Two tier speech : The magical hypocrisy of Javedakhtarjadu

The day was August 11, 2012. The place was Azad Maidan in Mumbai and certain peaceful folks had assembled there to express their dissent. Here is the Amar Jawan Jyoti getting a taste of the delicious culture of dissent in our dear democracy.


Apparently not content with  ransacking, arson and showing off their expert dance moves, the rioters proceeded to molest policewomen on duty at the spot.


It should be noted here that the Mumbai Police had received instructions from the highest levels not to interfere with the activities of the rampaging mob. Believe it or not, the Mumbai Police actually received praise from the elite Indian Express for giving the rioters a free run.


Who knew that giving a free run to rioters is the moral duty of the police and something that “heals wounds” and opens “a new chapter”? No wonder that the authors of this article are Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand, two of the most infamous history sheeters of secularism.

One policewoman who was there at Azad Maidan that August day in 2012 felt outraged. Really really outraged. Her name is Sujata Patil and  she came home and poured her angst into a poem.


The secular establishment hit her like a ton of bricks, with even a writ petition! Listen to what the man of melodies had to say about Sujata Patil’s right to pen down a poem:


See how smoothly the liberal establishment operates? Giving a free hand to rioters heals wounds, but a woman police officer who writes a poem expressing her outrage about “izzat lut rahi thi” has to be sacked! In case you are wondering, Sujata Patil did manage to save her job, but only just. She had to tender a grovelling apology.

It is not clear whether Sujata Patil tried to start a hashtag to get sympathy.

Those were different times then. The correct people were in power and freedom of speech didn’t matter as much. Or as Ravish Kumar would have put it, “बागों में बहार थी ” | 

How things change! Freedom of speech matters now. Only selectively of course.


Except, the people he refers are not trying to perform heart surgery. They are just exercising their right to express themselves in this democratic system we live in. To exercise the right to free speech, you need no special qualification. You don’t have to be born a certain way, have a certain education, or make a certain amount of money. You just have to be a person. That’s the whole point of free speech. It’s universal. You don’t have to be somebody to exercise it.

Evidently, those who are already “somebody”, or those who think of themselves as “qualified somebodies” don’t like this arrangement one bit.

Evidently, that’s not what the magical Javed Akhtar saab wants. Let’s not be hesitant to unpack what he is really saying. What he is advocating is a two tier system of free speech. The upper tier will consist of people who, in his view, have a certificate to exercise free speech. You know, like a surgeon. The other, lower tier shall consist of persons who he deems “hardly literate” and should not have free speech rights.

We in the right wing always suspected this. But we owe Javed saab a token of appreciation for laying it out so clearly.


25 thoughts on “Two tier speech : The magical hypocrisy of Javedakhtarjadu

    1. DISAGREE TOTALLY WITH THIS COMMENT! What do you mean “this calibre”? What is Akhtar’s “calibre”? Living in the gutter and being foul-mouthed? Speaking with a convent-educated English accent? Having lots of money?

      Let us understand one thing. A cricket triple centurion, an Olympic medal winner, or even Olympic participants (they have to meet various norms in order even just to participate), all have “calibre.” A member of the perfumed elite does not have any “calibre.”

      In any case, Yogeshwar Dutt and the Phogats (father and two sisters) have royally trolled Akhtar and also Rana Ayyub. It is another matter that the presstitute media has chosen to ignore these.

      See these tweets below..


  1. These guys , both the male & female are literate but not educated . No point in trying to get them to see reason or get some sensible comments . Just consign them to the sewers and be done with it. They like to wallow there along with the pigs.

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  2. It’s ideology war between Left Liberals Pseudo Secularists V/S Nationalist Right wings.
    Left Liberals ruled India for 60 yr. out of 70 yr. They successfully created a Lift Liberals ideology ecosystem from village level to till Lyutean Delhi. They have controlled over millions of NGOs, 98% of Media channels, News Papers across India and hence having thousands of journalists, Editors, Anchors to create any kind of propaganda atmosphere whatever they want within few minutes on the instruction of their Lyutean Boss. Left Liberals have many dynasty slave intellectuals in every segment of society whether it Education institution, Political organizations, Media Institutions, Historians, Elite class of Lawyers, Judges, Filmmakers and many more yet to come to justify there every action or opinion or Ideology to prove always Right by Hook or Crook and there Bakwaas Logic whether it may be corruption then they will Prove right by ZERO Loss Theory or Kashmir Issue by so called Human Right violation Bakwaas Logic. They created such an eco-system to keep Nationalist Right wings out of power from Delhi throne and for that they have created Pseudo Secularism out of Secularism to appease minorities and humiliate majority. They have been successful over the 60 yr. To keep Nationalist Right wings out of power from Delhi throne due to their massive build Lift Ecosystem. But suddenly in 2014 something magical happened in 2014 and Majority fed up of this nonsense and united to throw these Left Liberals Pseudo Secularists from the Delhi Throne. This is the biggest humiliation they faced which they never imagine before and there conditions become like a Fish without water. They were first time without a Power which they enjoyed over the 60 yr. and milked very well since generations as a dynasty Salves. To capture the Power once again they activated there massive Lift wing ecosystem from the every section of the society and keep coming up the Propaganda like Award Vapsi, Dadri Incident, Intolerance, Rohit vemula suicide, JNU anti national activity, Dalit protest, Surgical Strike Proof, so called Denomination Disaster and finally come with Ramjas college Anti national Activity. They created hero like Hardik Patel, Kanhaya Kumar, Burhan wani, Umar Khalid many more yet to come. But every time they got exposed and failed because due to social Media where we have two ways of communication and we showed our freedom of expression that is not there before in mainstream media in there eco-system. Now there Ego is hurting very badly as why did we showed our Freedom of expression because they think that they only have freedom of expression as they are living in Fools Paradise. So they start humiliates us and calling us Bhakts, Sangis, Gundas, Anddeshbhakts, Uneducates and many more. But guys we need to celebrate this because its show there Defeat Frustration and Ego hurting by ordinary people like us. We are going to win this Ideology war as we are united and not at all afraid by these Lift Elite Liberals and we will keep exposing them by our democratic ways without breaking laws. Believe me 2019 is not going to be a 2004 ways and we will not give anything to celebrate Left Liberals Pseudo Secularists till 2024 Because we are with ordinary people who do not have ZERO LOSS Theory. We should keep exposing the Left Liberals Pseudo Secularists by democratic ways and should not at all afraid of these Left Liberals Pseudo Secularists as they are the wrong side and they are losing the Battle. JAI HIND.. its my freedom of Expression.

