Millenia of hypocrisy : Pope sentences child molesters to a “lifetime of prayer”

I am scared. Because, in India, talking about such things is fraught with danger. So, if you are a professional victim who thinks that the sanctity of your superstition supersedes the rights of child abuse victims, kindly ignore this article.

In an absolutely shocking move, Pope Francis has decided to grant “mercy” to certified child molesters. You would think that a story like this would take our breath away and lead to a collective gasp of condemnation


We are talking about pedophiles here, people! And here is the head of the world’s largest religion making an open gesture of “mercy” to child molesters. How horrible is this?

Can you imagine the message sent out by something like this? If more people were to know about this, can you imagine how unsafe the millions of Catholics in India would feel? If more people were to know about this, can you imagine the effect on the minds of millions of Indian parents who send their kids to Catholic institutions of learning?

You would think this story would get some traction in the Indian media. But I am willing to wager that you haven’t even heard about this story.

The reasons are not hard to imagine. Because this is about a so called “minority religion”. In India, the system of public morality enforced by liberals is not blind to who you are : it checks the caste, religion and gender of each person before judging him/her. And if injustices to victims of child abuse have to swept under the carpet to defer to so called minority sentiments, so be it.

I’m going to be even more of a heretic in the rest of this article, this time challenging the beliefs of the Hindu right.

This story about the Vatican getting merciful towards child molesters and the lack of outrage surrounding it also undercuts the belief of the Hindu right that Muslims are always treated with kid gloves by mainstream discourse. Sometimes, Muslims do get the short end of the stick and this story is a great example of how. If this had been some kind of Muslim Mufti or Maulvi instead of the Pope, it seems to me that the reaction from the media would have been much sharper. The stereotype of the bearded Mullah out to destroy civilization would have played in the minds of the people. Anti-Islamic politicians everywhere from India to Europe to the United States would have harped on the theory of a “war of civilizations”. But this is genteel Pope Francis and the Catholic Church and so we are simply not going to see that kind of rhetoric.

A similar paradox happens in India, where, if you go by the numbers, it is actually the  Commies rather than the radical Jihadis who are the greatest internal security threat of all. Communist armies have occupied large portions of several Indian states : Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh being the prime victims, but also parts of Bihar and even Maharashtra. In Kerala, the Communist party hunts down its opponents at will. In Bengal, the Communist party rounded up its opponents on an island and massacred them all (read here the story of the Marichjhapi massacre). Add to that the Communist stranglehold on several elite colleges, art and film institutes and large sections of media. The radical Islamist in India simply doesn’t have that kind of bandwidth and is more of a little brother who needs hand-holding from Communists to get into campuses and on TV. Communists openly operate two national parties, while ISIS clones are still in their infancy, tactically disavowed even by their sympathizers for the sake of keeping up appearances. The Communist in India needs no such disguises or pretenses. He operates openly under his original banner with the dreaded hammer and sickle.

So, there’s my heresy.

14 thoughts on “Millenia of hypocrisy : Pope sentences child molesters to a “lifetime of prayer”

    1. Yes,this bodes well for BJP. It is also similar to the Cvoter poll showing BJP slightly ahead of Congress,though it seems the otheres were given extra seats in YR’s poll.

      Anyways,in the next phase i doubt anyone is going to vote INC after the drama they have pulled.Either BJP or NPF/IND,so a post poll alliance can easily be formed..

      Also one thing we have to keep in mind is that generally,there is a trend of Manipur preferring the Party at Center for the state polls. BJP’s best performance here was in 2002,when BJP-led NDA was in power


      1. I genuinely hope BJP wins Manipur. The NE has been a long neglected region thanks to Nehruvian policies and politics and we are already seeing some of the positive effects of having a BJP govt in Assam (measures to reduce illegal immigration being the key one). Hope that Manipur follows suit soon. Apart from political advantages, the NE has tremendous tourism potential which we have never tapped into. The one thing BJP invariably brings is a focus on infrastructure which will help the tourism industry grow and create jobs in the region.


  1. CW …..what you have exposed is the tip of the iceberg!

    These ‘forces’ are in the process of breaking up/degeneration of societies and people as god meant it to be!!

    This is so beyond sick I have no words!

    It would seem to be the first step in tolerating the sodomizing of our children!

