Day, let’s remember that it’s NOT about Priyanka Gandhi

  1. CW….Happy WM DAY…Do you at twitter.. we see Dynastycrook twitter it fake or real one.. wannna to follow you if this is real one…plz confirm…


  2. CW…good post!…..“feminist icon”,“subtle wit”and”likeability”……I am sure they must be referring to some other individual….Priyanka Gandhi having these qualities …what a joke!

    My reaction to the ‘message'(sic) of “Church backed weekly”


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  3. Rajnath Singh said that BJP will form the government in UP,Uttarakhand,Goa and Manipur but he’s not confident about Punjab.Amit Shah said something similar.So it seems as though we will win 4/5.


    1. Manipur had 86% turnout in Phase 2…smaller states tend to have larger turnout but wondering if this is a record even by their normally lofty standards.


  4. Some stupid RW are abusing 543 on Twitter just because he said that we shouldn’t be over confident even though BJP is ahead because UP is a large and complex state and he makes a very valid point.I guess these morons(especially that bimbo Preeti Chopra) won’t be happy unless he says that BJP is winning 375+ seats out of 403.What I like about 543 is that he stays loyal to data and doesn’t let his own pro-BJP stance affect his data analysis.He has almost gotten every prediction right except WB but these idiots keep abusing him and then complain later that we don’t have our own ecosystem.It made me so angry.


    1. The problem with RW is that they are too volatile,and treat every little thing as a potential loss.This small reminder by 543 was treated as a prediction of a hung house and a “U-turn” by many RW,who are just too frustrated for their own good.

      I am not saying that 543 is a perfect pollster and sure maybe he should get some criticism for some things,but the way RW overreact to every single thing is pretty exhausting and sad


  5. Speaking of 543,he just tweeted a few minutes ago that he thinks that BJP is through and that UP has been modified.And that’s great news.5Forty3 and Surjit Bhalla are the only ones who get it right most of the time.Bhalla will post his prediction tomorrow.And once he also predicts a BJP win,I will be 100% sure.


  6. if once PG is exposed to the electorate,just through speech she will prove that she is no less a dumb than RG. icon! what nonsense


  7. If BJP has to win a majority in UP, it is absolutely necessary that BSP/Mayawati does not lose anything from her 2014 LS vote share. Otherwise we will see a Delhi 2013 kind of result.


  8. My God, CW I salute you for your research. The last para about the church, the priest and the fifteen year old victim is beyond belief. Can you imagine some Hindu outfit writing such junk in support of Aasaram Bapu?

    I like your thinking about Narendra Modi silently neutralizing presstitute scum journalists in Gujarat.

    In fact, I always believed that Narendra Modi has uncanny ability to calculate “Cost VS Benefit” analysis in any situation. When we common persons fail to understand, why he still have spared this person or that person, he sees them as useful idiots as free as opposed to them in jail drawing sympathy.

    You must have heard about the news that a major Christian charity group is shutting down its operation in India because of crackdown.


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