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  3. Javed Akhtar is a third rate poet, lyricist and scriptwriter who survived in Bollywood only because the people who run Bollywood are of his ilk. There are no objective measurements for a poet anyways, one can write crap and pretend it is great. And the judges are as crappy as him. So crap praises crap and gives awards to crap.

    Sehwag, Yogeshwar and the Phogat sisters are probably more literate and definitely more intelligent than Javed Akhtar. And definitely Sehwag entertained us all more than this third rate poet.

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  4. I must confess I was very impressed with this Javed Mia when some person from Pakistan criticized India and Javed tore him up and said how India is a thousand time better country than Pakistan, but CW’s post has opened my eyes. Perhaps he likes India because he makes a lot more money in India than his counter part doing the same thing in Pakistan. If it were not for guys like CW and Ravinar, we would not have known such blatant hypocrisy of anti-India forces.

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    1. these are stealth islamists. as dangerous as the Owaisi types. The least dangerous are suicide bombers, for they are just donkeys


  5. As per Javed Akhtar, unless you can lift your ass 5 times in a day and vomit out satanic inscriptions from the desert terror manual, you will always remain a uneducated idiot.

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    1. Where? I see most journos totally depressed. Other secular journos openly saying BJP winning. Wave was building up over phases. The 5th phase was total sweep. I am relaxed about UP now. Eagerly looking forward to March 11.

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      1. actually why SAM is saying like this because some journalist creating negative impact for BJP due to the Poor turn out of voting in phase 5 as it was just 57 % as lower then compared to last 4 phases base don this they are assuming that there is not wave of changes and for BJP wave. But actual fact is that Poor voting turn out is due to Crop cutting session is started and villagers are in fields so they are not coming for voting and its impacting all not only BJP…and the Voting at Phase 5 is slightly higher then 2012 also….so no issue would be there..


      2. Hope you are right and BJP sweeps UP ! But a larger question that worries us nationalists is why despite having the best possible man at the help, we still tolerate – blatant protests in JNU and other campuses by 30+ year students subsisting on tax payers money, security being provided to the separatists in Kashmir, complete lack of focus in investigating scams of Ma/Beta/Jijaji, no will to prosecute 2G, CoalG offenders … BJP despite an unprecedented mandate is failing on all key concerns of its core supporters !


        1. Nothing has made ‘Right’ thinking people join hands more as these Fibrals’ hypocrisy. As we all know Indian courts operate on philosophy that if 100 criminals go free that is OK, but one innocent should not be punished. Hence to find “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” evidence against Ma/Beta/Jijaji and others is very difficult and once the court gives them clean chits, their popularity would sky rocket. So just to keep ‘corrupt’ adjective hanging on their head is more beneficial for BJP.


      3. Nope, it seems BJP has not done well enough. the hint in BJP leader’s statements and the Sabka Saath nautanki man to invoke kabristan was the first time, i got the hint, that things were not well. It seems Jats went with RLD. and Eastern UP low turnout makes one wonder. now one can just hope.


  6. FreedomOfSpeech(Twisted):

    If you criticize me, it’s your freedom of speech
    If I criticize you, it’s my Intolerance

    If you judge me, you are Enlightened
    If I judge you, I am Prejudiced

    If you question my faith, then you are Secular
    If I question your faith, then I am Communal

    If you defend yourself, it’s coz you are a Victim
    If I defend myself, it’s coz I am Ignorant

    If you pen your thoughts, it’s Revolution
    If I pen my thoughts, it’s Provocation

    If you march, it’s a Protest
    If I march, it’s a Mob

    If you lodge a complaint, you are following the Course of Law
    If I lodge a complaint, I am Misusing the Law

    Try twisting all the words, the only one you fool is The Man in the Mirror!


  7. Javed akhtar is a certified Hindu hater, a commie and a bigot muslim, a unique concoction loved by liberal pigs. He never misses a chance to spew venom on BP/RSS or any Hindu related organizations. Who made him rich and strong? WE STUPID HINDUS who fall on one another to cheer his movies. Not only him, we have made Dawood Ibrahim a rich man too by watching movies where he invested.


  8. Mr. Rajdeep fartesai has written in HT that bjp will UP election.
    He must have gone through so much torture before penning it. Haha..


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