    It’s not pedophilia anymore, it’s being a ‘minor-attracted person’.

    There are endless sexual orientations under the sun, and now, pedophilia is being added to the list.

    These ‘forces’ go about as follows:

     First comes the argument that pedophiles are just “born that way,”

    Then comes the argument that pedophiles are just normal people, like the rest of us, but somehow impoverished or victimised by their own condition.

    Vatican has been hiding this for years but for the Internet age!


  2. If BJP wins UP, all journalists will attempt a grand alliance of SP, BSP, RJD & Cong in UP for 2019 LS elections. Even without waiting for the results, these journalists have already begun the exercise !!!


    1. That sort of a maha-thug-bandhan is hardly meaningful. Who will be the PM candidate of that gang? Each chieftain will bitterly fight with the others and ensure it is a non-starter.


  3. CW Please write about the move by banks to levy charges for cash withdrawals. This is utter nonsense. Banks cannot try to benefit from Government policy. Further it is based on no. of withdrawals. It is better we carry less cash on person given the robbery which keeps happening in public places. This means more frequent withdrawals of smaller sums. There is clear cartelisation which calls for competition commission review. There is clearly government policy of promoting digital transactions and penalty for cash transaction of Rs 3 lakhs. Banks cannot take law into their hands and direct this kind of levy. People supported demonetization. They would not support the current move by banks and can hit Modi Government. Banks better focus should be NPAs and not fleece public. As it is there is enough negative publicity that banks let go off big offenders

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raghav, from what I have read (and I might be misinformed), the transaction charges apply to amounts above Rs 2 lakh. It is hard to imagine any honest transaction in this country happening above Rs 2 lakh in cash. Maybe a jeweller would need to deposit such large cash amounts, but that should be discouraged anyway because it is a way to hide black money.

      But, morally, as a libertarian, I agree with you on the principle. People should have right to access their money in cash if they so wish, because it is private property. Doesn’t matter if it is 1 Rupee or 2 lakh rupees or 2 crore rupees. On the other hand, the banks in question are also private, so the same principle says they can charge what they want 🙂


  4. CW – see the movie Spotlight if you can. It is about a team of journalists with the Boston Globe who investigated and discovered rampant child abuse with pastors in the Boston area. They uncovered abuses going back over 20+ years and, in each case, the priests were either transferred or sent on holiday or what not (never punished or brought to law). After the initial hullabaloo that the story created, it was all back to square one. The Vatican has no accountability to anyone and yet, Obama (when he was POTUS) had the gall to pontificate to us about tolerance and what not!!


  5. This is why I keep insisting that christianity is just as dangerous.Should we really be exposing children to such dangerous creatures?And this is unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg.
    This is the sort of morality and justice that these desert cults propagate.They have no concept of Dharma.Just that some Middle eastern man died two millenia ago for their sins and that if they accept him they are “saved”.(Honestly how does that work?Do the angels in the sky send an Email or telepathic messages to the Romans of the past to give the man additional whips or something?)
    So basically acccording to Christian “morality”, Hitler is in heaven,Churchill is in heaven but Stalin,with similar qualifications, isn’t because he didn’t accept this mythical (There is no reference to him in non-christian record.And the Romans maintained fantastic records) man.
    And then these same people who use the stick of human rights to beat people who actually respect them.
    In an ideal world this,or rather past actions, would have rendered the religion of “love” out of the country.
    Now on the topic of peacefuls and their little brother status….
    It doesn’t matter that the media is a bit tough on them.It makes no difference.In fact it helps the Islamophobia nonsense.They frighten(rightly so) and make the public question Peace and Peacefuls.And once the public (read Dharmics and in the west the general public) does these stuff they scream Islamophobia.
    This further helps strengthen the persecution complex of these morons and the hold of clerics over them.
    So I am not really sympathetic towards peacefuls when they are portrayed negatively.
    Honestly all the desert cults should feel ashamed for their perverted idea of justice and morality.
    And the desert cults are just a form of proto-communism.
    Just like how the clerics dictate everything for these morons for commies their “priestesque” leadership does the same.
    If these ideologies take a hold say hello to being like the middle east or medievel Europe.”No freedom ,no justice,no reason or science” will become the order of the day.


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